7 Inexpensive Yet Exceptional Plans For New Year

For all of us New Year eve is special. Some of us go out with friends and some choose to celebrate it peacefully with family and spouse. Today I’m going to list down some unique plans you could do to spend your new year eve. They are pretty much different from the usual new year plans like going to parties, concerts or pubs. These are actually the ones you’ll cherish forever! Now let’s get on with them.

Feed stray animals
You see stray dogs and cats here and there, you know they are homeless. One of the best feelings could be to feed them specially if you’re an animal lover. They are living beings and they too deserve to be loved so why not make this day special for them and trust me you’ll feel amazing after doing this!
Watch an all time favorite movie with your friends/love
Why not make your new year eve a little cheesy by watching your favorite movie or TV series with your friends or significant other? Order some pizza and coke too.
Have a car party
It’s all about eating and driving! Book a big car or if you have one, call your friends or family and drive to their favorite food joints one by one and splurge yummy food inside your car. Put on the loud music and enjoy the long drive! This is really enjoying and perks up your social relations.
Cook your family members’ favorite food!
Cook a favorite dish of your family member/significant other and make them smile. After all it’s the effort that counts and when food is made with love, it will surely bring happiness to your closed one! 
Give away your belongings to homeless
This can be the noblest thing you could do on new year. Collect all your unused or old but usable things and distribute to homeless. Give blankets, sweaters of jackets to homeless people so they could survive this cold time being warm because of you. This deed will definitely make you content and give hope to these people that caring people still exist!
Discuss life plans with your BFF/Lover 
Call over your BFF/lover and for a while discuss your life plans ahead. Have some deep talk and figure everything out. You can even write your resolutions together. New Year brings new chances in life and you could think of things you never did before and achieve goals you haven’t achieved in the previous year.
Organize a low-key party
Invite only your closest friends and family members and host a small snack party! Best places to host are your terrace, garden or backyard. It would be like a small get together and let your closed ones know you love them and remember them at this point of time too!
Your new year celebration doesn’t have to be hyped and costly. It’s all about spreading love and peace around yourself. It should make you and your loved one happy! I hope you liked these inexpensive ideas!

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