7 Most Annoying Things in Life

most annoying things in life

Hello, guys! Here is a list of 7 most annoying things in life that happens to us frequently and we can’t help it.

1. Mosquito/Fly 

This is one of the most annoying things. When I try to fully concentrate on anything, don’t know from where and when they come to me and disturb me. I try to hit them but they are so active that you can’t just catch them.

2.  People Who Smoke Around Us

I have an allergy with smoke. When someone smokes in front of me, I get really angry and annoyed because he is polluting our environment and health too. Smoke is very harmful to us and not just not acceptable.

3. People Who Walk Really Slow In Front Of Me

When we go to the market and anywhere there are many type of people. I hate slow people walking in front of me. When I am in hurry and slow people come in front of me and making me late, that’s the most annoying thing.
4. Screaming Babies

I love babies and their smile. The most beautiful thing in a small child is his smile. Most annoying thing in a small child is his screaming. When a baby cries screamingly in front of me, I feel my body hit with a hammer. 😧

5. Slow Internet Connection

The Internet is the part of our life and most people use the internet for exploring many things. When I want to download any document, video, or a movie, I wish the internet speed was faster. I feel so happy when it is but when the internet speed is not working fast my mind just gets crazy!

6. Getting In A Slow Line At The Supermarket, Bank, Hospitals Etc

This thing happens when you are in hurry and you want to pay your bills fast. There is always a slow line I regularly and unfortunately face this problem. This type of line is always slow in hospitals and banks.

7. Dumb Questions

One day my friend called me on my landline to ask me where I am and this is the most and stupid question ever. Yes, there exist many people who ask this type of dumb questions. They ask these type of questions like ‘What are you doing?’, ‘Are you crying?’, ‘Are you sad?’, ‘What are you eating? and all. They know very well everything but they always ask these dumb questions.

So here was my list of things that really annoy me and I’m sure they annoy you too 😛

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