An Introvert Girl’s Life Story in 10 Sentences

Words are not enough to express the story of my life. The moment I start writing, I couldn’t put the words to end. But here I am, sharing my life story in ten sentences. This story is about me, an introvert girl who was misunderstood, alienated and forgotten all her life and the spree still goes on…

I was a girl who was born as a princess, everyone around me loved me to infinity.

A girl who thought her life is a fairytale and the world is sweet.

She lived in it, was a day dreamer and all she could see was her dreams.

People didn’t know her, still made up stories about herself that never existed.

She was misunderstood and everyone around her thought she was self-absorbed, prideful, didn’t care about the world but deep inside, nobody knew her.

There comes the reality, that hit her so hard.

She came gushing to the ground, broken and tore apart, gasping for breath, to her the world was a threat.

But then she got up with her broken wings and GREW UP.

She saw her dreams, fantasies, and expectations being thrashed away by the reality.

Now she is a girl who doubts her existence, tries to fit in, be practical and wave goodbye to her fairyland…

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