Best Top 10 Tom & Jerry Episodes

If you’ve read my previous post about Top Cartoon Network Shows Of 90’s, then you’ll also like my this post. Today, I am going to write on the most famous and loving cartoon series. This cartoon is evergreen cartoon series and these are the episodes that will win the heart of every child and elder both and make him.Yes if you can guess about it, you are awesome. Yes, this is one and only Tom & Jerry show. I am a big fan of this show and when I was a child I always watched this show. Even my parents used to watch this show with me and loved it. This cartoon is still very famous and loved by every child and elder. It had many hit episodes and they are some of my favorite episodes. I hope you also like this episode.

Top 10 Tom and Jerry Episodes
Tom and Jerry Episode: Cat Napping
In this episode, tomcat goes on a picnic trip. Jerry is also there for his picnic and Tom shows his power to disturb him, then Jerry also does the same. The best part in this episode is that there is a dog who also goes for a picnic Jerry gives him a bone and makes him sit in his place. Tom thinks that it’s Jerry who’s sleeping and covers the dog with a rag and beats him. Later, he gets to know that it’s the dog and when the dog realizes, he beats the hell out of Tom.
Tom and Jerry Episode: The Flying Cat
In this episode, Jerry thinks that he can he fly like a bird. Tom always spends his time thinking about how he can eat Jerry. After few second, Jerry gets a bird friend. Tom is always hungry and he wants to eat both of them and tries many different tactics to catch them. The best part in this episode is that when Tom tries to catch them and crosses himself. Watch the video and enjoy.

Tom and Jerry Episode: Little School Mouse

In this episode, Jerry has a School/Institute and he teaches a little mouse how to protect himself from a cat. Tom knows about his institute and creates many problems. The best part in this episode is that when Jerry gives a task and gives his student a demo and Tom knows about it and creates many problems for Jerry. But when his student comes to him to complete his task, Tom cooperates with him. At the end, the student is seen teaching Jerry that ‘cat and mouse should be friends’. 
Tom and Jerry Episode: Jerry’s Cousin

In this episode, Jerry is a very weak character and Tom always creates trouble for him. One day Jerry writes a letter to his cousin and talks about his problem. His cousin is very powerful and where he lives, there’s no one who could mess with him. He’s like a Mafia there. In this episode, all parts are very funny and I’ll suggest you watch this episode.
Tom and Jerry Episode: Sleepy-Time Tom 

In this episode, Tom for goes to a party with his friends. When he returns to his home, he wants to sleep. His master orders him to protect his house from Jerry and gives him a warning. Jerry listens to the conversation and creates many problems for him. In this episode many things are so funny you have to watch this episode once.
Tom and Jerry Episode: Jerry And Jumbo

In this episode, a zoo transfers a baby elephant and his mother to another zoo by the train. In his journey baby elephant accidentally drops out from the train. After that, he comes to Jerry’s house and eats the food. Tom think Jerry did it and he catches him and is about to hit him with the plate until the baby elephant comes and saves Jerry. After this incidence, they become best friends and makes Tom crazy. The gun scene is the best part of this episode.

Tom and Jerry Episode: Pup On A Picnic 

This episode is one of the funniest. In this episode, a dog goes for a picnic with his baby pup. Tom and Jerry are also there and makes so much noise and disturb them. They create many problems and dog and pup changes their place but Tom and Jerry never stop messing with each other and reach the dog’s picnic spot.
Tom and Jerry Episode: Quiet Please

In this episode, there is a dog who wants to sleep. Tom and Jerry always make noise and disturbs him while sleeping. The best part in this episode is that Tom shoots Jerry and puts the gun on the head of the dog. After this, the dog gives him a warning.

Tom and Jerry Episode: Polka Dot Puss

In this episode, Tom is too much protective of his health and never wants to get ill. Jerry is very agile. He tries to create many problems for him. The best part of this episode is that Jerry creates many red points on Tom’s body and gives him an illusion that he is ill and gives him a different troublesome treatment.

Tom and Jerry Episode: Trap Happy
No comments for this awesome episode. It’s literally very funny and you have to watch this. Seriously it’s so amazing.

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