Effortless Decor Ideas for a Beautiful Home

What do you think makes a home look beautiful? Furnitures? Antique pieces? Space? The answer is NO. In my opinion, how organized and decorated the house is all that matters.
And mind you ‘decoration’ doesn’t need you to spend thousands of bucks on furniture or decorations. And I’m here to tell you some effortless ideas to make your home look beautiful. Following are the surefire ideas that will make your house pop.

First and foremost, declutter the old and unwanted furnitures or accessories from you home. The key is to make it more spacious and breathable. According to Feng Shui, old and broken things bring bad luck so it’s better to avoid them in your house.
Tip: Choose lighter color of walls to make house look spacious. Best colors are white, beige and pale yellow.

Keep Furniture Away From Walls
Furnitures that stick with walls give an impression of a congested home. Keep your dining table in the middle of the room. Sofas and study tables are exceptions.
Go green with Plants!
Plants are the first choice when it comes to home decor. For every corner of living room keep an indoor potted plant. It will give the much needed positivity to your house. They’ll freshen up the mood and environment, of course.
Tip: Keep indoor plants like Palm plant, money plant, Areca Palm, Pothos, etc.
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
Mirror in the room makes it look huge and spacious. Place square wall mirror in every room but avoid keeping it opposite to window or it will throw back the light. It’s best to place it perpendicular to window.


Wind Chimes

Does your house lack happiness? It’s time to bring wind chimes in! Its harmonious sound fills the positivity and looks stunning on any house. Opt for metal wind chimes that makes the soft and soothing sound. Place it on the middle of the room on the ceiling or at the entrance of your main door. If the room is very large choose a bigger size of wind chimes or if not, a small one would do.

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