The First Time I Held Hands of Someone I Love

It was a chilly, winter evening. We met for the second time, exactly 7 days after our first meet. He didn’t know much about me neither did I. Actually, he was introduced by my best friend and as soon as I met him, the chemistry between us two sparked too soon and we decided to make this relationship everlasting. So, we were strolling through the park and talking shyly to each other about things we liked. You know the blush of a new relationship that stays on your face when you’re with your love. It was that!

We were walking and talking and it was then he held my hands for the very first time. His fingers locked tightly with mine. It was pure silence, an awkward one and we didn’t look at each other for a while. It was a strong gesture for me as it was just our second meet but the light I felt in my heart was bright. It was a warm feeling I never felt from someone else in my life. I had few relationships but nothing happened like this. I was speechless, couldn’t say a word but felt a connection between us. I blushed, and he too. We smiled at each other and just carried on holding hands together like we’ve been doing it since forever. It was the first time someone tried to touch my soul. Then, he put his arms around my waist, but a modest and introverted person I was, shrugged him off but never left his hand. I told him it was too much and too soon. He understood and took back his hands from my waist. After few seconds of pure silence, we again got back to where we left, when we were holding each other’s hands. 

It was one of the most beautiful feelings I felt in my life. It was the feeling I could never find words to express. He was enchanting and mesmerizing, his gentle touch was the safest touch I could feel. His warmth lifted up my soul and I wanted him more. And at last, we had our first kiss. It was awkward and unexpected but it wasn’t bad either or something I could regret. At that moment we knew were made for each other and we’ve found homes in each other’s arms.

Today, after being together for years and still going strong, I still feel the verve when he holds my hand. I have a desire for him to never leave my hand, ever. Our love is still the same like the first time we met. Was it because of his warm touch, when his warm hands were clutched into mine, tightly?

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