Things To Do When You’re Still Awake Late At Night

1-2-3-4-5 and bam you’re still awake or you’ve just woken up unconsciously at 3 or 4. It’s 4 am and it won’t be surprising if I said I felt sad and lonely. Lots of things have passed by. Well coming back to now, what should I do when it’s 4 AM? I’m obviously alone so over thinking is expected. I list out the stuff that I do now:

1. Read a story book/novel or if you’re a student, study your course if you want to. Early morning is the best time to study and you’d reap maximum benefits from it.

2. Update a status on social media and see if they’re people like you, wide awake at 4. Make sure the status doesn’t look like you’re desperate or needy. You might make friends with someone who is going through the same thing.

3. Start writing a journal/diary to record your thoughts and feelings. It would help in venting out stress and depression and you’ll feel lighter when you’ve penned down your every thought.

4. Close your eyes and listen to relaxing music or something loud but don’t forget to put on headphones. You wouldn’t be wanting to wake up everyone.

5. Plan your upcoming day. Make a to-do list or make some plans. Planning everything in advance will make your life easier and keep you busy throughout to eliminate negative thoughts.

6. If you have someone special in your life, be it, friend or love, tell them you miss them. Tell them what you’re feeling like right now. Never know when they might feel you, understand you. Do it only when you’re sure they care.

7. Binge on something from the refrigerator and you’ll feel good. Satisfy your hunger and your stomach will love you for this!

8. Go to sleep or back to sleep cause it’s too late! You don’t want to be late for your office or college or school. You need sleep to be happy. Sleeping cures depression, gives your more energy, strengthens you, what else more can you ask for?

These were some of the things I do. What about you? Have you got any tips to cope up? Do share them in the comments!

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