7 Types of People You’ll Find on Instagram


Are you an Instagram user? Chances are that you are and I know that because half a billion of the world is using it! To be honest, I didn’t knew about Instagram until
4 months ago when I had to join it to promote my blog. Since then I use it, at least thrice a week. After exploring it enough I’ve noticed some different types of people there in Instagram and today I’ll tell you more about them. Here I go!

The Reposters
You might think that they have nothing interesting in their lives to share so they keep on reposting the appealing things from others on Instagram! They’re like a news channel who keeps us updated about offers, giveaways and other interesting stuff. In my opinion, they’re good to follow!


The Pout Posers

They’ll usually be girls who post about every day flaunting their pouts. You’ll never find a single picture of them with a normal face pose. Now a days, boys are also coming up with their power pouts and taking the lead on Insta.
Love Birds
These are the couples who pose together, eat together and what not together so they click together, every single time. They might give you a reason to use hashtag #relationshipgoals on their post. Or they might just make you ughh about your relationship. My advice, don’t get influenced by them because maybe it’s a different story at the other side.

Insta Addicts 
Everytime you open Insta you see their feeds. In fact 70% of the posts you see are theirs. From a morning selfie to a good night pout, they post each and everything. They’re big time Insta addicts and you’re sick. Unless you admire them it’s time to bid them goodbye.
They’re everywhere so don’t be surprised when you see them on Instagram. These people stalk girls and sometimes Direct Message them with their filthy words. Usually they stalking silently just for the sake of enjoyment! If you’re a girl and want to stay away from these people, keep your profile ‘Private’.


‘I’m so rich’ types

Did you missed her Prada bags and MAC lipsticks? Or his new Ferrari gifted by his filthy rich dad? What these people do is show off and gave you unrealistic expectations from your parents or just make you depressed. Unless you shrug this materialistic approach you don’t need to follow them.

Ghost Followers
They can be your colleagues, classmates or even your enemy. You would never know that they view photos and stuff daily. You won’t follow them and they won’t follow you but trust me, there’s someone watching over! Admit it, you’ve also done this at least once and you won’t follow them because you don’t want to but whatever they’re doing is your business somehow 😛

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