5 Video Games That Made My Childhood Awesome

Hello Guys! Today I was thinking of my childhood and remembered that it was so wonderful.
There were so many interesting things in my childhood, video games being one of them. On 90s video games were supposed to connect with the television. They were super addictive and one can play them whole day and still couldn’t get bored of it. But things have changed now, there are so many uncountable games available but they don’t have the charm which old classical games used to have. Today, I’m compiling my favorite cult classic video games that I used to play in my childhood.

 1. Super Mario

Super Mario was the most famous video game and still is. This video game is base on a player “Mario”. A monster kidnaps the Queen and Mario fights with him to save the Queen and release her. The game is very interesting because of his character. When you start the game Mario (Game Hero) looks very small in size and weak. When he eats mushroom, he grows up and become more powerful. As you reach the higher level in this game you beat all the monster with your head and crush them with your feet and destroy all the walls. There is a dragon in the end of the level and when you beat them you can release the Queen and after every fight you save a new Queen 😛 


2. Duck Hunt

This is the most lovable video game. If you’re a video game freak, you must be knowing about this game. This game comes with a gun. If you want to play this game first of all connect your gun with the video game. When you play the game some ducks fly in your screen and you have to shoot them but you have limited bullets. You have to kill 2 ducks with 3 bullets and when you kill them, a dog comes and helps  catch them. If you miss them the dog comes out and laughs out loud on you while covering his mouth with hands.

3. Contra

If you’ve played Contra then you know that it’s a very difficult game.

There is a commander in this video game and he fights for his nation like every commander does but in his every assignment he has the risk to get killed by anyone.  Where, When, Who may shoot , you have no idea. If you love thrill and adventure then this game is best for you. You really have to be active while playing this game. When you play the game a UFO flies on the screen when you shoot them  you receive some extra power to increase your bullet power. If you like challenges then this game is for you! 


4. Bomberman

This game is based on a bomberman who drops the bomb to finish there enemy. When you drop the bomb it blasts and your enemy is dead. When you play this game you’ll see a wall in this game and you have to destroy it. When you do so, you get some reward like shoe to fast your speed, fire ball to increase your blast length and all. But be careful while dropping and run away from it before it blasts or your player will lost it life.

5. Dave

If you’ve played this video game in your childhood, then you’re really lucky! In this game there’s a small player who plays for crowns and trophies. In this game you have to avoid fire if you get dumped in the fire you get roasted like a chicken. For safety you have to find a jet pack to fly over the fire without any damage. At the end of the level you have to  beat a dragon. Yes there are small dragons but they are not easy to kill. You have to find a gun in this game to beat the dragon and kill it with just one bullet. It looks easy but trust me it’s not. It’s still an addictive game.

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