Was Moon Landing Fake? Some Theories & Perspectives

Moon. As beautiful and captivating this word sounds, the Moon, which is revolving around Earth is something incomparable. Its beauty is incomparable. When the sun hides, the soft moonlight is what keeps the world going. Who isn’t in love with the moon? I guess I went too much metaphorically over it. My love for the moon has made me search for it everywhere on the internet.  The first person to step on the moon must have been a lucky person. Recently I came across few articles where people were debating whether Apollo 11 landing was fake. Some said it was a conspiracy. I was so confused reading this and my mind was jumbled. After contemplating I have developed my own views on it and going to share it with you today.

So, as the people are saying that it was a hoax and the whole moon landing was staged. According to Wikipedia,  the Fox television network documentary Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? claimed NASA faked the first landing in 1969 to win the Space Race. Reading all of this, I was pretty much convinced. Then I started to think that why would they fake moon landing? I’ve come up with some reasons, some mine, some of my friend’s and some from the Internet.

  • At that time, Russians and Americans had a cold war which lead to competition between them as to achieve higher power.  Both the countries were superpowers at that time so NASA faked it just to be superior in front of the USSR, but also the world.
  • The American Patriot Friends Network claimed that the landings helped the US government distract public attention from the Vietnam War, and so manned landings suddenly ended about the same time that the United States ended its involvement in the war.
  • It is also claimed that NASA faked the landings to relinquish humiliation and to ensure that it continued to get fundings. NASA raised “about US$30 billion” to go to the Moon. Bill Kaysing claimed in his book that this could have been used to “pay off” many people. Most of the conspirators believed that sending men to the Moon was impossible at the time and they argued that landings had to be faked to fulfill John F. Kennedy’s 1961 goal, “before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.”
Many Moon-landing conspiracy theories have been made. One was claiming either that the landings did not happen or the NASA employees have lied, or that the landings did happen but not in the way that has been told. And the theories why moon landing was staged:
  • It would be next to impossible to land properly on the moon. They can’t land it perfectly on the moon when they weren’t able to do it here on Earth on some occasions.
  • Humans didn’t have mobile phones but they still had the tech to send humans to moon and back. Isn’t that crazy?
  • Getting to the Moon really isn’t much of a problem. The Russians did that in 1959. The big problem is getting people there and actually land safely on the moon.
  • Milton William Cooper, an American conspiracy theorist believed that all of the Apollo missions to the Moon were actually carefully rehearsed productions that were then filmed in large sound stages.
  • The altitude, gravity, and temperature of the moon are so different than Earth that it was impossible to reach there and step on it.
  • In the videos publicized by NASA, it can be seen clearly that the moon was shown round and not flat like earth’s surface. Moon and Earth only appear round when seen from distance but in the videos, the moon was appeared round.
  • When the astronauts were putting the US flag, it was waving because moon has no wind.
  • The astronauts could not have survived the trip because of exposure to radiation from the Van Allen radiation belt.
  • This was a theory of my friend’s and is obviously isn’t proved. According to him, it was done by Hollywood in collaboration with NASA. They would first fake the landings and later spread rumors about alien life on the moon. And then make movies about aliens to gather millions at the box office.
Despite all the conspiracies or the truth, we will always be confused whether the moon landing was real or fake. After reading the articles on the internet, even I’m confused. But it’s a fact that going to the moon is a huge deal and not something everybody is capable of doing. 
Source: WikipediaTelegraph
*This article is just for reading purposes and my own opinion and few are of others. I clearly state that it’s not for offending anyone.

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