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‘Are you on Whatsapp?’

This was the question asked 4-5 years back when Whatsapp was newly launched in India and everybody was like asking each other if they have their account on it. It was a revolutionary instant messaging platform for smartphones. Then they came talking about each other’s statuses. Well, talking about statuses on every social media platform, they reflect your personality and attitude. People often judge you by the status you update on Whatsapp or Facebook. Therefore, a mind-blowing status will help up your game within your social circle and online friends. So today I’m introducing you to, an online website that has a large collection of WhatsApp statuses for every mood and occasion. Keep reading to know more about it!

WhatsStatus is a website dedicated to unique WhatsApp status which are written by real time users. It has a collection of 12000+ top-rated statuses. New statuses are added daily. They have a long list of contributors to their website who update and submit statuses regularly to meet your standards. These statuses are not like old, boring statuses you get on every website. Even you can submit your own status there. They’re created out of talent. Some of the statuses I liked are, ‘If you do well today, it shall give you a better life for tomorrow.’, ‘The sun may not wash away the pain, however it will brighten up your day.’, ‘Kaam aisa karo ki naam ho jae, Ya naam aisa karo ki sunte hi kaam ho jae.’ If you are looking for a catchy status for Whatsapp like one of these, count on WhatsStatus! Do you know, they have more than 60 categories like love, inspirational, sad, funny, breakup, etc which suit your mood and preference. 

You can even get paid by submitting your status. Just sign up and submit your status. Your first 200 approved status earns you 1 rupee per status and after 200 statuses, you get 2 rupees per status. You can get yourself highlighted and earn money as well so hat’s one of a great deal, right? So what are you waiting for? Go to their website and start copying or submitting your own, cool statuses! 😉

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