Top 10 Pet-Friendly Resorts near Delhi-NCR & Why You Should Choose Them!

Top Pet Friendly Resorts near Delhi NCR: We are all eager to escape the mundane routines of everyday living, take some time off, and celebrate life on some getaway.

Top 10 Pet-Friendly Resorts near Delhi-NCR & Why You Should Choose Them!

Imagine how heartbreakingly disappointing it is to realize that the pets you treat as your family is not welcomed and accepted as you, as humans are! We all love our pets, and we want to have them around with us at all times possible, and we cannot even begin to express the trepidation associated with leaving our pets with friends or even the extended family. Not everyone understands them as we do, after all!

It is hard to relax on vacation when we are worrying about our pets and their well-being while we’re gone, and so we are tempted to take them with us, which in itself seems like a hassle. Well, guess what? It turns out it is not such a hassle after all and totally possible to have a vacation with your pets by your side!

The concept of pet-friendly resorts comes as a relief to hundreds of pet-owners who can now vacation in style while playing catch with their dogs or caressing the fur on their cats. One of the distinct differences and advantages of a pet-friendly hotel over a hotel that would merely allow you to keep pets is that it strives to provide as relaxing and enjoyable experience to your pet as it does for you!

Why should you choose a pet-friendly resort?

It is a sin to hurt your pets’ feelings by separating them from yourselves! You’re there ‘hoomans,’ and leaving them alone at home or amongst strangers is unfair to them. If you are going somewhere, they would want to come with you. These pet-friendly resorts help make this possible. These resorts provide you with additional facilities like water bowls, special pet food, toys for the pets to play with that help engage them better and relieves you of the burden of arranging food and essentials for the pet.

They usually also provide separate designates areas for you to take your pet on walks and play around, so you don’t have to get worried about the pets being all cooped up and restless in the hotel rooms all the time. You can find families hanging out in these spaces with kids and pets running around having the time of their lives. The pets also get to see and meet others like them and feel quite cheerful in the company’s presence.

While some resorts ask you to put your pet on the leash at all times, there are more liberal ones coming up that allow them to be unleashed and even provide day-care service for them if you have to go out without them!

These pet-friendly resorts provide you a free and safe zone to treat the resort as your home for the short duration you are there and involve your pets in your getaway experience to whatever extent you want them to be.

There are, however, a few basic requirements that they ask for to ensure a hygienic environment at the resorts. As pet-owners, you need to understand that your pets know how to keep them on their best behavior. Some basics are to ensure that your pets have been properly given all vaccines and are clean and free of fleas. Also, since the resorts make an effort to provide separate utilities and spaces for the pets, be sure to use them to ensure that maintenance work is also easy.

That being said, these requirements are quite basic and, if followed correctly, allow you to have a non-problematic and hassle-free stay, an experience of a lifetime!

List of Pet-Friendly Resorts in Delhi NCR

For those of you worried about the availability of pet-friendly resorts in and around Delhi-NCR, we have compiled a Top 10 list in no particular order. If you’re looking for a vacation, be sure to ring one of these places up for inquiry!

1. The Taj Gateway Resort Damdama Lake

Luxury meets sophistication at the Taj Gateway Resort Damdama Lake. This resort in Gurgaon offers to offer a gym, a spa & an outdoor pool, 3 restaurants, and other world-class amenities for both you and your pets to enjoy. Your pet would have plenty of room to run around and enjoy itself as you chill by the poolside!

Location: PO Damdama, Off, Sohna – Gurgaon Road, Gurugram, Haryana

Contact: +91 124-2677 200

2. Heritage Village Resort & Spa

With its Rajasthani-themed decorated exteriors and big, elegant suites, Heritage Village Resort & Spa is another notable name in the pet-friendly hotel/resort circles. This is the perfect getaway for someone who wants to experience India’s ethnicity, away from the city life of Delhi with his pet for company. You can pamper yourself as your pet plays in the outdoors that resemble Rajasthan!

Location: NH8, Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana

Contact: 0124 287 1500

3. Baghaan Orchard Retreat

This resort in Kachraut, Uttar Pradesh, offers several adventurous sports and activities like paintball, ziplining, rappelling, etc., along with luxury hotel services. If you and your pet are looking for a vacation with exciting experiences to engage in then, this is the resort to be at!

Location: Kachraut, Uttar Pradesh

Contact: 081309 80555

4. Surjivan Resort

Also located in Gurugram, Surjivan Resort serves as a perfect rural retreat with farm tours and sports activities to engage you. This place serves as the perfect getaway for anyone who looks forward to spending some time reflecting alone with only his pet for company. Your pet will have the time of its life prancing around the lush green exteriors!

Location: Naurangpura-Tauru Road, Opp ITC Grand Bharat Hotel, Gurugram, Haryana

Contact: 085060 60606

5. TopDog Luxury Pet Resorts

Looking for pet friendly resorts near Delhi NCR? Why not zero in on one that was specially designed for them to have a luxury experience right beside you! With in-house music that is bound to relax you and your pooch and a number of fun activities for it to participate and compete in, TopDog Luxury, as its name suggests, would make your pet truly feel at the top of the world!

Location: Ballpark Marg, Carterpuri Alias Daulatpur NAS 23A Gurugram

Contact: +91 7290024777

6. Botanix Nature Resort

As the name suggests, Botanix Nature Resort provides a top-class experience for all nature lovers, and what better place to relax with your pet than in the quiet and therapeutic shadow of trees and shrubs!

Location: Damdama Village, Near Damdama Lake, Sohna Rd, Damdama, Tehsil, Sohna, Haryana

Contact: 098186 58609

7. Awesome Farmstays

Awesome Farmstays provides you the best out of the minimalistic experience of staying in an actual farmhouse. You get to spend some great quality time with your pets as you enjoy the great food and lively outdoors together.

Location: A 55, Ansals Aravali Estate, Village Garat Pur Bas, Off Gurgaon, Sohna Road, Badshahpur, Gurgaon

Contact: 093112 34603

8. The Retreat by Walias

The best part about this resort in Haryana is that it takes no extra charges for pets! It is the best place for a small 2-3 day getaway wherein you can relax by playing some Tennis and sipping some hot caffeinated drink in the balconies with spectacular views! Your pooch is going to appreciate the welcome it gets here!

Location: Ranika Singhola, Haryana

Contact: 097185 57237

9. Bed & Oats

For those of you who are a little short on the funds, Bed & Oats serves as the perfect affordable getaway you deserve! It is a great place for sightseeing, recreation, and a fine dining experience where your pet will be welcomed very warmly. Don’t forget to try their oats!

Location: 34, G – 19 Rd, G Block, DLF Phase 1, Sector 26, Gurugram, Haryana

Contact: 097737 70290

10. SimBlisss Farm

Last but not least on the list, SimBliss Farm is sure to offer you an utterly blissful experience. With all the great amenities available along with a swimming pool, if you’re into partying, this is where you would want to host it! Your pet will get plenty of places to roam around.

Location: C-62 122052, Pachgaon – Mohammadpur Rd, Manesar, Gurugram

Contact: +919667119117


As more and more of us adopt pets and consider them a part of our families, there is a natural rise in the trend of pet-friendly neighborhoods. Extension of these neighborhoods to our vacation places is the new and growing trend, and the demand for these resorts and hotels continues to grow among those who can afford to pay a little more to have these loved ones around.

Even studies have shown a shift towards pet-friendly resorts as they tend to establish a good brand image and project the image that they care about their customers and what the customers care about. Many pet friendly resorts near Delhi now offer pet-friendly services.

In an age when pets have their own small houses, clothes, and accessories, why stop them from having a little vacation with us too? We love our pets, and they love us, and no hotel policies should be able to separate us!

So next time when you’re looking for pet friendly resorts near Delhi-NRC and don’t want to leave your pets behind? Feel free to reach out to any of the resorts mentioned above!

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