This Is Why Handwritten Cards Can Make a Big Difference

Handwritten letters are always appreciated. In this digital age, the art of writing a thank you note has been lost. Thank you notes and cards can also be sent, but a handwritten note or card has its special touch.

Handwritten cards are so much better than e-cards or even regular store-bought cards. You will definitely see a difference in someone’s day when you make one for them, and they will appreciate it.

We’ll cover all about handwritten cards today, including how to make them or have someone do it for you!

This Is Why Handwritten Cards Can Make a Big Difference

The importance of handwritten cards

Handwritten cards have recently made a comeback. With instant communication, snail mail seems old-fashioned. That’s not always the case, though.

Years from now, you may wish you had kept those thoughtful thank-you notes or congratulatory wishes. It’s not just for sentimental reasons either; sending handwritten cards can help you advance your career as well!

Handwritten cards are more meaningful than emails, texts, or tweets.

In the face of an unexpected and heartfelt gesture, you know how difficult it can be to write an effective thank-you note.

Sure, there are cards for sale at any store that sells greeting cards, but there is something deeply personal about receiving a handwritten card.

Text or email is quick and easy, but it takes a little extra effort to pick up a pen and write your feelings down.

Writing letters is a bit more involved than sending off an email or a tweet or even posting on Facebook – but it is well worth the investment of time and effort.

Why you should write a handwritten greeting card

Usually, when someone receives a greeting card, they can just send a quick email back to the sender. A handwritten card, however, conveys an undeniable sense of humanity.

Personal feelings and thoughts go into the cards written by the writer for you. They contribute to our mental health, and they can serve as a reflection tool for our friendships and relationships.

There are many reasons to write a handwritten card…

1. A little more personal

Handwritten cards express thoughtfulness and gratitude more than just a note. No wonder people adore them. There is something unique about it that e-cards and store-bought cards just can’t replicate.

2. More sincere

Handwritten cards are a way of showing someone that they matter. They let them know that you’re thinking of them. Let them know how much you value them.

3. Shows your penmanship

Writing by hand is so much fun. It’s one thing to send a handwritten note—it’s another to make sure it looks good. You should write by hand if your handwriting is sloppy. But for those with a beautiful script, why not use a fountain pen? You can even purchase calligraphy pens in various widths to create different effects.

4. It comes quicker

Writing a handwritten card takes less time than sending an e-mail. Sending an e-mail is always more challenging than you realize.

5. You can say more

Handwritten cards offer more room for expression. You can easily include more information in a handwritten card than you can in an email.

6. It’s yours to personalize

The handwritten card allows you to personalize it. It lets you draw pictures and add your own unique touch. There is no cookie-cutter design here.

7. Make a Bigger Impact

We’re all busy, and sometimes it’s hard to make time for handwritten cards. It’s important to realize that when you do send one, it will have an even greater impact. People do appreciate emails, but they do get buried in the shuffle.

8. Gets read

A handwritten card isn’t something you see every day! A handwritten card can leave a lasting impression on the recipient. A handwritten card can be read by the person on the other end. That’s good news.

9. Gets passed on

A thank you card is not only a thoughtful gesture but also a good way to keep the positive vibes going. Rather than tossing these cards in the trash bin, recipients will be more likely to keep them.

10. Feels unique

A handwritten card is usually unique – whether it’s the handwriting style or the ink used.

Even today, when emails and texts dominate communication, people still appreciate receiving handwritten letters. For business folks, sending a personal note along with your regular correspondences can help you stand out from the crowd.

Handwritten Cards

The use of handwritten cards

Handwritten cards have many uses.

You can send them to your family or friends as a gift, you can use them to make personalized greeting cards, you can use them to say “I love you” to someone, you can use them to send love letters, you can use them as invitations or thank-you notes. You can also write your wishes on them.

The most important use of handwritten cards is that they are an excellent way to express your feelings. You can write them whenever you have a need, whether you are sad, happy, needing comfort, or simply trying to remember someone.

What if I’m too busy to write cards?

Having a busy schedule but still want to send thank you notes online? Handwrytten is your solution.

I enjoy sending handwritten thank-you notes to friends and family. But I don’t always have time to write them all myself.

With Handwrytten, I can send handwritten cards without having to do all the writing myself!

handwriting letters

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A lot of signature templates are available so that you can give your correspondence the polish it deserves — great if you write letters occasionally, but dread sitting down with a pen and paper.

Stock up on all the cards you’ll need for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. When it’s time to send one, just log in and schedule delivery for future dates so you never miss another important date again!

Gift cards are so much more than a perfect gift. What if you could give a gift card to “Netflix and Chill”? Or “Payday Friday”? With handwrytten, you can find the right gift for every taste and budget, including gift cards from Amazon, VISA, Home Depot, and more.

Why handwritten cards are more effective than emails?

Email is much faster than handwritten letters, but that doesn’t mean you should send one every day.

This is why handwritten cards work better than emails:

  • Let the sender express their personality more vividly.
  • Shows that the person you’re sending it to is special enough to put in the time and effort to take out pen and paper.
  • Increases your sense of connection with the sender
  • Feels like they took time out of their busy day to write for you
  • Written thoughtfully, it shows that someone has put thought into what they wrote, which makes the recipient feel valued.
  • The best way to express gratitude to someone.

Making something special for someone with your own hands is a memory they will never forget. This is the best way to thank someone or to convey a message—without it getting lost in a crowded inbox.

How to write a heartfelt handwritten note?

  1. Take a moment to think about what you want to write on the card.
  2. Put pen to paper and write down your thoughts about the person you want to thank.
  3. At the top of the card, write the recipient’s name.
  4. Write your gratitude in a paragraph or two in cursive writing or block lettering.
  5. Thank them for their help, advice, or friendship.
  6. Sign it with your name and add a date if you like.
  7. Finally, put it into an envelope that matches your card!

Have trouble deciding what to write on your card? Use this resource on saying thank you and sending thank you cards for any occasion to help you come up with the perfect thank you message.

handwritten note


Handwritten letters are the way to go, but not everyone knows what you should include. Here are a few tips.

  • Start with a greeting that has something to do with the recipient.
  • Provide an update on how you have been.
  • Do not ramble. Keep it short and sweet.
  • End the letter with a thank you.
  • Include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Remember that a handwritten note is a thoughtful gesture, not a letter full of flowery language.

Bottom line

Handwritten notes are a lost art. They have been replaced by emails and text messages — both of which can be easily overlooked. The fact that handwritten notes are more personal than emails or texts shows you took the time to make your recipient feel special.

It’s incredibly easy to write a handwritten note, and it takes very little time.

Whether you’re a busy parent, someone who is always on the go, or have a full-time job in addition to being an active parent, these tips can help you make more time to handwrite cards.

Or if having someone else write the card is more your style, you might want to look into using a service for handwritten cards that can write and send the card for you.

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