13 HiPi Filters Celebs (and I) Love For Selfies | A Review

Following Atmanirbhar Bharat’s spirit, the launch of HiPi by ZEE5 came as a piece of joyful news for talented creators from India. Ever since the Tiktok app ban, many short video platform applications have become popular among people who love watching and sharing videos. To join this game, HiPi was launched on 14th August 2020.

hipi zee5 review

In the crowd of short video apps, what makes HiPi unique is that you can make up to 90 seconds of video, use visual effects, soundtracks, and filters. All this is already sounding interesting to us. Let’s find out more!

In this post, we will tell how the HiPi filters are catching the celebrity content creators’ attention, like Asif Sheikh, Shubhangi Atre, Rashmi Gupta, and others.

What is HiPi?

HiPi helps a creator connect with his fans by uploading entertaining videos. It is a great way to become popular among people who love your kind of entertainment.

On the launch of the app Tarun Katial, CEO, ZEE5 India, said that the aim is to become India’s Entertainment Super-App. Interestingly HiPi comes tagged along with the ZEE5 app. So you need not download any app separately. Additionally, the idea of this platform popped as ZEE5 looks forward to growing as a one-stop destination for entertainment India loves.

While HiPi is competing with its biggest competitor Instagram Reels, it still has an Instagram profile. Check out the Instagram of HiPi here.

The User Interface of HiPi

The easy-to-use interface of HiPi makes it even more interesting. Further, unlike other short video apps, where the user gets to see just a 15-second video leaving them with the feeling of wanting to watch more, HiPi allows 90-second videos. Additionally, a lot of aspects have been taken into consideration while building the app.

Interesting Filters to Try on HiPi

Here are some awesome filters of HiPi your favorite celebrities are using.

1. Sparkles Filter

sparkles filter hipi app

One of our favorite filters is the beautiful sparkles filter. Popular TV actress Dallijiet Kaur recently used this filter and shared a singing video. The song ‘Tere Sang Yaara’ video with this amazing filter looked marvelous, catching many viewers’ attention.

2. Time-Lapse Filter

This filter is unique and shows any time of the day or night as per your selection. Sunrise and sunset look way more beautiful with this filter. Popular TV actress Prarthana Behere known for her serial Pavitra Rishta, is also on HiPi and has gained many fans on the app. Recently she shared a sunset video using the time-lapse filter that looked mesmerizing.

3. Fire Explosion Filter

This one is another popular filter fans love. Popular RJ Pritam Singh was recently seen using this filter where the fire explosion filter takes over your mobile screen and looks like a fire explosion.

4. Falling Filter

hipi filter falling zee5

Another popular filter among celebrities is this glowing magnificence filter that uses an optimum amount of light to glow your video. This one is my personal favorite!

5. Black & White Filter

This one is for the ones who like it more to be black and white. The filter allows you to control the colors in your videos by changing them into shades of grey. Popular actor Anshuman Rai used this filter, keeping the background colorful and showing him in grey. He was seen acting a scene in the video. This video received a lot of love on HiPi.

6. Camera Filter

camera filter hipi

The camera filter adds a reel to your video that makes your video look like a real film reel. This one is an exciting filter, too, especially for those who enjoy watching themselves in that frame.

7. Mirror Filter

If you like adding a bit of drama to your video, you will love this filter. This filter split your image, creating continuous reflections.

8. Spooky Filter

spooky filter hipi filters zee5

If horror videos excite you, you definitely can’t say no to this filter. The spooky filter is for storytellers who love making horror videos.

9. TV Filter

Some of us like seeing ourselves on a TV screen. The TV filter gives an emulating television effect in your video.

10. Retro Golden Filter

For the old school retro look, this filter helps you do it easily. With golden hues and high-grain effects, you can add the touch of the 90s to your videos.

11. Fast Forward Filter

The fast forward filter is loved by our popular Kundali Bhagya’s TV actor. Recently Manit Johra uploaded a video using the fast forward filter, which was loved by his fans.

12. Transformation Filter

Another actor from the TV serial Kundali Bhagya was seen using the HiPi filter. Ruhi Chaturvedi used the transformation filter to switch from a red top & jeans to a dress. Ruhi has been a regular contributor to HiPi. She uploaded interesting videos for her fans regularly

13. Jawline Filter

This filter is for those who do not really like their jawline. The app lets you improve your look with the Jawline filter. Paras Tomar, a popular contributor on HiPi, recently uploaded a video giving tips to use this amazing filter.

Why do celebs love HiPi?

Celebrities love HiPi because it allows them to connect with their fans uniquely. While the app features are impressive, allowing celebs to create quirky videos for their fans, it is gaining much hype since the day of launch.

Our Take

We, too, are loving the app. Unlike other short video apps, HiPi is here with something extraordinary. Since it is by an already established platform – ZEE5, and already has an audience base, we see it growing faster than other apps. Yeah, it #HappensOnHiPi.

While all the HiPi filters are great to use, our favorite is the Sparkle filter. We hope by now you have already downloaded the ZEE5 app. When you know your favorite TV actor is doing something funny other than regular acting on TV, you want to find out and send the love right away.

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