What To Say When Someone’s Dog Dies (and What Not)

What To Say When Someone’s Dog Dies: One fine morning, you hear from your good friend or someone close to you that their dog has died. If you have experienced such a loss, then you very well know that the situation would be real and painful.

What To Say When Someone’s Dog Dies

At that time, the first thing that comes to your mind is “what to say and how to react to the situation.” This might scare you because, at that moment, you have to be conscious of what you say.

Things you say must help to heal and console the person who is suffering from the loss. You must choose words which wouldn’t hurt the person but comfort them, because for some people, what they lost is more than just a dog. It might have been a part of their family or their companionship.

The loss of a pet can be very devastating and traumatic. So, knowing what to say when someone’s dog dies is important.

What to say to someone who lost their dog due to natural death?

Start by listening to them. Listen to what they have to say, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Because, when speaking out, people get better a bit. Tell them that you are sorry that their dog died. After listening to them talk, react accordingly in a convincing way.

Remind them that they were no less to a good caretaker and tell them how well they’ve taken care of their dog. Tell them that it is not easy losing the important person in their life. When someone’s dog dies, the most important they would need is a shoulder to cry on.

Recovering from a dog’s death isn’t easy. When they understand that you understand them, there are more chances that they would feel better and will try to overcome it and move forward. It is always better to be with them and offer them help if you can do it without falling apart. Show them that you are there.

What to say to someone who had to euthanize their dog?

We don’t harm people we love. Intentionally, we don’t do that. Things fall apart when one has to euthanize their dog. When a person does that, however strong they are, they would break down. So, it is important to call and check up on that person frequently.

  • Keep telling them that it’s not their fault that they are put in that kind of situation. This is a must because they are more likely to blame themselves for the death of their dog and overthink upon all kinds of “what ifs” and “only ifs.”
  • Take them out and talk to them. Tell them that it was right to euthanize their dog than letting it live with all the suffering.
  • Make them understand that the death out of suffering would have been worse than euthanizing.

This part is never easy, but you can always help them come out of it by doing the above things.

What to say to someone who has lost their dog to cancer?

Losing our beloved ones in this way is even worse than anything that we could imagine. It is because we have been with them throughout their suffering. People would find it difficult to handle this because they cannot see their enthusiastic dog suddenly become tired and sleepy all the time and when their dog finds it difficult to eat. When it dies, they get stuck in time.

  • Respect their way of grieving. You can tell them that everything will be fine while also reminding them that their dog’s suffering has come to an end.
  • They could feel better if they come to know that their dog is in a better place now.
  • Always ask them if they need any help.
  • Give them the comfort and freedom to call you whenever they want to and whenever they feel like missing their dog and getting upset over his loss.

What to say to a child whose dog died?

When your dog dies, and he is like a member of the family, it is always tough to handle kids and tell them the truth.

Most parents prefer telling them things like “the dog has gone in search of god” or “the dog has gone to take a long sleep” and similar things.

Telling them the truth depends upon their age and their understanding capacity. Sometimes, telling something like that makes children curious, mystified, and anxious.

Kids from the age group 6–8 years know what death is, and they might start crying when they know the news, but it is easy for them to get a new dog because that is the age where they might not be fully attached.

Kids from the age group, 8–14 years, would understand that death happens and irreversible. So, explain death clearly and respectfully. Also, tell them the dog is going to be okay. Console them if they cry.

What to write in a condolence card for a grieving dog parent?

Writing to someone who has lost their dog is a thoughtful gesture. Write to them about the good times of them and their dog that you witnessed. Feel sorry for them and show them your sympathy in all the ways you could. The card will them feel that you are there with them, for them. They would read it again and again whenever they feel like missing their dog. Attach with the letter or card a good picture of them with their dog if you have any. Here are a few examples:

  • “I know it’s hard to say goodbye to your beloved companion.”
  • “I am there for you always. Feel free to ask away for any kind of help.”
  • “Deepest condolences for your loss. He (dog) is in a better place now. Don’t worry.”

What not to say when someone’s dog dies?

When someone’s dog dies, it is important to know what not to say. When you say the wrong things in this situation, it might make the person depressed.

You should never say that it was just a dog, and they’ll get over it. If they have other pets or another dog, you shouldn’t convince them to say that they have another pet. It will make them frustrated most of the time because it is equal to convincing a mother who has lost one of her sons, saying that she has another son.

“He lived for a long time; you must be thankful for that” is not at all a convincing thing to say. Loss is a loss, however long they live. You shouldn’t be inquiring about them adopting a new pet. You should remain silent instead of telling them the wrong things knowingly or unknowingly.

Other Ways to Show your Concern

When you listen to the person who has lost their dog, they know how much you care about them. To support them more, you can write letters to them. It can be anything that you write, it can be about something that you saw that day, or it can be asking about their health, it can be anything.

  • Make a playlist of songs that would make them feel better and ask them to listen to them.
  • Call them and visit them frequently.
  • Cook something that they would like to eat because they might have lost their appetite due to their dog’s death.
  • Read a book for them or take them out to get some fresh air.
  • Make them volunteer for an animal shelter or rescue.
  • You can also watch some pleasant and happy ending dog movies with them.
  • Teaching them to make origami might help them get better.

Sympathy Quotes for Pet Loss

  • “I am sorry for your loss.”
  • “I know you miss your loyal companion.”
  • “It’s okay. Everything is going to be fine. Think that heaven has a new angel now.”
  • “I know the loss makes you sad, and it’s okay to be sad. Take your own time to grieve because it’s hard to say goodbye to such a loved one.”
  • “Our thoughts are always with you; we are here with you.”
  • “May the memories of your precious (dog’s name) soften the sadness in you.”
  • “This loss is immeasurable, and so is the love left behind.”
  • “Your dog has not left you. It lives in the memories of love, devotion, and the loyalty they have given you all these days.”
  • “I know your dog is much more than a pet to you. He has enriched your life and touched everyone’s hearts. He will stay with us forever in our memories.”
  • “Your good friend can never be replaced but can always be remembered.”

It’s always better to use the dog’s name instead of mentioning “your dog.” You can write about the best memories that you have experienced with their dog. It helps because mentioning memories might sound heart-warming to them to know that you cherish and feel nostalgic about their dog’s memories. Include happy pictures of the dog if you have any.

Final Thoughts

Generally, people become more sensitive and vulnerable when it comes to anything related to their dog. They suddenly become naïve, and properly handling them is important.

Be supportive and never compare any other loss with theirs because this is an individual feeling that how a person acts and reacts to a loss. Every individual takes his/her own time to heal and get over it. It is an important and unforgettable process in their life.

So, it is important to know how to make them feel. Remind them of their dog in every good way. They should feel happy about their pet. If that person really matters to you, then their loss must also be an important thing to you. Hard times are when you show the person you love that you love them and are actually there for them. So now you know what to say when someone’s dog dies.

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