5 Low-Maintenance Houseplants For Your Bathroom

Houseplants For Bathroom: Houseplants are a great way to decorate your home. They add bright colors and a sense of nature to your living space. This can be very calming for you and your family. Additionally, they are also useful for you as they can improve the air quality of your home.

Houseplants For Bathroom

You might not know this, but bathrooms are a great place for your houseplants. Bathrooms naturally have the right environment for many plants as they are balmy and humid. Furthermore, you’ll always be able to find water for your plants easily.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of house plants that suit the bathroom environment.

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern for bathroom

The first plant on our list is the asparagus fern. Its light green, shaggy foliage makes for the perfect addition to your bathroom.

This plant can grow as tall as two feet high, and its branches usually flop about. Decoration wise, they would look good as hanging plants. However, you will have to be careful with this plant as it is thorny and can injure you.

The asparagus fern thrives in humid conditions and hence, would be an excellent choice for your bathroom. However, it does need moderate to huge amounts of light. Therefore, you’d need a bathroom with a window for this plant. You should then place or hang this plant to be near the window.

Lastly, you should be careful when growing this plant because it is highly toxic when eaten. Therefore, if you have any pets or small children, you should be careful and perhaps even avoid growing this plant.


bamboo houseplants for bathroom

Another plant that you could grow in your bathroom is bamboo. These plants add an excellent detail to bathrooms with their thick green stems. These plants also need ample amounts of sunlight, at least six hours a day. Therefore, it’s another plant to grow only if your bathroom has a window.

Additionally, bamboo plants grow fast. If planted in a garden, bamboo plants will become invasive and take over the plot. In containers, they are slower growing but do require reporting every year.

If you choose to grow bamboo plants, you will also need to provide diluted high-nitrogen fertilizer during its growing phase. Once a week would be adequate. During the winter months, you can cut down this to once a month. If you aren’t keen on so much care, avoid bamboo plants.



Begonias are excellent choices for brightening up any bathroom with their various shades of foliage. From light green to dark green to bronze or even the beautifully variegated foliage, begonias are perfect spots of colors for your bathroom. They are also ideal for bathrooms as they thrive in warm and humid conditions. They also do not need much sunlight unless they are unflowering. Otherwise, bright filtered light is good enough.

If you grow begonias, however, you have to be careful not to overwater them. If their soil is too wet, their roots may begin to rot. That’s when your beautiful begonia plant would begin to die.


bromeliads houseplants for bathroom

If you’re looking for more color, bromeliads are a great plant to include. These plants have beautiful red or pink flowers that will be great spots of color for your bathroom. Additionally, these flowers do not require great amounts of sun or special conditions for blooming. In fact, they are known because they bloom in places where other plants often don’t.

Bromeliads are also great for bathrooms because they draw moisture from the air around them. Therefore, the humid conditions of a bathroom would be great for it. You shouldn’t leave Bromeliads in direct sunlight as it would burn its leaves. Instead, bromeliads only need bright but indirect light.

If you choose to grow these plants, you will need some sort of fan within your bathroom. This is because bromeliads need good air circulation. Therefore, you would have to get a fan and turn it on for a few hours each day. Additionally, you should also use orchid fertilizer for this plant. It is not an orchid, but it requires similar nutrients.

Cast-Iron Plant

cast iron houseplants for bathroom
Source: jialstudio

Lastly, we have the cast-iron plant. This plant is a great choice because it’s so easy to grow and maintain. In fact, it’s known as the cast-iron plant because it is almost impossible to kill. It is good with little light and varying levels of humidity.

In essence, you hardly need to maintain this plant. And yet, it will provide an excellent design to your bathroom with its two to three feet tall leaves.

Being a tropical plant, this plant brings an element of the jungle to your bathroom. If you’re looking for a naturalistic look to your bathroom, this would be an excellent choice.

How to choose a houseplant for your bathroom?

It should be noted that not all plants are suited for a bathroom environment. While a bathroom can be humid and balmy, it can also become cold when unused. This is particularly so during the night. This means that your bathroom would have various temperatures, which isn’t the best for all plants. Some plants may even die from how wildly the temperature fluctuates.

Additionally, some plants cannot deal with too humid an environment. This is especially true for succulents – they’d rot in such humid conditions.

Lastly, bathrooms don’t always have the best amount of sunlight. Therefore, plants needing generous amounts of sunlight aren’t suitable. Therefore, not every plant is suitable for your bathroom, and it’s important only to choose ones that will flourish in such conditions. For elegant bathroom utilities to brighten up your bathroom, visit Victoria Plumbing.

Bottom line

In conclusion, house plants are a great addition to your bathroom. There’s simply no reason not to have a simple house plant within your bathroom.

The only question is which house plant would best suit your bathroom and its environment. Apart from the plants we have suggested, there are many other plants that you can consider for your bathroom.

Our guide mainly provides a shortlist of our favorite choices. At the end of the day, any houseplant for a bathroom could work – just remember to think about the humidity, temperature, and light within your bathroom and find a suitable plant.

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