How Fast Can You Get Your Prescription Eyeglasses?

Your prescription eyeglasses make you look more intelligent. You can feel smarter and more intelligent with your eyes instead of portraying your weakness. Thus, it is important to get prescription glasses quickly.

How Fast Can You Get Your Prescription Eyeglasses

It’s not uncommon for people to put off getting prescription eyeglasses because they do not want to spend extra time, money, and energy finding one. Online shopping and e-commerce have taken off because of the Internet age. Even the optical industry has gone through a transition.

With the growth of a competitive market, you can now find stylish frames of all types at your fingertips, saving you considerable time, energy, and even money. One of the many benefits of buying your eyeglasses online with companies like Warby Parker, Overnight Glasses, and EyeBuyDirect is that you can easily get access to emergency glass service if you need to change or repair your prescription glasses.

For your eye health, you must update your prescription before shopping for online glasses. If you get the wrong prescription glasses, you may experience headaches, blurred vision, difficulty driving or reading, etc.

Benefits of Buying Your Prescription Glasses Online

You get an in-store experience at online eyeglass websites along with the perks of online shopping. For example, you can get bifocal lenses, multifocal lenses, designer frames, blue light filtering, progressive lens, etc., all in a day. Furthermore, online optical shops offer discounts to first-time customers.

How to Get Prescription Eyeglasses Fast?

Before you get your eyeglasses ordered you need to get your prescription checked. And the good news is that you can get it done online through a digital prescription finding app called Lens Scanner. They are also available at many optic stores. Once you have your accurate prescription ready, there are a few things you should keep in mind to get prescription eyeglasses quickly. Here they are:

Get Your Eyes Examined by an optometrist

For your eye health, you must have a comprehensive eye exam. Look for a certified optometrist. Also, before you schedule your eye exam, make a point of writing down any symptoms that you have been experiencing.

A certified optometrist conducts the following tests:

  • Pupil Test
  • Eye movement test
  • Eye vision test
  • Eye pressure test
  • Dilated pupil examination
  • Slit Lamp examination

Also, it would be wise to jot down a quick summary of your medical history so that you are well prepared for some critical questions that an optometrist might ask you. After evaluating the results of the tests mentioned above, your optometrist will suggest the best type of glasses and eyeglass lenses for you.

If you have a vision insurance card, this would be an excellent time to use it.

Know the Measurement of Your Glasses

Before ordering online, you need to know the measurement of your glasses. You can also measure your glasses easily, and it is quicker than visiting a shop. Eyeglass measurements include:

  • Your interpupillary distance is the distance between your eyes.
  • The measurement of your eyeglass legs.
  • The width of the bridge of your nose.

Choose Your Eyeglasses

There is a wide variety of eyeglasses available online. Moreover, many brands and shops like Overnight glasses offer reliable customer service and efficient delivery. Your best option would be to choose the style of eyeglasses that would be most suited to your face.

Choosing the style and color you like best will allow you to order add-ons for your eyeglasses. For instance, ask for an anti-reflective coating for additional protection of your eyes.

Check for Stock Availability

Once you have your prescription and your eyeglass measurement, all you need to do is choose the frame that you like most. Although, for fast delivery, it is better that you check if the product that you chose is in stock or not. Eyeglass frames that are in stock are delivered very quickly. In contrast, those frames that are not in stock might take more time to get available, prepared, and delivered.

Expedite Shipping

You can even get prescription eyeglasses more quickly with expedited shipping. However, beware that expedited shipping might cost you more than regular shipping. Some e-shops even offer free shipping. Due to this, expedited shipping will cost more, but you’ll receive your prescription eyeglasses faster.

In conclusion

For fast prescription eyeglass provision, having a comprehensive eye exam is a must. You will also receive a hard copy of the prescription from your optometrist. However, if you do not have an accurate prescription, you can find it out very quickly through an app.

The next step involves choosing the frame that suits your eyes and your face best. Finally, you can order online by going through simple checkout steps that are quick and easy. If you are a new eyeglass wearer or an old one, online shopping for eyeglasses is convenient, fast, and works for all.

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