6 Practical Life Hacks that Save You Time

Though this might sound weird, time is the most precious asset humans have, that’s why it’s important to spend it wisely.

Usually, the notion of time management is applied to the business sphere, as a growing number of companies employ various types of time management applications in their operations. However, the scope of this concept is much broader than that and covers all aspects of our lives. “I wish a day had more than just 24 hours!” – we bet this phrase rings your bell.

Nowadays, time management skills are a must if you want to enjoy a full and meaningful life, where you have time for everything: family, work, leisure and personal development. Now, let’s have a closer look at how you can make the most of the time you have.

life hacks that save time

#1 Plan Your Day

To be able to do everything that needs to be done, in the first place you need to have a clear-cut picture of what that may be.

Some people think that only CEOs use a schedule, but this is wrong. It’s not necessary to use some kind of sophisticated app; you can start by simply preparing a task list.

You can draft a list of tasks on a daily or weekly basis, which will help you identify all the activities you need to accomplish or situations you need to solve. After it is ready, you can go through the list and try to allocate your time for each item every morning. On the bright side, seeing the completed tasks on your list is a great source of motivation and self-respect.

#2 Automate Frequent Repetitive Tasks

Obviously, both professional and private lives encompass a considerable number of repetitive tasks.

Today, there are a lot of technological solutions at your disposal that can assist you by automating many such tasks. Fortunately, it can be anything from filling in online forms to scheduling your social media posts.

All you need to do is choose the ones that suit your preferences and daily routine best. For example, if you can’t imagine your life without stickers and spend lots of time on finding or creating new ones, just try a sticker maker online and see for yourself how much time it saves.

#3 Set Your Priorities

Making a task list is already a huge step forward in terms of making your day maximally efficient. Yet, not all tasks are equally important or urgent, that’s why you should learn to prioritize.

Start with those activities that require your immediate attention. Don’t forget to filter them into appropriate categories: business, family, sports, leisure, education, and so on. Sometimes, an ad hoc task may pop up, so you should be ready to make your task list flexible and easily adjustable.

#4 Don’t Wait for the Right Time

We all know this feeling – when there is something we need to do, but we think that the right time has not come yet. As a result, you’ll get delayed with your schedule and don’t get the expected results. The catch here is that quite often “the right timing” simply doesn’t exist. So, if you have a task that needs to get done, don’t wait for perfect conditions and just do it.

#5 Don’t Get Distracted

We know you love coffee or that you are burning with desire to chat with your friend about yesterday’s fantastic date. However, such distractions are among the main reasons why we manage our time inefficiently and fail to complete things on time. Remember, that every time you get distracted by something, it usually requires quite a lot of effort to focus back.

The baseline rule is simple: if you are busy with something, simply say “no” to a lunch invitation from your friend or to a request for assistance from your colleague. Such situations would do nothing good to you, except stress you out. This doesn’t mean that you can never have a coffee break with a fellow or lend a hand to a coworker – sure you can, but only after you’ve completed what you are currently busy with.

#6 Choose Your Pace

From the perspective of psychology, we are individuals and function differently. To succeed, you need to choose a pace that is comfortable for you, and not somebody else.

Don’t look around at others and never compare their performance to yours – what you can observe is only a shallow surface and there is no way of knowing what lies beneath. Focus all your energy and effort on achieving your objectives at the speed you deem appropriate for the task.

Summing Up

There is a very common misconception that time management is a synonym for productivity. However, the point is that managing your time efficiently is first and foremost about finding balance and harmony in today’s fast-paced life. In fact, pursuing productivity for its own sake is counter-productive, because it is the main reason why so many people get frustrated with time-management tools. Don’t be hard on yourself, use these life hacks that save time and you’ll make it.

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