250 The Office WiFi Names for the Fanatics

Welcome to the world of The Office!

Whether you’re a diehard fan or just a casual viewer, chances are you’ve heard of the American version of The Office. This popular television show ran for nine seasons, from 2005 to 2013, and has since become a cult classic.

If you’re an avid fan of The Office, you’re probably familiar with the characters, the jokes, and the quotable moments. But what you may not know is that you can pay homage to your favorite show by using its namesake as your Wi-Fi network name.

From Dunder Mifflin to Schrute Farms to Dorkus Malorkus, we’ve compiled some of the funniest and most clever Wi-Fi names inspired by The Office.

So, if you’re ready to bring a little bit of Dunder Mifflin to your home network, here are some of the best The Office WFi names.

The Office WiFi Names

  1. The Office
  2. Office Hour
  3. Welcome To The Work Place
  4. Work Place
  5. Money Making Place
  6. You Are Hire
  7. That’s What She Said Again
  8. Pam’s Watercolor Art
  9. Prison Mike
  10. It Is Your Birthday
  11. Big Tuna
  12. Don’t Use To Much Internet
  13. Don’t Waste Your Time
  14. Go And Complete Your Work First
  15. Who Want Increment
  16. Work Holic People
  17. Boss Is Always Right
  18. Boss Is Great
  19. This Project Sucks
  20. Evil Monday
  21. Waiting For Salary
  22. Don’t Connect This Router
  23. Office Break Time
  24. Internet Break
  25. Shut Up (Employee Name)
  26. Company Internet
  27. Dunder Mifflin Infinity
  28. Creed Thoughts
  29. Scrantonicity
  30. Finer Things Club
  31. My Employee Is Perfect
  32. Hardworking Colleages
  33. Don’t Use The Office Internet
  34. Buy Your Own Internet
  35. (Your Company Name)
  36. Fire You
  37. I Declare Promotion Soon
  38. No Smoking Zone
  39. Data Theft Is Not A Joke
  40. WWW.YourWebSiteName.Com
  41. Contact For Work
  42. We Are Hire Freshers
  43. If I Don’t Get You Will Die
  44. Welcome New Joining
  45. This Is From Your Office
  46. You Took The Internet By The Joining
  47. Vacancy Available
  48. Temporary Access For You
  49. (Employee Name) Employee Of The Month
  50. Good Work Guys
  51. We Can Achieve The Goal
  52. I Am The Boss
  53. So Much Work To Do
  54. Access Not Available
  55. My Boss Is Great Is The Password
  56. Lunch Time Is 2’o Clock
  57. Creed’s Weird Ideas
  58. Helene’s Outburst
  59. That’s What She Said
  60. You Missed the Party
  61. Corporate Greed
  62. Office Olympics
  63. Focus On Your Work
  64. Okay After Work
  65. No Leaves For Tomorrow
  66. Employee Access Only
  67. Boss Is Watching You
  68. No Adult Content Please
  69. Only For Office Work
  70. Don’t Use Your Netflix
  71. Do Your Job
  72. Wifi For Guest
  73. Stutter Internet
  74. Can I Use Your Wifi
  75. Can I Connect With This Network
  76. No Free Wifi
  77. Schrute Farms
  78. Boom Roasted
  79. Booze Cruise
  80. The Dundie Awards
  81. The Office Jukebox
  82. D-Mitch Wireless
  83. It’s Always Sunny in Scranton

The Office WiFi Names

  1. Phyllis’ Wedding
  2. Michael’s Meditation
  3. The Fire Drill
  4. Grief Counseling
  5. Tomorrow Off
  6. Today Is A Free Day
  7. No More Wifi
  8. Salary Postpone
  9. Main Wifi Hacked
  10. Office Wifi Space
  11. Damage Router
  12. Staff Connection
  13. This Is From The Office
  14. We Are Rocks
  15. Strong Office Staff
  16. Office Hours
  17. Closed
  18. We Are At Work
  19. Dwight’s Betrayal
  20. The Merger
  21. Stress Relief
  22. World’s Best Boss
  23. I Declare Bankruptcy
  24. Fact: Bears Eat Beets
  25. Cafe Disco
  26. Save The Time
  27. Save The Project
  28. Last Working Day
  29. Work Hard Get More
  30. Stuck In Office Toilet
  31. Update Your Resume
  32. No Smoking Zone
  33. 12345 Is Password
  34. No Vacancy
  35. Free Some Space
  36. Wi-Hire
  37. Get Out of MyOffice
  38. The Schrutefather
  39. Beesly’s Buzzwords
  40. Threat Level Midnight
  41. We Can Do It
  42. Friday Party
  43. Next Monday Off
  44. Last Working Month
  45. Lost In Office
  46. Pray For Yourself
  47. Submit Your Files
  48. Net-Work Available
  49. We Pay You
  50. Work On Your Desk
  51. No Internet Today
  52. No Work Today
  53. Week Off Is Cancel
  54. It’s Not Your Home
  55. Search On Internet
  56. Boss Always Care For You
  57. Boss Baby
  58. I’m New Guy Here
  59. Big Boss Connected
  60. IT Cell Network
  61. Wrong Person Entered
  62. Only Office Workers Allowed
  63. Nothing To Worry
  64. Look No Promotion
  65. The Competition Is High
  66. Difficult Next Level
  67. Be Prepared For Meeting
  68. Friday Night Party
  69. Boss Said Hello
  70. Office Wala Love
  71. Kam Karo
  72. Kam-Chor Log
  73. Jaldi Sabki Lagne Wali Hai
  74. Work Hard Be Smart
  75. Hard Working Staff
  76. Consultancy Is Free
  77. We Give Free Advice
  78. Who Is The Boss
  79. Internet Always Free For Clients
  80. Wasted Office Thief
  81. Office Toilet Is Haunted
  82. Whose Poop Is Floating
  83. No More Work Now
  84. I Finish First


  1. Monday Meeting
  2. We Have Some Guests On Monday
  3. We Plan For Holiday
  4. Retirement Plans
  5. Party After Office
  6. Done For Today
  7. Ok Connected
  8. Bo Not Shit In Project
  9. Lobster Co.
  10. Work From Home
  11. Sir Yes Sir
  12. Your Job Is In Danger
  13. We Accept Online Payment
  14. We Are In Trouble
  15. We Are Family
  16. Family Works Here
  17. Need Night Staff
  18. We Can Handle It
  19. Project At Your Desk
  20. Salary Transferred
  21. Never Settle For Less
  22. Our Internet Is Your Internet Too
  23. Express Your Work Stress
  24. Ignorant Staff Not Allowed
  25. No Need Of Ignorance Here
  26. We Are On The 2nd Floor
  27. No Time To Waste
  28. Need Money Work Hard
  29. Time To Leave
  30. Tomorrow 10 AM Sharp
  31. Sign Your Contract
  32. It’s Also Your Company
  33. Feel Like Home And Work Hard
  34. Who Wants Promotion
  35. No Drink And Work
  36. Work From Home Available
  37. Monet Making Mind
  38. Money Making Company
  39. Company Of The Year
  40. Relax
  41. Employees Relax
  42. Make Some Noise Gyus
  43. Happy Birthday (Employee Name)
  44. Need A Constant Writer
  45. Drop Your Work Till Tomorrow
  46. Panic At The Office
  47. Focus On The Work
  48. Protect Your Job
  49. Common Room Internet
  50. Open Projects
  51. Silence Please
  52. Who Is The Boss Here
  53. No More Projects this Month
  54. No Wifi For Intern
  55. I Believe Wi Can Fi-ght
  56. Spread The Wealth
  57. Wi Can-Fi
  58. Searching For Jobs?
  59. Life In Office
  60. Don’t Discuss Your Personal Problem
  61. Final Project Finally Finished
  62. It’s A Small Wifi Zone
  63. (Your Service Name) Available
  64. Always Put Questions
  65. Always Complete Your Work
  66. Don’t Leave Till 5’o Clock
  67. No Leave For Tomorrow
  68. Keanu Is The Boss
  69. The Ludo Company
  70. Owner Is Leo
  71. Leo Use Your Home Toilet
  72. Ludo Pissed-Off These Days
  73. Boss Lady On The Floor
  74. Ludo The Bad Boss
  75. Leo Works Hard
  76. Mary Boss Lady
  77. Bosses Of All Bosses Miss Mary
  78. Since 1995
  79. Together Since 2013
  80. 10 Year Of Celebration
  81. Andy’s Angels
  82. Paper, Scissors, Dwight
  83. Ya’ Heard
  84. You Missed Out

Why The Office Series WiFi Names are the best for your router?

They are incredibly memorable. Whether you’re a fan or not, anyone who’s familiar with the show will likely recognize the WiFi names, making them easy to remember.

They provide a great conversation starter. Instead of having a mundane and forgettable router name, The Office series WiFi names will get your friends and family talking. It’s a great way to show off your fandom to others.

They’re funny. As mentioned before, many of the names reflect the character’s interests or personality, making them unique and amusing. Finally, they’re a great way to express yourself. Just like you can show off your fandom with a poster or t-shirt, you can also show it off with your router.

Bottom line

At the end of the day, the perfect WiFi name is up to you. Whether you want to honor a beloved character or share a classic line, you’ll be sure to have a great time with these great The Office WiFi Names. So, grab a can of Schrute Farms Beets and find your perfect WiFi name today!

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