Zayn Malik’s 8 Epic Haircuts to Suit Every Guy

Zayn Malik has practically got every lady go head-over-heels him. Just not the ladies, but guys too love him because of his dapper hairstyles and fashion sense. He’s proved to be a guy with great style. From long to short, messy to clean, he’s tried every haircut, and guess what? Every hair cut looks fabulous on him! He manages to make everybody swoon over him. I know many guys look up to him for style inspiration, and when it comes to hairstyles, they will pick Zayn Malik for inspiration. For the past few years, he has sported different and unique hairstyles that would go with every face type, so here I am compiling some epic hairstyles to suit every guy!

1. The signature, official ZAYN hairstyle!
This has got to be the most basic haircut of Zayn, and it’s not even a bit tricky to pull off. A simple and casual haircut that would go with every guy, practically!
2. That ‘Aladin’ Guy
Look at his slicked-back hair that makes him look like a gentleman. It looks like a guy came straight out of a fairytale to charm ladies!


3. Here comes our Zayn-y guy sporting that blonde swirl up his hair. That’s quite a trendy look, and any shade of your choice can replace the blonde shade!
4. You can be my hero any day! This is totally a red carpet hair look with a strand hanging out. This classy 90s look haircut of his still captures our hearts.
5. He came off with this messy look once in an interview, and let me tell you, he’s a hairstyle genius. I really like this messy hairstyle as it can go with any age and with any face shape!
6. The mesmerizing quiff! 
This spiky look of his gives a sporty appearance of a cheerful guy. With sides shaved minimally and in the middle, hair is kept spiky. That’s Zayn’s style. I can see many young guys these days pulling-off this haircut.
7.  Again a messy, long hair in which he looks like a cool skater-boy.
8. This look is from his Instagram selfie in which he rocks straight hair with the middle portion going upwards like a surf! This look goes excellent with a beard!
Zayn Malik always manages to look best in these haircuts. These pics would give you an idea that you can take to your hairdresser and glam up your hair! Just remember not to exactly copy his haircut but keep in mind what style would look best on you. Just advice, keep it minimal and balanced.

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