8 Advantages of Off-site Parking at the Airport

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When traveling, many people choose to park their car at the airport and take a shuttle to the terminal.

Parking at the airport can be expensive, but there is an alternative that can save you money: off-site parking.

Off-site parking facilities are located near the airport, and most offer shuttle service to and from the terminal.

Parking at an off-site facility can save you 50% or more on parking fees.

Airports offer parking spaces, as you can find on Parkos Miami. You can use them for weeks. Being so close to the terminals, this is a great option.

On the other side, more and more off-site parking providers are accumulating around airports to offer their services. What differentiates the two, and why is offsite airport parking so popular?

Advantages of Off-site Parking at the Airport

On-site airport parking vs. Off-site airport parking

On-site airport parking has two big benefits, which you might count as one. Their service is:

  • affiliated to the airport, which makes it trustworthy and familiar
  • the closest parking to the terminals, which makes it readily available and convenient

If you don’t have to watch every penny you spend, want to pick a parking space close to your terminal, park there, and be at your destination in almost no time at all, on-site airport parking is the right choice for you on your trip.

It is much more comfortable to just choose on-site parking instead of looking for the cheapest option and the best service.

In turn, this comfort comes with a higher price and less availability. Parking spaces can be hard to get in high-traffic times, which also makes navigating to and from the parking lots time-consuming and annoying.

Since the airport parking has better starting conditions, it is on the off-site providers to set themselves apart from the on-site parking. The biggest contra is the distance between some parking spaces and the airport. You could also argue that this is exactly what makes their good prices possible.

Why is Off-site airport parking so popular?

  • Off-site airport parking helps you to save money
  • Off-Site parking also offers coupons
  • You can reserve your spot
  • You will receive personal assistance
  • You will also get valet service
  • Ultra-convenient shuttling makes getting to the gate easy
  • Robust security protects your car
  • You can even take advantage of exclusive service options

1. Off-site airport parking helps you to save money

The big pro for off-site parking is the price factor. Parking spaces that are farther away cost less money since they have to compensate for the distance you still have to travel to your actual goal. The further away the parking lot is located from the terminal, the cheaper the prices will be.

2. Off-Site parking also offers coupons

Like in any competitive business, the providers offer loyalty programs and coupons to attract customers. A quick Google search can usually show you a promo code or two.

3. You can reserve your spot

Once you’ve booked your flight and made the decision to drive to the airport yourself, you can call the off-site service to reserve your spot. The operator will give you a breakdown of what you will be paying for and what you need to present on the day of your flight.

4. You will receive personal assistance

The staff of off-site parking lots are usually well-trained, friendly, helpful, and tend to go above and beyond to help you, e.g., with your luggage.

Advantages of Off-site Parking at the Airport

5. You will also get valet service

Off-site parking providers also offer valet service. This way, you can drive right to the terminal and hand your car over to the valet, who will drive the vehicle back to the “faraway” parking space and return it to you when you land. As for parking, you do not have to worry about it.

6. Ultra-convenient shuttling makes getting to the gate easy

Off-site parking companies typically offer a free shuttle service from the office to the airport, so you don’t have to take a taxi or walk to the airport. This service will also pick you up from the airport and take you to the office upon your return.

7. Robust security protects your car

Airport parking provides standard security for your vehicles, as they have to look after thousands of cars at a time. They usually offer 24/7 security, as they often have a lower number of parked cars in their lot. This makes it easier for security to monitor the vehicles.

8. You can even take advantage of exclusive service options

Off-site providers commonly offer additional services such as the choice to book your car into a covered or open space parking or having your car washed during your absence.

Final thoughts

Off-site airport parking offers a variety of advantages over on-site parking. It is more affordable, easier to find a spot, has a greater sense of security, and you can typically park closer to the terminal.

For these reasons, off-site airport parking is a great option for travelers who are looking to save money and get the most out of their parking experience.

While on-site parking may be more convenient, it can be more expensive and crowded. If you are looking for a cheaper and more comfortable airport parking experience, off-site parking is the way to go.

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