Is Bai Drink Really Healthy? An Honest Review

Many people are always looking for new recipes on the internet. These not only include the drinks which are refreshing but also those that favor your health. One of them is Bai drink.

The question remains what makes this drink healthy. It is essential to know that not all things stated as healthy are actually good for your health.

Are Bai drinks healthy? Here is my take on this popular brand of antioxidant drinks and their ingredients.

bai drink

What is Bai drink?

The company produces drinks that are sold as antioxidant infusion drinks. The name ‘Bai’ is the short form for Bai Antioxidant Infusion. The brand is renowned for its huge line of healthy energy drinks, which customers enjoy.

Typically, energy drinks sold in the market are infused drinks filled with massive amounts of sugar that add to the calories. These calories make you out of shape and deteriorate your health in the long run. The high sugar, caffeine, and calorie content does not make the drink healthy.

It might be challenging to find a healthy friend in the market as you might not know what ingredients you should look for. The drink has no added preservatives. A major portion of the customers constitutes health-conscious individuals.

Although there may be many drinks in the market with lower sugar levels than this drink, customers prefer this drink over any other healthy energy drink.

Benefits of Bai Antioxidants Infusion drink

The Antioxidant Infusion Drink has many benefits as compared to the other energy drinks. Here are the benefits:

  • Taste: The drinks ensure that fruit-infused water is tasty and at the same time healthy, which is suitable for everyday use.
  • Hydrating: Bai drinks are filled with high water content, keeping your body hydrating during the summers. This is why people usually prefer to drink these after workout sessions. It ensures that your body is never lacking water. So, one can say that drinks are healthy for lush face and skin.
  • Low sugar content: The drink strictly follows low sugar content in all ranges. This makes the drink healthy and more satisfying.
  • Healthy lifestyle: The drink not only fills your stomach but also makes you very active.
  • Suitable for vegans: These drinks are suitable for those trying to keep their diet free of any animal product. Since the drinks are only filled with fruits, they have no animal products and perfectly suitable for vegans.

Ingredients in Bai drinks

An 18-ounce pack is labeled as one serving. The total number of calories is ten out of 10-15 mg sodium, 10 g erythritol, 13.5 mg vitamin C, and 55 mg of caffeine.

Bai drink comes in many flavors, such as Costa Rica Clementine, Lime watermelon, and Limu lemonade, but few ingredients are common for all drinks. The ingredients are as follows:

  • Juice concentrates: The juice in the drink keeps the body protected from natural protection oxidation. The fruit adds flavor and is hand-picked from the lush green Fields of tropical skies.
  • Antioxidants: antioxidant is one of the essential ingredients in Bai drinks. The star ingredient is Vitamin C. Antioxidants are good for health as they fight free radicals that are bad for our body and stop damage in our immune system.
  • Sweetener blend: Last but not least are the smart sweeteners, Stevia extract, and Erythritol. Artificial sweeteners are not used. The smart sweeteners have only five calories, and they are the combination of the above ingredients in each flavor.
  • Filtered water
  • Malic acid
  • Coffee fruit extract
  • White tea extract
  • Citric acid
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Sodium citrate

bai drink

Is Bai drink healthy?

The super combination of antioxidants and Vitamin C helps in building and repair of the body tissues. The white tea extract help boosts the energy of the body.

The ingredients, along with the natural sweetener, help in the taste. The Bai drinks have high doses of non-chemical in nature and are derived naturally from the coffee fruit’s pulp. These ingredients made Bai drinks healthy.

Bai Drink Reviews

The customers love Bai drinks as they taste delicious and, at the same time, vegan and allergy-free. Here’s what they say about them:

The money spent is worth it because of the added flavor and super sweetener combat with the toxins in the body.

Having Bai drinks has made me more active and improved my immune systems.

Bai drink increases my energy levels and motivates me to workout and not get tired quickly.  It ensures that I remain active throughout the day during various activities.

It fill up my stomach and at the same time, these drinks help in burning up the calories. It feels like you burn more calories than the drink gives to you.

Are there any side effects of these drinks?

Are Bai drinks perfectly healthy for every person? Is there a list of people who should refrain from consuming it?

The added caffeine in the drink must be avoided by those who have mental health issues, are pregnant, or suffer from anxiety, eating or sleep disorders. However, you are safe if you consume no more than 300 mg in a day.

At the same time, Erythritol is an alcohol-based sweetener so, although the calories it contains are less, people still want to have general sweetening ingredients in their drinks. It might also cause diarrhea. The findings have found that the drinks add sweet cravings to people and make them addicted.

The pack does not come with the exact measure of the number of antioxidants. So, it is crucial to know how much antioxidant is present in the drink. Although the drink states that it is an Antioxidant Infused drink, according to the FDA, the drink might contain fewer antioxidants than any other kind of energy drink in the market.

Another controversy that Bai drinks have gotten themselves into is D-Malic Acid’s use in their drinks (a chemical that provides the product with the taste of fresh fruits). Although, a legal lawsuit is filed, and the claims are yet to be verified.

Bai Antioxidant Infused Drink Variety Pack of 12
this pack contains 3 bottles each of Brasilia Blueberry, Costa Rica Clementine, Malawi Mango, and Sumatra Dragonfruit


How much do Bai drinks cost?

The different flavors of the drink come in various price ranges. For example, the Brasilia Blueberry will cost $23.76 for a pack of 12. The other flavors, like Kula Watermelon, cost just $17.96 for a pack of 12. The price is pretty affordable so that people can use this as a part of their everyday meal.

Does Justin Timberlake own Bai drink?

Justin Timberlake, the renowned singer and artist, invested in this drink in 2016, according to Forbes news. The company producing these drinks known as Bai has been awarded the title of “America’s Most Promising Companies.” Justin Timberlake has become the “chief flavor officer” of the drink by investing in the company. It is not like he owns the company.

Is it an energy drink?

The energy drink contains caffeine content, which boosts the energy level of the person. In other words, it exactly makes you more active in doing a lot of work. Regularly having this drink will increase your immune capabilities. The energy provided by the drink increases if you have this drink regularly. If had on a prescribed basis, you can very quickly feel the positive changes in your body.

Is Bai water or juice?

Not exactly juice, but Bai drink is fruit-infused water. It is unlike the other drinks, which are juice-based or contain added flavors. The juices are not exactly bad for health, but some usually avoid having juice-based beverages. In short, you should never replace it with water.

How much caffeine does it contain?

Bai Antioxidant Infused drinks contain about 3.89 milligrams of caffeine per ounce. This means every 100 ml pack contains approximately 13.15 mg of caffeine. It has the perfect caffeine level but could cause some side effects, as discussed above, if consumed more in a day. Caffeine is necessary as it plays the role of antioxidants.

Bottom line

Each ounce of the drink contains the minimum amount of calories, and at the same time, it has many benefits. The drinks are infused with antioxidants, which fix the toxin levels of your body. The drink contains the appropriate amount of caffeine, which provides you with the energy boost you need to survive the day.

The water-based, fruit-induced drink comes in many flavors and is affordable as far as the calories and price. This is the drink you can have few times a week to substitute for the summertime’s heavy lemonades.

The drinks are easy to carry and can be taken along. You can drink during work or along with a meal, and you hardly feel any extra weight in your body after the consumption.

At the same time, you need to be sure about the side effects caused by the drink, which makes it unsuitable for daily or overconsumption.

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