9 Big Butt Yoga Poses For a Rounder Booty

Yoga increases the flexibility of the body and helps you streamline thoughts and relax. Apart from keeping you fit, did you know yoga can also make your booty bigger? Yes, big butt yoga does that for you!

Read on to know how to do it and the poses that give your gorgeous butt.

big butt yoga

What is Big Butt Yoga?

People use the term “yoga butt” in jokes. But it is not called that for nothing. Many poses in yoga focus on the essential gluteus muscles. These poses not only help in making the butt firm but also provide strength and improve the shape.

Yoga involves a lot of stretching and, at the same time, giving the muscles time to relax. These muscles are squeezed and thus gives a perfect tone to the butt.

By following an appropriate amount of stress workouts and holding techniques of few yoga poses, you can ensure a better-toned butt. But if you fail to follow this routine, you might end up with a round but not that firm butt, which might not look that great on the tight yoga pants.

In recent times, we sit on our butts with our hips constantly stretched and under pressure. This makes out glutes to be asleep most of the time, and due to that reason, they need some strength. People often confuse their desire for a toned butt over a strong butt. Well, this is a good need, but since you have to spend most of your day sitting, it is good that you work on making that butt strong. If, during yoga, your hips feel the needed stress, you are on the right track.

Does Yoga Really Make Your Butt Bigger?

Yoga is a good practice. It certainly not adds volume to the butt. However, it makes them better toned and flexible. Yoga does not exactly change your body in general. Many people are suggested to practice yoga to maintain and fix the posture. Big butts are the ladies’ favorite. Yoga gives them strength and flexibility and also improves the stability of the spinal cord.

If you are consistent about your yoga practice and workout, and once you follow a strict continued dieting routine, you will be able to get a perfectly toned, maybe Cardi-B-toned butt soon.

Many girls who work for their quirky butts might succeed, but they still lack the required strength as they spend most of the time doing the right thing but in an incorrect way. This is not exactly the correct way of dealing with the same thing.

You must look after your posture, which is also important for the spinal cord.

9 Big Butt Yoga Poses

Several poses could help you to get that bubble butt from yoga. All you have to do is follow the routine regularly without any break and force your limits as it could be a little difficult at first.

The following are the top yoga poses that have proved to be the most effective:

High Lunge

The high lunge pose with an extra touch of the bent back leg helps get that quirky butt that you need. This pose activates the glute while intensively adding fire to the glutes.

high lunge yoga pose

Just like a normal lunge, try to bend your knee as far as possible. Along with that, you can fold your hands over your torso to give your body a stiff stretch. Now lift the pelvic floor and bring the pelvis to a neutral alignment with the butt parallel to the shoulder.

Side Plank

This pose is familiar to all of us. It is not only good for abs, arms but also helps in toning the butt. The side plank or better known as Vasisthasana can strengthen and maintain the firm butt.

Big Butt Yoga Poses

By lifting your entire body off the ground on one hand and keeping your butt align with your body, you can excel in this pose. Try to keep your butt a little higher and not let it sink. Besides, you can add up to the stress by raising your upper placed leg and holding the but aligning the body.


One of the variations of the warrior pose or Virabhadrasana is suggested by everyone for the butt toning. The warrior three poses have been the pose that requires the most butt work to maintain the proper alignment.

warrior yoga pose

Stand on one leg just like any other warrior pose, and lift the other leg parallel to the ground. This will ensure that your butt lies just as perpendicular to your legs and the ground. This circulates the gluteus maximus, and it is a powerful tool to make the butt firm.

Hand-to-toe pose

This engages the gluteus to the fullest, and the butt remains balanced and lifted. This pose is relatively easy, but it requires a full balance of the body and attention.

Big Butt Yoga Poses

All you have to do is stand on one leg and balance, lift the other leg, and try to touch the lifted foot’s big toe with the alternative finger. This will play with your balance a little bit, but the same will ensure better glutes stabilization. Touching the big toe helps increase the pose’s intensity so that you have a strong and quirky butt.

Chair pose

The general squat can be difficult, but it does ensure a firm butt. For most people, this pose is one of the procedures of the go-to butt workout.

chair yoga pose

This big butt yoga pose requires you to scoot the booty as far as she can and maintain the body’s proper alignment, as in you are sitting on a chair or maybe a stool. To make the pose a little bit more extensive, you can lift your heels and lower your butt down too. This will engage your inner thighs and try to keep your butt just a little higher than the knees. You might as well do little lifts and breath in the journey.

Locust pose

This pose has advantages similar to the warrior pose, and one can give it the credits for foolproof firm butts. This pose helps to stretch that spinal cord to the maximum, and you feel that the veins in your body have opened. You can do it as a change to all the standing poses and relax your legs’ muscles.

locust or salabhasana yoga pose

Lie down on your belly and lift your hands behind your butt and join them together. At the same time, lift your left so that your body’s alignment takes the shape of an anchor and literally squeezes your butt. This pose also helps in building up those strong abs.

Yogi Squats

The Yogi squat or Malasana helps in engaging your butt so that it pops out of your body. The squat loosens up your hamstrings, and the little variation of Yogi squat gives stimulation to the thighs. You have to balance in this pose and hold the same to get the perfect results.

Big Butt Yoga Poses

Align the butt as parallel to the ground with the thighs. You might as well try and lift up your butt a little higher to give it a good stretch.

Fire hydrant lifts

These lifts are too good for arm strength and, at the same time, are effortless to do. A simple tabletop position from where you have to lift the butts at a right angle away from the body.

fire hydrant pose for big butts
Source: @mathildesway

You can also do some leg lifts by alternatingly lifting the legs and maintaining the pose. Do this 15-20 times with each leg and try to point those toes outwards to give the required stress to the hamstrings. This is very good for the core, the back of the arms, and of course, the booty.

To intensify the pose, you may try lifting the legs higher and turning them over the butt as far as possible.

Diver’s Pose

The diver’s pose requires a little bit more balance as required in the other poses. This pose’s main requirement is shifting the body weight to the back so that the butt is extended outwards.

divers yoga pose
Source: @cess_befitandwell

Stand upright and bow down with your hands stretched parallel to your back. As an extension to the pose, you can lift the toes but maintain that balance of your body. This gives you a full body and hamstring stretch just like the downward dog position and will let you really feel that squeeze in the butt.

Over to you…

Yoga can do wonders if done correctly and while following a routine. This does not only increase the concentration but also helps in building the butt and your body shape.

It requires a lot of precision, but you will be able to do that once you practice a lot. , it is important to follow the steps of making the pose right and maintaining the balance in a few of the above-listed poses.

There can be many poses that you can do to make your butt quirkier, but we have listed the best ones that, if done regularly, can ensure an upright butt.

So, get your yoga mats ready and make sure that you keep breathing during the poses. Do not stress yourself, as yoga is done for mental peace. You can do these big butt yoga poses the night before going to bed and early in the morning.

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