5 Ways to Get Rid of Pigeons at Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities like factories, warehouses, and power plants are a magnet for wild pigeons. These birds settle there, hoping for a great nesting spot, easy access to food and water, and enough privacy to reproduce at an astounding rate.

Mass pigeon nesting poses several problems for owners and managers of industrial facilities. Before you know it, they are a cacophony of noise, covered in stinking feces, and a most unattractive place to work or visit.

Get Rid of Pigeons at Industrial Facilities

Here is some advice for reducing or eliminating a pigeon population at an industrial facility:

#1 Prevent pigeons from settling

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to resolving the problem of an out-of-control pigeon population. These birds pose a health risk to employees in the facility and stopping them from making it their home is your best approach.

Ensure that you use repellent for pigeons to keep these unwanted visitors at bay. Bird gels are typically poured into small trays and placed around the roof and ceiling beams. They manipulate birds’ ultraviolet vision and trick them into sensing that an area is dangerous. Since pigeons like the easy life, they are unlikely to stick around if they feel threatened.

If you do not want to use bird gels, find a sticky or slippery substance to paint over areas where pigeons might land or nest. However, this is a messy approach and needs to be repeated at least biannually. These substances collect dust and dirt, making them less tactile and lubricated, reducing their effectiveness.

#2 Spikes and nets

Another way to prevent pigeons from making themselves at home is to use physical deterrents that prevent them from nesting or landing. Placing spikes along ceiling beams or roof struts and any other areas pigeons might potentially find attractive also works well and lets them know they are not welcome there. Nets could be cast from one end of a building to the other over the ceiling or under its eaves. These devices are made from strong materials that pigeons cannot gnaw their way through.

Spikes and nets are inexpensive and easy to install, although the process will take considerable time depending on a structure’s size. Getting some professional advice on which of the two deterrents to use and how to install them might be your best point of departure.

#3 Ultrasonic devices

Noise can be a pigeon deterrent. However, noise generated in your factory is not the type required. Even if your industrial building is home to the loud sounds of machinery, pigeons will still frequent it as they become accustomed to that noise and tune it out. These are adaptive birds that do not scare easily, and your approach should be more assertive if you are to gain the upper hand.

What is needed to deter pigeons from settling in is ultrasonic sound. Birds and some rodents are repelled by ultrasonic sound waves, which are inaudible to the human ear. Ultrasonic sound devices are small and easy to install. Many operate on batteries or solar power and can be placed in any location.

#4 Prevent pigeons from breeding

Pigeon contraceptive programs can reduce a pigeon population with minimal effort on your part. A pigeon contraceptive is distributed in pigeon food included with regular seed. Establish a regular feeding pattern for the pigeons and incrementally introduce the bait into their feed.

Pigeons are intuitive and have a great memory. Therefore, if you scatter pigeon food at a specific time each day, they will report to eat it without fail. The odds are that they will invite a few friends and relatives to join them. In this case, the more, the merrier.

These products interrupt pigeons’ breeding patterns without causing them any physical harm. Pigeons ingest the bait, continue mating as usual, although any eggs a female lays never hatch. Combined with efforts to deter them from nesting, this is ideal for a pigeon population under control. Customers who have used this method report that their pigeon population is cut by as much as 50% within the first year of introducing it.

#5 Create an uncomfortable habitat

One of the best ways to prevent pigeons from making your industrial building their home is to render it as comfortable for them as possible. Pigeons are creatures of comfort, desiring a safe nesting spot and free access to food and water. Once you have put measures in place to prevent them from nesting, concentrate on limiting their food and water sources.

Do not allow stagnant pools of water to accumulate in and around your building, as it makes for great drinking water. Pigeons feed on almost anything, much like rodents, and have a distinct preference for garbage.

Ensure that bins and dumpsters are sealed and emptied frequently. The only food pigeons should have access to is that which contains pigeon contraceptive bait. If you make this their primary food source, the population will start decreasing until it dwindles ultimately.

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