Happy Nurses Day Quotes & Wishes to Thank Our Unsung Heroes!

Are you looking for some Happy Nurses Day quotes to share with your loved ones on this Nurses Day? Well, we have done a little bit of research and found some happy quotes that will definitely put a smile on the face of any nurse reading them.

If you have a few nurses in your life, then I am sure that you would like to share the following happy nurses day quotes with them to make their day extra special.

happy nurses day quotes

The Significance of Nurses Day

Nurses’ Day (or National Nurses Day) in the United States is celebrated on May 6. It has been celebrated annually since 1973. It’s a day to celebrate nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing assistants, midwives, and all other medical professionals as a way to honor them for their contributions, sacrifices and compassion.

Another name for this holiday is “International Nurses Day”. The purpose of this day is to recognize the achievements of all nurses, and to thank them for the work they do for society.

Nursing is not for those who want quick results or fast money. It is tough, adventurous and risky – it is boring, exhausting and frustrating as well as fun, exciting and rewarding – it is everything that life itself has to offer. Happy Nurses Day!

Nurses are the epitome of kindness. The sacrifices they make for their patients is admirable. They care for others selflessly and aspire to do no less than their very best under any circumstance.

Nurses day is an excellent time to thank your nurse for all the care they give you. You can also show others how much this special profession is appreciated with these quotes.

Happy Nurses Day Quotes

For Nurses Day, here are some great quotes about nurses:

“The world has no idea how important nurses are until health fails.” ― John Michels

“A nurse is not only the most important member of a hospital staff, but often times the difference between life or death.” ― Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza

“Nurses are angels sent to us by God, the angels of tenderness and love who understand suffering more than anyone on earth.” ― Cesar Ritz

“The most powerful thing you can do for another human being is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing a nurse does is just by listening to their patients’ feelings they are able to be one with them in spirit.” ― Florence Nightingale

“I love being a nurse because every day I care for people, and help them feel better. The satisfaction you get from helping someone through their pain is truly priceless.” — Kayson Waddell

“I think it’s the most wonderful job in the world because of the rewards you get from it – not necessarily financially or materially – but just from seeing somebody that you cared for getting well or being able to cope with their illness.” — Diana, Princess of Wales

“I am not a physician. I’m just a nurse who has the honor and privilege of caring for people who are ill or injured or going through some kind of difficulty in their lives…” — Nurse on television show “House”

“The nurse has the responsibility of turning the human act of love into a divine act. Instead of passion, she offers calmness, not just for one night but for many nights to come.” — Erich Segal

“I want to be remembered as an energetic, down-to-earth, compassionate nurse who really made a difference in people’s lives.” — Susan G Komen

“As long as some human beings are condemned by social, economic or political reasons to sickness and death, the nurse cannot rest until every nursing resource possible has been mobilized to give them a chance to live.” — Mary Adelaide Nutting

“Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it. Because nobody else will.” — Mahatma Gandhi

“The cardinal values of the nursing profession are caring, concern and compassion.” — Florence Nightingale

“Nursing is a very important profession. It is the backbone of any hospital.” — Katharine Hepburn

“The duty of a nurse is to preserve life, to help the patient regain health and strength, to alleviate suffering by gentle ways and means.” — Clara Barton

“I owe my career to the fact that I love nursing and am called to it. It is a privilege and an honor.” — Jane Fonda

“The one thing we all have in common as human beings is our vulnerability to suffering; nurses know this most intimately, and they touch the lives of every kind of person.” — Oliver Thomas

“Nursing is about sensitivity and strength. It’s about the resiliency of the human spirit, having faith in people, and giving them your best.” — Deborah Sale Butler

“She was an angel in scrubs.” — Naofumi “Riku” Kogure, describing a nurse

“What is the chief characteristic of a nurse? Sacrifice!” — Florence Nightingale

“Compassionate care is an expression of love, and it’s one of the most powerful tools we have to heal ourselves and our world.” — Anne Wilson Schaef

“My profession is the only one that honors those who have sought to improve upon people’s suffering.” — Rowan Atkinson

“The essence of nursing is artistic, not mechanical. The skillful nurse injects just the right amount of individuality, warmth, and human dignity into his work.” — Lavinia Goodell

“I’ve never met a more compassionate group of people. There is something remarkable that happens between patients and nurses – the patient believes they are taken care of.” — Seth Mnookin

“I like nursing because you can make somebody smile when they’re down, even if it’s with your kindness. It may not be with your words; it could just be a touch.” — Lizzie Borden Pray

“I have been a nurse all my life. I would not trade those years for anything.” — Barbara Bush

“All of us who are nurses, we derive our sense of purpose from the idea that we make a difference in people’s lives. That’s what it’s really about.” — Jean Wilson

“There’s a sense of reward in nursing that you can’t do in other professions. If you give people the care they need, they get better.” — Ethel Percy Andrus

“A nurse is an expert who takes time to share wisdom with her patients.” — Unknown

“The work of nurses is the noblest and important in the world.” ― Rockwell Kent

“A nurse takes care of people who can take care of themselves. She has to love them even if there’s nothing much to love. A nurse hates people who are ugly inside, not outside. And she doesn’t let them know she hates them.” ― Sigrid Undset

“Nursing is not for sissies.” ― Meryl Streep

“A nurse is never off duty. She takes the attitude of protecting the patient at all times.” ― Florence Nightingale

“I am a nurse which means that it’s impossible for me to change the world, but I can impact people’s lives.” — Unknown

“Being a nurse means that I may not always be able to ‘heal’ my patients, but I can always ‘care’ for them.” — Unknown

“The difference between a good nurse and a great nurse is empathy.” — Unknown

“I love being an RN. I am not just a patient advocate; I am also the patient’s friend. People don’t realize that we know how you feel because we may have been in your shoes before.” — Kayson Waddell

“A nurse never knows when something she does makes that difference to the patient’s life.”- Unknown

“I love being a nurse. It’s hard work, but most rewarding.” — Kayson Waddell

“A nurse is one who puts the patient first before everything else. They are equipped to handle a very stressful job and they stay home at night worried about your family member in the hospital. You can do a lot of things in your career, but you can’t do that.” — Steve Maraboli

“Nurses make an invaluable contribution to health care. They can make the difference between good and effective care, and poor quality care. The role of nurses in improving health is widely recognised for its importance.” – World Health Organisation

“The best doctors treat their patients from a holistic perspective. They know the importance of good diet and exercise, not just medication or surgery. In the same way, the best nurses offer more than simply physical care; they also provide emotional support.” – Sister Florence Nightingale

“There is nothing impossible for him who will try.” – Alexander the Great

“A nurse would be like a doctor if she knew more about doctors.” – Robert Frost

“Nurses are the guardians of health.” – Homer

Happy Nurses Day Wishes and Greetings

The nursing profession is a source of pride for every country. As a symbol of care, dedication, and love, it is sacrosanct. We all know that nurses are the backbone of society, taking care of patients in hospitals with the greatest patience. The nursing profession has never been recognized in the way it deserves, but we would like to celebrate all the nurses who have brought a smile to the faces of their patients on this Nurses Day.

“Nurses are angels from heaven –

They’re caring and sharing,

The time they share with everyone

And their love is always true.

“On this special occasion of Nurses Day I pray that you will continue to inspire and motivate people around you.”

“Nurses’ compassion, love, and care is the ultimate way of caring. On this very special occasion, we honor all those nurses whose work has brought a ray of hope and happiness into the lives of little children and patients who are suffering from some disease. I pray that you will continue to work with the same dedication.”

“On this day I pray that you will get all happiness in life, good health, and prosperity. I thank you for your unconditional love which has made each of us feel special. Wish you a very Happy Nurses Day!”

“I greet you on this Nurses Day with huge love and respect for everyone of you who touched my life. I really appreciate all the efforts you made to give me a healthy life. You are real heroines in our eyes!”

“A nurse is never a substitute for a doctor, but he might just be an angel when you’re in need. Happy Nurses Day!”

“Proudly join hands with us on this special day to salute the hard work and dedication of nurses everywhere in the world.”

“When a doctor can’t do, a nurse can’t dare! Happy Nurses’ Day!”

“Nurses and doctors may work in different areas, but they both work to contribute to health care. Happy Nurses Day!”

“Just like how nurses save lives, their patients also help them save souls. Happy Nurses Day!”

“We’re grateful for your dedication in keeping us healthy and strong. Happy Nurses’ Day!”

“With your help, nurses are given the chance to save lives. Happy Nurses’ Day!”

“With the knowledge of nurses, they are able to provide better nursing care. Happy Nurses Day!”

“Nursing is a profession dedicated to care and compassion. And during Nurses’ Day we celebrate them for all their hard work and dedication. Here’s wishing you and your team a very Happy Nurses Day!”

Happy Nurses Day Messages

I love nurses because they are just like magic fairy godmothers, but real. When someone is sick, instead of a magic wand, they have a stethoscope and thermometer.

When you care for a patient, love is not far behind.

Nurses are angels who lift us up when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly. They heal wounds we didn’t know we had and reassure us about what we can’t remember or don’t understand.

Nurses are loved by all. In fact, they’re the most-loved profession in the world. They make a difference in people’s lives every day and without them, we’d be lost. So thank you for everything you do. We love you!

Wishing a very Happy Nurses’ Day to all the nurses and midwives out there! Thank you for taking care of us and we hope we can do the same to our patients one day.

The doctor treats patients, but the nurse tends to them. It is because of nurses that doctors can do their job thoroughly and you are able to keep calm knowing your health matters are in good hands. So, sending this message to all the nurses out there means a lot to us. Have a great day!

This nursing day, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all those wonderful nurses who made a positive difference in my life. It wouldn’t be as easy without you. You are awesome!

Nurses, thank you for all that you do. Most importantly, thank you for giving us hope through your hard work and dedication to improve the lives of others on a daily basis – even if it means working long hours on your feet. We know how much we appreciate you and couldn’t manage without your selfless care. Have a wonderful nurse’s day!

It takes a special woman to be known as ‘nurse’, and the world definitely needs more people with your kind of compassion in it. So, thank you for being who you are – an amazing person who saves lives every day. Wishing you all the best in life. Lots of love.

Nurses are angels sent from above to take care of us during our time of need. They are always there for their patients, whether it’s feeding them, giving them medicine or just making sure they’re comfortable. We should all be thankful for the good work nurses do for us!

Nurses are special people who give care and treat patients with kindness, patience, and love. They are the first ones to jump in action when things go bad and there is no one else who can save a life other than them. Thank you for everything that nurses do – keep up the good work!

Nurses are known to stay strong amidst challenging times because all they want is for their patients to be okay. Whether it’s their job or not, they would always go out of their way to make sure patients are comfortable and safe at all times. So, thank you for everything nurses! May God bless you more in life!

Every day, nurses are very hard at work. Most of them did not get a chance to rest or take a break.

Nurses Day 2022 Images

happy nurses day images

happy nurses day images

happy nurses day images

happy nurses day images

You're an incredible nurse, doing more than I could ever imagine. My gratitude goes out to you.

happy nurses day wishes

happy nurses day wishes

happy nurse day images

happy nurses day quotes

happy nurses day images (1)

Happy Nurses Week Messages

You give more than just medicine – you give strength, love, and hope. Thank you for your dedication and keep up the amazing work!

It’s so wonderful to know that, in times of need, there is always a nurse around to help. Happy Nurses Week!

I know that your daily schedule is hectic, but it’s also full of love and affection. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the love and support you show me when I needed them most.

You have been an inspiration for me during my time as a nursing student. Thank you for inspiring me to continue growing and learning so that I may one day be as great a nurse as you!

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. You are an inspiration to me and many others, and we couldn’t thank you enough for all that you do.

Thank you for all that you do – it is very much appreciated by everyone who has come into contact with your kind heart. Happy Nurses Week!

You are an amazing nurse, so inspiring to be around. Thank you for everything that you do and thanks for being an incredible role model for those of us in the nursing field.

I admire your dedication and devotion to helping those who are sick, as well as all those with whom you come into contact every day. Happy Nurses Week!

Thanks to the hard-working nurses who made my stay comfortable, I am ready to go home. Thank you all so much for doing such an amazing job. Happy Nurses Week!

You are an excellent nurse, and I am so happy to have had the opportunity of being able to work with you.

Thank you for your excellent care throughout my pregnancy. It really made all of the difference in how well-prepared I was for delivery day. Thank you again!

It is infectiously cheerful nurses like yourself that make it easy for those in need of medical attention. Your positive attitude truly makes a difference! Thanks again!

I can’t thank you enough for your kindness during my labor & delivery. You were so helpful and did everything possible to keep me comfortable. I truly appreciate all that you did to make the experience a positive one! Happy Nurses Week!

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty. You make an amazing nurse!

You deserve a day of celebration. Thank you for your positive influence on all those around you. Happy Nurses Week!

The world is a better place because of nurses like you. I am truly thankful for you and everything that you do.

Thank you for showing me what it means to truly care about others and be the best nurse possible. Happy Nurses Week!

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to nursing. We couldn’t do what we do without people like you. Thank you again! Happy Nurses Week!

Your compassionate care was beyond words. It’s truly incredible that there are people out there like you that put others first before themselves.

Your kind-hearted nursing skills are appreciated beyond words. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for volunteering your time to provide such an amazing experience for our patients. Your dedication is truly inspiring! Happy Nurses Week!

You deserve a day of celebration. Thank you for your positive influence on all those around you.

It is nurses like you that make this world a better place. I am truly thankful for you and everything that you do.

Thank you for showing me what it means to truly care about others and be the best nurse possible.

You’re an incredible nurse, doing more than I could ever imagine. Thank you for all that you do and happy Nurses Day!

Your patient advocacy is inspiring beyond words. You make an amazing nurse!

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to nursing. We couldn’t do what we do without people like you. Thank you again! Happy Nurses Week!

Your kind-hearted nursing skills are appreciated beyond words. Keep up the great work! Happy Nurses Week!

Nurses are like angels in disguise; they know how to heal with their hearts. You are like an angel for me, not only on this day but every day of the year.

How to Celebrate Nurses Day?

As unsung heroes of health care, nurses never receive recognition for their tireless efforts. The reason why campaigns like Nurses Day exist is to give them credit. Being a nurse is about helping others. Here are some ideas for celebrating Nurses Day:

1. If you know someone who is a nurse, thank them for helping your family member recover nicely. If you do not know any nurses personally, make it a point to recognize at least one nurse you encounter through the day.

2. It is fine to ask them anything you may have regarding their profession or even health care in general if they are available to answer your questions.

3. Send them a note of appreciation for all their hard work throughout the day.

4. Tell your family members to stop by and give some flowers or snacks to nurses they encounter throughout the day.

5. Remember to share your Nurses day quotes, wishes and greetings with them by posting them on social media.

6. Be sure to share the celebration with your friends on social media, too. Pass this on so more people will come across it!

Over to you…

As you can see, nurses are truly special people who deserve to be thanked for their health care services. We hope you enjoyed these happy Nurses day quotes!

Not only is Nurses Day the time for appreciating nurses, but it’s also a great opportunity to show your appreciation by simply saying “thank you”. Saying thanks for their help, care, and support over the past year goes a long way. Be sure to take this moment of silence to acknowledge all of their hard work during this past year.

It’s also the perfect time to show how much you care by thanking them with a small gift. Either flowers or chocolates are great ideas for nurse appreciation gifts.

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