9 Best Herbs for Lung Healing with Zero Side Effects

Herbs for Lung Healing: Since lungs are directly associated with breathing, they are a vital organ of our body. If they are not working properly, it will have a direct effect on the whole system of our body because it works as a transporter of oxygen which is necessary for our body. It, therefore, becomes crucial to cleanse your lungs from time to time.

Best Herbs for Lung Healing

These days when we have pollution, unwanted and harmful substances easily get inside our body through our lungs and can cause harm to our body. Therefore there are increased cases of lung diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive, pulmonary diseases, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Even when you do not have any bad habits related to lungs like smoking if someone around you has it, you might automatically get affected and the increasing air pollution only adds up to it. There have been many statistics that suggest that lung problems are one of the major causes of death which is caused by inhaling polluted air and smoking cigarettes.

Our lungs are always at work and it is important for the lungs to work in a smooth way or else it may have adverse effects upon our body. These days we are compelled to breathe in the polluted air which has dangerous toxins and we cannot help it, but we can give more attention to the health of our lungs through using some cleansing herbs.

Can herbs heal the lung?

Herbs are considered a great natural treatment for any kind of disease and the same goes for the lungs. Herbs and its supplements have been in use for centuries and are not a new thing and are in fact the most effective way to cure and prevent many lungs related problems.

Nature has the treatment of almost all the diseases if used in time and in the correct way. Many herbs can help with chest pain, nasal congestion, irritated airways, sneezing, coughing, swollen glands, increased tonsil level, and many more similar problems.

Although it may seem like herbs may not have such an effective result, you will need to try it to see the efficacy. Herbs give satisfactory results without giving any side effects. But it is advisable to consult a doctor first or a herb expert to check if your body is allergic to it and it typically depends on the individual as to how does his body takes up the herb.

Therefore you should always research and consult an expert for the same. Safety is one of the most critical areas of review amongst herbs. There are even rare cases of side effects because the body of that individual reacted adversely. Therefore, herbs can heal the lungs if used wisely.

How do herbs work for lung?

Our lungs get clogged when we breathe dust particles from the air. This decreases the capacity of our lungs to take more oxygen and giving out more Co2. This also decreases the filtering capacity of our lungs and because of that, with passing days our lungs get more clogged and the waste materials start aggregating in our body. This makes the whole of our body unhealthy and also disturbs the functioning of some vital organs of our body like the heart.

Not only does pollution affect the health of our lungs but there are various other reasons as well which affect our lungs such as medical treatments and antibiotics like nitrofurantoin, sulfasalazine, etc. Lungs are directly connected with the heart so any surgery or medication that involves heart can affect the lungs.

What these herbs for lung healing can do is they can go deep into the lungs and operate there. The wise use of these herbs can open the clogged pores of the lungs and work in removing all the waste materials thus increasing your lung’s capacity. Every herb works differently and takes a range of time in showing the results.

What Natural Herbs are Good for the Lungs?

Below are the various herbs that can help you get a healthier lung and smoothen the breathing process.

1. Peppermint

Peppermints have a significant smell. By only the smell of it, we can recognize which herb it is. The smell automatically gives a minty cool feeling inside and we feel soothed and relaxed. The peppermint oil is very beneficial and when rubbed upon your chest area, will show eased breathing and improved respiratory rates. It is easily available online and offline.

2. Astragalus

This is a Chinese herb that strengthens the lungs and the immune system and lungs are a vital part of our immune system. The Chinese people have been traditionally using it for cold and even asthma.

3. Mullein

Mullein is forest herbs and is widely used for dry cough which is difficult to get rid of. The leaves of mullein stimulate the secretion in dry mucus membranes.

4. Elecampane Root

Elecampane can be very easily found in the woods. This herb helps in clearing the respiratory systems and also speedy recovery of the lungs, it works as a tonic. This herb for lung healing is specifically used when you have excessive bronchial secretion. It can also ease down the irritation of the lungs which causes coughing and hence will also relax the coughing. It will soothe your lungs and hand in hand will also heal it.

5. Eucalyptus

As soon as you will enter an area that has numerous eucalyptus trees, you will automatically feel relaxed and calm. These prevent bronchitis flare-ups which may be caused by cold. We can find this herb in many cough syrups and the balms which claim to have adverse effects on cold and cough.

6. Oregano

Oregano is a traditional remedy for lungs problem but these days we mostly know it as a pizza seasoning. It has been in use for its medical qualities. Oregano can boost your immune system which consists of lungs. The oil of oregano can have increased effects.

7. Plantain Leaf

Plantain leaves are a green, weed-like plant that grows close to the ground. These are widely used in cold balms and such other commercial purposes. Plantain soothes cough and also improves respiratory function.

8. Lobelia

Lobelia relieves respiratory distress. It has an alkaloid that helps in breaking up congestion. It also relaxes the airways of the lungs thus helping in easy breathing. Lobelia stimulates the adrenal gland and thus increases the overall health of the lungs.

9. Lungwort

This herb is a great treatment for lungs related problems and respiratory system. It is a great parameter of a healthy environment because lungworts are extremely sensitive to toxic elements. It has a high amount of antioxidants and provides relief to the lungs.

How to use these herbs for lung healing?

The herbs which have been listed above can be used in various ways for the purpose of the application.

  • They can either be directly used or used with supplements.
  • You can mix it with some natural substances for the best results. For example, peppermint can be used as a food substance, or as a drink mixed with water, or its oil can be extracted and used as a rubbing oil.
  • You can also add it to hot water and inhale the vapor. This method applies to all of the herbs for the most effective result.

Eucalyptus oil can be used as a treatment for lungs by adding it in boiling water and inhaling it. It is the most effective way of using it as it directly goes into the lungs.

Oregano has multi-purposes, it can also be taken as a food supplement for its taste, and the oil from the oregano can also be extracted and mixed with other herbs.

Lungworts are harvested and dried and then used as medical supplements or it is also steeped in hot water and the tea has great effects upon our lungs. The oil of eucalyptus can also be added to tea.

The plantain leaves are converted into balms and applied to the chest area directly. Lobelia can be consumed in a variety of ways like in tablet form or tea.

All these ways can be applied in almost all of the herbs that have been mentioned. These are very easy and can be homemade or you can also get these from the market.

Other Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Lung

Apart from the herbs, there are other naturals ways too which can be used to heal the lungs.

  • Yoga has been traditionally there since ages and the sages of ancient times used to incorporate yoga. This was a way in which they used to meditate and as a result, they used to live a healthy and long life. Therefore yoga has great results on the lungs and overall immune system.
  • Likewise, deep breathing increases the capacity of the lungs and opens up the clogged pores of the lungs which are beneficial for the lungs.
  • Do not just sit around, indulge in some kind of physical activity that increases the metabolism rate and it will help in removing the waste materials from the lungs.
  • Pungent foods have medicinal properties, therefore they have been used traditionally to cure lungs related problems. Foods like garlic and onion can be mixed with mustard oil and applied upon the chest and feet for best results or can be eaten directly. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C are useful for lung-related problems.
  • Water is the all-rounder remedy of almost all the diseases and therefore also helps in removing the waste from the lungs.
  • Turmeric has been in use since early times, our mothers have given us milk mixed with turmeric whenever we have a cough. Ginger tea is something which is a delicious way of healing the lungs problem.

Lungs are a vital organ of our body and it is our duty to cleanse it from time to time or else our whole body will have to face the consequences which can shorten our life span. All the above-given herbs for lung healing are like a boon for lungs related problems and should be incorporated in your lifestyle.

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