How to Keep a Dog Warm in a Cold Winter Night

Winter is unforgiving, especially for our furry pets like dogs. When it’s cold, your four-legged companion is at risk of frostbite or hypothermia. Even though they have a heavy coat of fur, they can still get colds. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to protect your dog and keep your furry friend warm and cozy, especially in night’s cold weather.

So, why not show your love to your dog by helping it survive the harsh winter weather? I’m sure you want to protect your little friend. Here’s how to keep a dog warm in the winter.

How to Keep a Dog Warm in a Cold Winter Night

How to know if your dog is cold?

Listen to your dog

Your dog will tell you a lot if you pay attention to him. A dog whining, howling, or barking is likely to have something bothering him, such as cold. Take him in for a warm-up if he’s been outside for a while.

Do an ear check

Touch and feel your puppy’s ears to see if he’s cold. You can expect your dog’s body to be chilly if they are cold.

Observe the body language

Do you notice your dog hunching over? Or, did it tuck her tail in? The low temperature might cause him to have stiff or frozen paws, which makes him unable to walk.

Is it too cold?

You’re probably feeling cold, so is your dog. Take the proper measures to keep him warm and protected as a responsible pet owner. If your dog is outside and it is cold, you should always bring him inside.

Don’t miss the tell-tale signs

Extremely low temperatures can cause your dog’s temperature to drop, which can cause hypothermia. If your dog shivers, appears lethargic or appears pale, seek medical treatment immediately.

How to Keep a Dog Warm in Winter and Chilly Night

Avoid keeping your dog outside

Even a snow dog can succumb to frostbite during cold temperatures. Invest in a warm bed for your dog inside the house. Small dogs, especially, are prone to icy cold weather. Make sure they are adequately warmed up.

Put thick blankets over them

If you have an old blanket or sweater, put it to better use. You should put these on your dog’s bed and cover them properly. Wool blankets retain heat more effectively, so they are recommended. Another great option is heating pads.

Get them essential winter clothes

Warm clothes are an excellent way to keep your dog cozy, no matter if they are furry or short-haired. All they need is a nice sweater, winter coat, or a wool jacket, and they’ll be all right!

Keep them off the ground

The best way to do so is by getting paw pads for your dog to create a barrier between their paws and the floor. Simply place them on a dog bed or above the carpet.

Get a blow heater

If your dog is showing signs of tiredness and shivering, turn on the heater and set it to an appropriate temperature. Don’t let them get too close to the heater or they will get burned or electrocuted.

Serve them warm food

Warm up the meal before you serve it to your dog. You can also give them hot soup to enjoy and maintain their body heat. You can find some mouth-watering recipes for bone broth here.

Avoid taking them for walks

The paws of all dogs are the same, irrespective of how thick their coat of fur is. By getting your dogs snow boots or avoiding taking them out in the snow, you can protect their paws. Wipe their paws with a warm towel if they go out to poop in the snow because ice can cause them to crack and bleed.

Get em’ some sunshine

Let your dog soak in the sun whenever it is sunny. Dogs need vitamin D to stay healthy and free of illness. The best time to go is when the sun is at its warmest!

Don’t forget the strays…

Even if you care much for your dogs, there is no guarantee that the dogs outside get even an ounce of attention. Then, you can build a shelter for outside dogs so that they can take a rest or use it to protect themselves from ice and snow. In the winter, it is important to provide them with resources that can keep the dogs warm.

How to Keep a Dog Warm in Winter Night

Things to Take Care Of

  • Try to keep your house at a comfortable temperature; neither too hot nor too cold. Warmth and comfort are important for your canine.
  • Put a sweater or coat on your dogs to keep them warm. Keep their clothes clean by washing them regularly.
  • It is never a good idea to shave your dog in winter. However, you can trim their fur around their paws to prevent snow from sticking while walking.
  • Winter is not the time to bathe your dog. Wash them in a warm water tub if necessary, and dry them off right away with a towel.
  • Keep checking on your dog, especially if he is kept outside. Don’t forget to give him all the resources he needs, including a warm doghouse, bed, water, and food. It is dangerous to leave a dog in the cold unattended for prolonged periods of time.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Weather for Dogs

How to Keep a Dog Warm in a Cold Winter Night

What temperature is too cold for a dog?

Under 20° F, you might find that your dog is at risk from illnesses caused by the cold, such as frostbite and hypothermia.

Can dogs stay outside in the winter?

A dog with heavy fur isn’t likely to survive freezing cold weather, so don’t leave it outside in that situation. Period.

Do blankets keep dogs warm?

A dog blanket acts as a defense against the cold, so to some extent, it does. Even so, dogs need to have access to thick blankets as well, regardless of whether they are inside or outside.

What dogs can tolerate cold weather?

  1. American Eskimo Dogs
  2. Bernese Mountain Dogs
  3. Alaskan Malamutes
  4. Icelandic Sheepdogs
  5. Tibetan Mastiffs
  6. Siberian Huskies
  7. St. Bernard
  8. Samoyed dogs
  9. Leonbergers
  10. Newfoundland dogs

Final Thoughts

So, we outlined ways to keep a dog warm during the winter. When possible, keep your pets inside, but if you are unable to do so, ensure that the shelter is protected. To avoid icy temperatures, it is recommended that the floor be raised off the ground. Along with providing warm clothing, keep your canine happy, healthy, and well-fed by providing plenty of food and water.

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