How to Survive in College as an Introvert

Before going ahead into this post, I would like to tell you, who introverts actually are.
Introverts are basically those people who like to be quiet, daydream, think more than speak, are keen observers, embrace solitude but people mistake them as being shy. Introverts may speak less but have the loudest mind. They are not anti-social but they need alone time to recharge themselves and feel energized. 
I’ve always been an introvert, from school to college, family to friends, I’ve always been the way I am. I’ve rarely found someone who can be as introverted as I am and even if there was someone, I seldom cared to know. Now that I’m in college, I’m craving peace of mind and serenity of silence. I often find myself out of place and often end up being unhappy because of the discomfort I face around heaps of people so I’ve found my own ways to finally get out and actually enjoy myself being with myself. It’s not that I hate people but the introvert in me resists further interactions and socialization and I badly want enough time to recharge myself. Here’s how I do it and you can do it, too:

Go where nature is!
You might be craving solitude when you’re surrounded by groups of extroverted people and you just don’t want to be a part of them. Find a calming park nearby your campus or within your campus and embrace the nature and calmness of the environment. Breathe in and breathe out in the fresh air!
Tip: Go to the library and indulge yourself with the book love!
Make use of headphones
It’s like the ‘do not disturb’ mode you go in when you put on earphones. Just indulge in music, love the music, get lost in the music and no one would actually bother you. You don’t have to look awkward by sitting and daydreaming at a place for hours when you have music plugged in. 
Make a habit of saying hi, hello!
You definitely don’t need to form closer relationships, just a hi would work fine! Greet everyone while you’re going to your class. Ask them how they’re doing and it will work. This would make sure you’re not alienating everyone and you look quite sociable. Just don’t fake it or you’ll be creating misery for yourself.
Learn to say no
As simple as it sounds, it isn’t that way but you have to learn to say no to things you’re not comfortable with. Giving into something you don’t personally like is crippling yourself mentally. Don’t go to late-night parties, do drugs, smoking because of the peer pressure. Just because something is considered cool, you don’t have to do it. As an introvert, you might be aware of you self-made rules and ethics, breaking them will cause more damage to your identity.
Explore other introverts
Isn’t that a dream for our introverts to find another introvert? But that rarely happens, because we rarely socialize let alone knowing someone if they’re introvert. But we’ve got a gift right, that we observe people well. You can find many introverts spending time in solitude and maybe, break the ice with a conversation. You can try it and you might become goodie good friends who respect and cherish their alone time!
Do what you love
I can’t stress more on this, you should do what you LOVE. Cultivate a hobby, practice it regularly. Do things which make use of your time instead of consuming it. You can write poetry, do gardening, watch useful documentaries, read a book and what not which brings you closer to your inner self.
Kick out the negativity
Small talks, fake friendships, and gossips cause more negativity than you ever could have in your life. They are time-consuming, energy-draining and a positivity killer! Stay from those people who talk about everyone’s back, pointing out their flaws and laughing at them. They have a negative aura in them which you’ll not find comforting. A word of advice, stay away from them!
That was it for me. I’m embracing my personality now, try to discover myself as deeply as I can and stopped following the crowd. This is how we all should be, that is being true to ourselves. Just accept how you are and kick out the negativity you have around yourself, appreciate people who are good for you, keep them close and lastly, go in your own way! ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ˜Ž

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