10 Incredible Benefits of Starting Your Day with Warm Water

Water is the most important thing in our life and undoubtedly the main source of life, and we can’t imagine our life without it.

Everyone needs water for different purposes, but most of the time, water is used for drinking. The older generation of people already highlighted the importance of water and how it is the remedy for every possible disease.

So, today I’m going to tell you how you can use water to its optimal potential for a healthy and well functioning body. Water, when it is warm, is in its best form and helps in battling several health issues.

I have been drinking warm water every morning for a few weeks, and I can already see the results. I will share with you some incredible benefits of drinking warm water every morning.

10 Incredible Benefits of Starting Your Day with Warm Water

How to do it? Start with one glass of warm water initially, the first thing after waking up in the morning. Gradually, make it two glasses and have your breakfast only after 45 minutes of having it.

Helps in weight loss

Or should I say fat loss? Warm water in the morning right after waking up increases the body temperature, increasing your metabolism. This charges up the whole body to burn calories more efficiently. You can also squeeze half of a lemon to increase its weight loss effects.

Regulates easy digestion

Most of us suffer from digestion issues. Warm water regulates bowel movements, which makes the process of digestion and excretion easier. It strengthens the digestive system to be able to digest better and eliminate food. It also helps in easing constipation, which is quite painful and disturbing.

10 Incredible Benefits of Starting Your Day with Warm Water

Beautifies skin

It’s one of my favorite benefits of having a glass of warm water every morning. It clears out commons skin issues like acne, inflammation, and dullness. It detoxifies the skin from within, unlike any other concoction. It delays the signs of aging, so we can say that it’s an inexpensive therapy for the skin.

Eases menstruation cramps

If you’re a woman, you know the pain of having these unwanted cramps, which can be very painful at times. Warm water tends to increase the blood flow, which relaxes the muscles of that affected area. Not just menstrual pain but any type of body pain can be treated with this simple and wonderful remedy!

Destresses the body and mind

Warm water helps in improving the function of the nervous system. Stress is directly linked to a poor nervous system, so having it regularly will help in calming the nervous system to relieve anxiety and stress.

Unblocks nasal congestion

When you consume warm water, it breaks up the mucus in your nasal cavities and respiratory tract. Since it is not sitting in your nose, it lowers the risk of virus or bacteria will begin to grow in your nasal cavity. The water will also help your body get rid of harmful toxins.

10 Incredible Benefits of Starting Your Day with Warm Water

Detoxifies the body from head to toe!

When you consume 2-3 glasses of warm water, your body temperature gets heated up. As a result, your body tends to sweat in order to cool down. The toxins will leave your body through your sweat, and that is how your body detoxifies.

Induces a good night sleep

Warm water regularly helps one sleep sound and peacefully. Since the warm water raises the body temperature, one feels extremely relaxed. The warm water at night also fills your stomach so that you won’t experience late-night food cravings, which are essentially unhealthy for the body.

Makes your hair healthy and shiny

Since warm water detoxifies the body, its benefit is not just limited to the skin. It helps in making the hair shiny and healthy. It energizes your hair root and strengthens them, which in turn lessen hair fall.

Adding lemon and honey doubles up the benefits of warm water

Lemon is rich in pectin and vitamin C, which helps in detoxifying bodily toxins as well as aid in fat loss. Honey is a natural sweetener and has anti-bacterial properties that build up and strengthens the immune system.

Disclaimer: Hot water is not warm water, which is not too hot or too cold. Avoid hot water as it can weaken the bones.

So, these were the miraculous benefits of warm water when taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Make sure it is the first thing you consume when you wake up!

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