7 Top Skincare Concerns You’ll Start to Notice in Your 40s

Every year medical advancements find more and more ways to keep skin looking fresh and people feeling younger. They say that “40 is the new 30,” but that can only really be true if you feel great in the skin that you are in.

We have yet to find the fountain of youth that we are all desperately searching for to reverse the signs of aging, but in the meantime, we can educate ourselves on what is going to happen to our skin as we age.

We’ll also talk about what we can do to help prevent and repair some of these telltale signs and combat top skincare concerns that arise during your 40s.

7 Top Skincare Concerns You'll Start to Notice in Your 40s

Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and we must learn to treat it with respect and admiration so that we can continue to look as good as we feel. Youth seems to stay with us through our 20’s and even into our 30’s but right at around the 40 marks is when youth often decides to head for the hills.

What can we learn about what happens to our skin in our 40’s that will keep us aware of what we should do to maintain that youthful glow? Several products reduce wrinkles and firming of the neck. Here are some of the top skincare concerns people have in their 40’s:

7 Top Skincare Concerns You'll Start to Notice in Your 40s

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As you age, your skin begins to lose elastin and collagen, and this is what causes the skin to look aged and develop fine lines and wrinkles. But this does not just happen overnight.

The slow degeneration of collagen means that you may not see the effects of what is being lost in your twenties and thirties, but in your forties, you will begin to notice some fine lines and wrinkles that were not there before. This is the number one concern for people who are entering their forties with regards to their appearance.

But there is a number of products that reduce wrinkles and firming around that neck that can help with fine lines and wrinkles to slow down the aging process and keep skin looking youthful. There are many anti-aging products on the market, and when looking to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, finding a product with Retinol will help fill in those lines, promote collagen production, and keep skin firm and tight. Using products with antioxidants is essential for the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydration is the next key ingredient because the hydrated skin is going to appear more plump and full. Staying out of the sun will prevent any sun damage that can then be associated with fine lines and wrinkles.

Sensitive And Allergy Prone Skin

Not only does our skin become thinner and lose its elasticity, but it can also become more sensitive over time. Products that you once normally used on your skin in your twenties and thirties may now cause you to break out or develop rashes because of your skin’s now sensitive nature. This means that you will need to buy higher quality and more specialized skincare products that will not cause an adverse reaction when you use them.

When you were younger, you may have found that using a normal bar of soap or a plain drug store moisturizer worked just fine for your skin, but in your forties, your skin has a more delicate structure, and the cells have become more sensitive to lower quality ingredients.

After your thirties, take time to invest in your skincare line by working with experts in a quality brand specializing in anti-aging and regenerative skincare. The more you invest in your skin at an earlier age, the more likely you will find fewer concerns about your skin to deal with later in life.

The sooner you decide to go with natural and nourishing alternatives for your face wash and cleanser, the bigger favor you are doing to your face skin. Drugstore soaps interrupt your skin’s PH balance and make it more susceptible to harmful bacteria growth, inflammation, and damage from pollution. Using PH-neutral soap; such as goat milk soaps instead of regular soaps which are packed with skin-loving products like vitamin A and lactic acids, keep your skin’s protective barrier intact, boost collagen production, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyperpigmentation Or “Age Spots”

Hyperpigmentation is one of the top skincare concerns which develop when you reach the age of 40. Age spots are a naturally occurring concern for people over the age of 40 and are not a sign of anything serious. When the melanin in our skin ages, it can cluster together under the epidermis and create a dark spot on the skin called hyperpigmentation or “age spot.” While this is nothing serious, it is an unsightly sign of aging. Many people will look for several products that reduce wrinkles and firm the neck and even skin tone and prevent age spots.

Finding a skincare product that focuses on evening skin tone can be difficult because the melanin is sub-epidermis and on a cellular level. But there are many treatments like laser procedures and microdermabrasion that can reverse age spots. When coupled with skin night creams, age spots can be treated in people over 40.

Increased Facial Hair

The primary culprit for increasing facial hair in women over 40 is the change in reproductive hormones. Women who are in the process of going through menopause experience a decrease in estrogen, which can cause their hormones to shift and result in unfortunate side effects like an increase of hair growth on the face, neck, and chin.

The best way to deal with this problem is to add waxing or other forms of hair removal to your daily skincare regimen. While being a bother, the stray hairs do not pose any risk, and laser hair removal can work wonders with people who do not have the time to adjust to the added skincare list of to-do.

Increased Skin Growth

It is important that you make sure to get your body scanned for irregular moles or skin growths at every time in your life. But as we age, we develop build-ups of collagen and other properties that can cause little imperfections and growths on the skin.

A very common form of this is a skin tag, a benign little skin growth made from excess collagen that does not have any concern except for any cosmetic insecurities. On top of this, there are changes in hormones and cell growth and regeneration that can cause these small imperfections.

Most of these can be removed almost painlessly by a dermatologist. Because there is little known about why they occur on aging skin, there is little we can do to prevent them except to stay hydrated and take special care of our skin.

7 Top Skincare Concerns You'll Start to Notice in Your 40s

Adult Onset Acne

What is worse than having acne as a 14-year-old kid? Having again as a 40-year-old. It is hard to determine whether someone will develop adult-onset acne, but many people approaching 40 are concerned that they will wake up one day with a face full of pimples.

The reason this happens is the same reason it happened as a teenager. A change in hormones causes your face to become covered with those tiny annoying pimples. Unlike being 14, an adult can use many of the tools at their disposal to prevent and treat acne appropriately through topical creams that contain acne-fighting ingredients.

Broken Blood Vessels

When our body ages, certain parts of our cellular makeup begin to break down as well slowly, many people approaching 40 will notice that their skin starts to show some small red patches that can almost look like little spider bites. These small clusters of broken blood vessels are not a concern that should cause any alarm. They are a natural process of aging skin and often are related to genetics more so than proper skincare.

If you are more prone to spider veins or varicose veins, or small clusters of broken blood vessels, there are simple laser procedures that can eliminate these little unsightly clusters. A laser zaps the area where the blood vessels have burst apart, breaking up cells and causing the area to become smooth and clear once again. Preventing these from occurring using high-quality skincare products is another way to eliminate any concerns about skincare issues while you age.

These were the common and top skincare concerns that arise during middle age. Since the beginning of youth, one can delay these signs of aging and combat these top skincare concerns with proper care.

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