81 Lord of the Rings WiFi Names

“Welcome to Middle-earth, where WiFi signals are as abundant as the hobbits’ pipe weeds and as creative as Gandalf’s wizardry.

For Lord of the Rings fans, there are endless possibilities for WiFi names inspired by the literary masterpiece, be it from the serene beauty of Rivendell to the fiery doom of Mount Doom.

We’ve rounded up the top Lord of the Rings WiFi names that will make you feel like you’re one of the fellowships in a quest for a strong and secure connection.

So, tighten your cloak, grab your staff, and let’s embark on this WiFi adventure!”

Lord Of The Rings WiFi Names

The Best Lord Of The Rings WiFi Names

Middle Earth Net: A world where the Lord of the Rings takes place and a nod to the internet.

Rohan Signal: Named after the kingdom of Rohan, a place of great warriors and horses.

Hobbiton Hotspot: Named after the starting village where Hobbits reside.

Lords Of The Ping: Offers an air of authority and will make your WiFi network stand out from the crowd.

He Knows The Hobbit: A fun one sure to bring a smile to any Lord of the Rings fan. Playful and whimsical, yet mysterious as well.

Lord’s Evil Eye: A little more serious and mysterious. If you want to create a sense of foreboding in your WiFi, this is your name.

Sauron’s Dominion Range: If you want to strike fear into the hearts of your guests, try it. It’s powerful and conveys a sense of dominance.

MordoRouter: This one is slightly more subtle but still ties into the theme. It’s a clever play on words that will make your guests chuckle.

GondorConnect: Named after the great kingdom of men and a place of a great battle.

LOTR The Return Of The Access: It’s a play on “The Return Of The King” about how the network has been fixed after being down.

Fellowships Of The Router: Inspired by the Fellowship of the Ring, this name is ideal for a network of family or friends.

Lord Of The Access: Similar to “The Lord of the Rings,” but focusing on getting access to the network.

Bridge of Khazad-Router: Reminds us of the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, where Gandalf fell in the first book/movie.

Routers of the Hobbits: Inspired by the hobbits, who played a big role in the story, it’s perfect for a WiFi name inspired by “The Lord of the Rings”.

Evil Connections: This name references Sauron’s army of orcs. Perfect for securing a network and protecting it against malicious connections.

The Dead Net: Named after the army of undead warriors who fought for Aragorn in the Battle of Minas Tirith.

Destroy the Evil-Fi: A humorous reference to the story’s epic battle between good and evil, perfect for showing your playful side.

Bypass My Access: A reference to the characters’ powerful magic, it’s a great way to remind users your network is safe.

Connecting to Middle Earth: a reference to the beloved fantasy world of Middle Earth, this name is a great way to make a statement about how magical your network can be.

The Last Homely House: Named after the refuge that Elrond provided for the members of the Fellowship. 

Paths of the Pings: Refers to the Paths of the Dead, over which the characters traveled.

LAN Of Gandalf: Reflecting the power and wisdom of Gandalf, the wizard. A networker who values knowledge and speed would find it appealing.

Wizard Access: Arcane lovers will love this. It’s simple but conveys an air of mystery.

Fellowship Of The Password: A great name to make guests feel like they’re part of something special. With this play on words, everyone knows they are part of something special.

Middle-Router: An excellent choice for fans of Middle Earth. You’re sure to make your guests smile with this clever nod to Lord of the Rings.

Net Spirits: This throwback to Middle Earth’s powerful spirits will surely delight your router users.

Selling My Rings: plays off the Ring’s “My precious” line and will put anyone trying to access your network on edge.

Giants Routers: pays homage to the giant Ents, who were integral to the success of the Fellowship in their quest to destroy the One Ring. 

DragoNet: Another great WiFi name, especially if you’ve got dragon-loving friends. Symbolizing the famous dragon Smaug guarding the Lonely Mountain against trespassers. 

Watcher Of The Network: A great way to pay tribute to the Watcher from the movies is to name your WiFi after him. 

Home Of The Van: The Van are the brave elves who lead the battle against the forces of Mordor – making this a great name for any Tolkien fan. 

I Can See Your Password: Refers to Sauron’s powerful eye that watches over Middle Earth and how it makes your guests feel safe.

Net Access Gatekeeper: Named after gatekeepers who guarded locations in the story. It’s perfect for secure networks with authorized access only.

Two Towers of WiFi: Inspired by the two great towers of Mordor, this name is a fun way to show off your network’s strength.

Pings in the Ring: Playing off the phrase “in the eye of the beholder”, this unique name will surely attract attention.

Access of Gandalf Stick: Named after the powerful staff wielded by Gandalf, this name symbolizes the power of your network.

Home of the Lord Router: A clever reference to the One Ring’s home, this name clearly shows your loyalty to the ring bearers.

The Router Eye: A play on the Eye of Sauron, it is suitable for networks that are all-seeing and all-knowing.

Wi Lord Of The Fi: A funny name for someone who loves wordplay and likes to come up with humor.

Ring Network: Another reference to the One Ring, with a twist on the word “Ring” to indicate a connected network.

Path of the Dead: Named after the mysterious road leading to the army of the undead.

Elven Queen’s Paradise: In honor of Lothlorien and the Queen Galadriel who presided over it.

Gollum Go Online: An ironic play on Gollum’s obsession with the One Ring. Anyone obsessed with getting online could use it.

Giants Routers: A reference to the giant trolls who help the Fellowship of the Ring on their journey.

Internet Beast: A reference to Shelob, the giant spider that lurks in the depths of Mordor, among the terrifying creatures in the movies. 

Router Of The Rings: a clever pun on the powerful rings of power that the Fellowship of the Ring must safeguard. It’s a great way to show your affection for movies without being too obvious. 

Hobbit’s Home: A subtle reference to the beloved Hobbit characters, who risk their lives to help the Fellowship of the Ring on their quest. 

Mordor Wireless: Symbolizes Mordor, where the evil Lord Sauron resides. As with the armies of Mordor, it symbolizes a strong network that can overcome obstacles.

Frodo-Fi: An allusion to Frodo and to “WiFi”. People who love Frodo Baggins, the loveable hobbit, will appreciate it.

Gandalf WiFi: Attractive to fans of the powerful and wise wizard Gandalf. Just like Gandalf, it reflects both speed and intelligence.

LANgorn Forest: inspired by the classic forest that the characters travel through on their journey, this name pays homage to the story.

Power of Evil Router: Invoking the dark forces of Mordor, this router warns users about internet dangers.

One Access for All: Like the quest to find the One Ring, this is a great way to remind your users that they have access to the same network.

Lord’s Glitch: On one level, it refers to the difficulty of setting up a network. On another level, it means the network is under the control of a higher power (the Lord).

The Walking Router: refers to Lord of the Rings’ undead characters, Nazgûl. Moreover, it reflects the nature of the network, which is constantly changing. 

Glitch In The Ring: Another fantastic LOTR WiFI name referring to the main plot point. It also shows that any network can have tech glitches.

Trap Of Curse: speaks to LOTR’s theme of an epic battle between the forces of good and evil and the idea that the internet can be frustrating too. 

Powered By The Rings: reminds us that technology is powerful and needs to be used with caution.

Run By The Ring: pays homage to the epic battle between the Fellowship and the Orcs and is a great way to shout out your fandom. 

LOTR Connected: Show appreciation for the movies featuring the Ring’s unifying power.

Lord Of The Connection: captures the sense of power and mystery surrounding the Lord’s mission.

Internet Is Over: sometimes, even the mightiest of forces can be beaten back – sometimes by something as small as a router.

More Lord Of The Rings-Inspired WiFi Names

  • Do Not Dare To Connect
  • Don’t Access My Internet
  • Nobody Tosses A Router
  • No Ring Connection
  • Rings Networks
  • Sorry, Router Is In Another Castle
  • Must Love LOTR
  • Evils Vs. Virtuous
  • You Are In Ring Zone
  • I Am Frodo Baggins
  • Aragorn The Saviour
  • Gothmog Net
  • Balrog Hunter
  • Morgoth Lan
  • DraugluiNet
  • GobliNet
  • Praise The Ring For Password
  • Ring Net Not Found
  • I Have Ring But You Don’t
  • You Are Under Rings Surveillance
  • Evil Smily

Why should you pick LOTR-inspired WiFi names?

  • A love for the franchise: If you’re a big fan of the Lord of the Rings books or movies, naming your WiFi after the franchise might be a fun way to show your devotion.
  • A conversation starter: Having a unique or exciting WiFi name can spark conversations with guests or neighbors who might be familiar with the franchise or curious about the name’s meaning.
  • Memorable: People are likelier to remember a unique WiFi name, and having a Lord of the Rings-inspired name could help others remember your network name.
  • Creative: Creating a WiFi name that references books or movies requires some creativity, and it can feel satisfying to create something unique.

Over to you…

So, whether you choose to go with Shire Wireless, WiFi of Middle-earth, or Fellowship of the Internet, broadcasting your love for Lord of the Rings through your WiFi name shows off your fandom. Remember, with great WiFi names come great responsibility- to ensure a stable and speedy connection worthy of the grandeur of Middle-earth!

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