200+ Funny WiFi Names to Crack Up Your Neighbors

Have you just bought a brand new router and a WiFi connection?

Or you have it already for a while, and it has an old, boring name?

Either way, you’re in the right place!  😀

Picking the funniest name for your WiFi or Hotspot isn’t an easy task. You need to be creative, unique and funny at the same time. And no, I’m not telling you to waste your precious hours looking them up on different websites.

But fret not my friend, because today I’m going to list out some utterly funny wifi names that will give your neighbors or friends a burst of hearty laughter!

Nowadays, everyone has a personal wifi router in their house and offices for easy access to the internet and wants to set up their wireless network router with good and funny wifi names. Having a funny wifi name will impress our neighbors and can make a memorable name for them. 

But before we start, let’s summarize the reasons why you should have a hilarious WiFi name:

  • This would serve as a conversation starter with your friends or crush.
  • It is likely to make the people nearby who discover your network smile.
  • It will make someone curious to know about the person behind the WiFi name!

So now we have got plenty of cool reasons to choose WiFi names that are funny. Let’s go get these funny network names to crack up your neighbor.

Here goes the list of funny WiFi names:

Funny Router Names

  • Free Slow Internet – good luck with my wifi, I’m still downloading last weeks episode of Game of Thrones
  • Stop Using My WiFi – I will track you down and kick your ass if you keep using my wifi
  • Hack Me If You Can – my password is so complex even I don’t remember it
  • Kiss My Axe – because axing your internet connection is what will happen if you use my wifi
  • XBOX Sign out – PlayStation sign out, Netflix sign out. Prime sign out. I will make your life a living hell
  • Pooping with My WiFi On – if my wifi is on I’m probably pooping
  • 512 KBPS – is as good as it’s going to get, so don’t even waste your time
  • Don’t Even Try To! – you will only be wasting your time
  • Large Fries for WiFi Password – you can use my wifi all you want, just remember I like my fries large and with peri peri
  • Get Off My WiFi – bro don’t be mean, get your own wifi
  • Password Is My Name – and you cant use (random name’s) wifi
  • You are Being Watched – if you’re using my wifi I know exactly what you’re browsing and I’ll tell your mom
  • I’ve Seen You Naked – my wifi has a spy software attached to it
  • It Was a Mistake – to steal from me. I’m coming for you
  • Ass_ass_in – yup you read that right and you’re my next target
  • Cereal killer – and I hunt every morning
  • Your Fart Wakes Me Up – and  I hate being woken up, so I hate you
  • Free Virus – is what you’re going to get if you think about using my wifi
  • WiFi Unavailable for people with an IQ low – enough to think they can use my wifi
  • Stop Sleeping With My WiFi – we’re in an exclusive relationship
  • A banana hammock –  is what will happen to you if you steal my wifi
  • Anonymouse – is what you are if you use my wifi
  • A collection of Cells – that will never join to form a wifi password
  • I Can See Your Pixels – and so much more, blackmail threats coming soon

funny owl

  • Hitler Killer – if I can take down Hitler, imagine what I’ll do to you
  • Dead Skunk – either you’ll be one or you’ll get one
  • Dennis the Tennis Menace – and my password is a harder tongue twister
  • It Hurts When IP – and it’s is very contagious
  • The Incredible Sulk – is what I’ll become if you keep using my wifi
  • Virus.EXE – these files can (and will) damage your computer and life
  • Get Your Own WiFi – because you deserve to treat yourself
  • Lord of the Pings – making you go crazy from morning to night
  • We’re the Sentinelese – we don’t share wifi
  • Internet Costs $$ – how are you transferring me my money? Google pay works for me
  • Don’t Touch My Daughter – my wifi is my baby girl, you’re mishandling her. Think about how that sounds
  • 404 Not F0und – too hard for you to find
  • Thanks for Asking – But you’re not getting my password
  • I’m the Internet – the entire internet so it’ll be easy for me to track you down
  • SlowInternetSlowFap – and I know you can’t last long
  • My Neighbours Suck – because they keep stealing my wifi
  • Your Pants Stink  – because a liar’s pants are always on fire
  • Not a WiFi Digger – so you won’t be one either
  • WiFi When You Can Walk – entertain, yourself by walking around, not with my wifi
  • Facetime ###-#### for Password – be prepared to never sleep at night
  • Clash of LANs – and I’m a pro player
  • Connected, Secured – but not for you
  • Sorry, No Free Porn – because I’m a Trump supporter
  • How I Met Your WiFi –  I’ll run for seven seasons and the ending sucked, so all you’ll get is a disappointment
  • Alice in WonderLAN – don’t fall down this rabbit hole you’ll never escape
  • Free WiFi from 12 am – and nothing good happens after 12 am so, go to sleep
  • WiFi Out of Service – but only for you
  • Password is F*ck You – a constant mood
  • Hidden Cam #2 – and yours is the only channel available
  • Keep Scrolling – nothing is ever going to load if you use my wifi
  • I Pooped In Your Pool – and I’m not even sorry
  • If I Had Your WiFi – Wouldn’t Need Internet so stop stealing mine
  • Looking for a New WiFi – because this one sucks so don’t waste your time
  • No Money No Honey – it’s an expensive world sweetheart
  • Get Off My PLANe – I fly too high for you peasants
  • Clam Router – but can get wild with overuse
  • WiFi LANd – with very exclusive membership
  • To Use, Bring Booze – and a lot of it, I have a big family
  • Winternet is Coming – get ready for a disappointing ending
  • Springternet – is Coming but your downloads will not bloom
  • Use At Your Own Risk – trust me, I know you. You don’t like living on the edge
  • Access Denied – my screening process is extremely hard and you did not pass
  • Connect and Die – so simple even you should understand
  • This Is Not Free Either – whoever said the best things in life are free was lying.

funny wifi names

Funny WiFi Names

  • Funny Guy WiFi – laughing because you will never guess my password
  • Spy Network – next mission ends you
  • The Password is Googoogaga – spell that correctly and I’ll give you free wifi forever
  • Illuminati Private Network – get recruited by connecting
  • No WiFi No Porn – I am a moral upstaging citizen, I do not support such activities
  • WiFiCrashers Not Allowed – no one like crashers, don’t be that person
  • Privacy is a Myth – I know exactly what you’re doing
  • Gone for Phishing – and it’s a punishable offense
  • I’m Cheating on my WiFi – with yours
  • I’m in your Closet – and I’m armed
  • I Slept With Your WiFi – because it’s better than mine
  • Free WiFi Only for Chicks – correction, hot chicks
  • I’m Under Your Bed – I’ve been there for a while…
  • Searching for Free WiFi… we’re in the same boat buddy
  • Will You Be MY WiFi? Because it’s important that we stay connected
  • Searching 4G-Spot – please find soon, so we both can finish
  • Not Your Generous Neighbor – but definitely that one that will call the cops
  • WiFi so Serious? – Is it because you’re trying to guess my password and you can’t
  • Free Public WiFi – said no one ever. And the actual free public wifi’s don’t work so take a chance your self
  • La La LAN – mmhmm that right keep singing, because that’s the only entertainment you’ll get
  • I Can Hear You Fap – and trust me no one wants to hear that
  • Connectile Dysfunction – you’re never getting my signal bars up
  • Satan Rocks My Socks – and rolls in my crib enter with caution
  • I Spy your WiFi – my little eye can spy other things also…
  • Router? I hardly knew her! – But we always find our way back to each other
  • TellYourWifiNeedMyPantsBack – I just left them in your bedroom
  • Mary Had a Little LAN – and my favorite movie is a silence of the lambs, ain’t that a Wifi name too funny?
  • Wi-Fight for the Right – to use my own wifi without other people stealing it
  • Wi Believe I can Fi – and touch the sky with my speed
  • No WiFi No Cry – no new episodes but you will cry
  • Your Old Modem – is a better option to try out then trying to crack my password
  • I have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend – who is very possessive about me and my wifi
  • Sold My Friend’s Kidney for WiFi – and I’m willing to sell any of your organs for faster wifi
  • A Fool will Click Here – and do you respond to the name fool?
  • Spongebob WiFiPants – don’t be a Squidward and rain on everyone’s parade. Get your own wifi
  • WiFi on Fire – because it’s too hot to handle
  • Free Trojan Supply – not like you’re going to need it though…
  • WiFi and Martini – and cosmopolitans and mojitos. Get them all to use my wifi 
  • John WiFick – Mess with my WiFi and I’ll screw up your life
  • WiFi Hangover – from excessive trying of dumb passwords
  • Funny GuyFi – with an even funnier fun word that will be too funny and you won’t stop with how funny it is
  • Leave My WiFi Alone – and me, and everyone because no one likes your company.
  • I’m Not Your WiFi – never will be your wifi, so I suggest you start looking at other places
  • Password is Password – if your dumb enough to try that you don’t deserve wifi
  • I Now Announce You Man and WiFi  – our bond is sacred and can never be broken

funny wifi names

WiFi Names that are Too Funny

  • 99 Problems But WiFi Ain’t One – but you definitely are one
  • Sign Up for Free WiFi – this is the highest of being naive, I wonder what else I can scam you into doing
  • Girls Gone Wireless – and they are completely out of control
  • You All Need Jesus – and Jesus has many names, one of them is wifi
  • Ain’t Nobody Got time for That – so please don’t try guessing my password
  • Everyday I’m Buffering – buffering buffering buffering….
  • Yell Eggroll For Password – *waits for eggrolls to spontaneously fall out of the sky*
  • Yell “Doggy” to know the password – *trains dog to give a note with ‘Bazinga’ written every time someone yells doggy*
  • Say “Okay Google” for the password – yes because google does know everything
  • Use Me! – The perfect saying for a dustbin
  • Clean My House for Free WiFi – thrice a week works for me, that’s a really funny WiFi name.
  • Go, Sleep Baby – leave the surfing to the adults
  • WiFi on Rent – needs to be deposited every month
  • God’s Watching You – and I am too, oh wait I am God
  • Mom Use This One! – Are you my mom? Because I want my dinner
  • Click Here, Mom! – And help me find my second sock
  • 1 TBps – is all you’re going to get
  • PorkFi – nothing is as good as wifi but pork comes close
  • WiBaconFi – the two most important inventions of the world
  • Your Dog Shits In My Yard – and as payback, I’m getting 10 cats with litter boxes right near your balcony
  • Your WiFi My Kids – fair enough trade?
  • Not Free So Use 3G – You’re a plain old school and boring.
  • Not for Kids – or people who are fully grown, kids
  • Who’s Your Daddy? – Wifi am I right? S get your sugar daddy to sponsor
  • It’s ill-Eagle watching over you – stalking your every move
  • G-Spot – the sweet spot you will never find
  • Martin Router King – had a dream, a dream that you’d get wifi
  • Sorry I’m Not Santa – I don’t give out free wifi
  • WeCanHearYouHavingSex – and it’s not pleasant for anyone, forget wifi invest in earbuds
  • WeCanHearYouNotHavingSex – and we feel bad, but stop using our wifi
  • You Really Should Cover Your Webcam – I can see things I really don’t want to
  • All You Bandwidth Belong To Us! – Mine! It’s all mine and I don’t share
  • What’s Up? – definitely not my signal bars for you
  • Shut Up Your Dogs – the barking is interfering with MY wifi signal
  • Squirtle Squad will waterboard you if you use my wifi
  • Abraham Linksys – the most important person and he didn’t have wifi
  • Your WiFi is Cheating – and cheaters never prosper in life
  • Router No. 69 – because I’m sure that’s everyone’s fantasy
  • Your Kids Are Annoying AF – which is why I understand you need wifi as a distraction, but get your own
  • Your Music is BORING – please upgrade your taste
  • My Own Private Network – membership criteria is above your pay grade
  • Get Off My WLAN – you don’t belong here
  • Go Eat McDonald’s – while you’re at it get me a large fries, coke, and burger.
  • You Smell Like Fish – Please take the stink away with you
  • Wifi Allergic to Stealers – reactions include slaps and kicks

funny wifi names

Funny Network Names

  • No WiFi for Wankers– you know who you are
  • Bring Beer and Women to 404 – and a bag of cash to pay for wifi
  • Stop Smelling My Socks Peter – that’s a fetish no one understands
  • Peter Ate My Cake – and now Peter will not get wifi
  • Stop Wearing My Undies Jake – I will expose you
  • Smell my Socks – if you survive you access my wifi
  • You are fired! – Just as fired up as my wifi is now that no one else is using it
  • Connect and I Call The Cops – trust me I have the wifi police on speed dial
  • Free for 1 Day – lol I really hope you fall for that
  • LAN Before Time – people survived without wifi and you will too
  • I’m At Your Door – and I’m not happy
  • BuyAnotherCupYouCheapSkate – it’s definitely not as expensive as wifi
  • You’re All Noobs – and you will never crack my password, noobie.
  • Your WiFi’s With Me – and I’m holding him hostage. Wait a minute, it’s my wifi and he’s here willingly. Moral of the story you’re never getting wifi
  • FBI Agent #448 – specializes in catching wifi stealers
  • Ouch! SatOnMyNuts – Hear that cracking sound? That’s the sound of the wifi getting disconnected
  • Harry Stop Using Our WiFi – Hermoine will hear about this
  • 50 Shades of WiFi – but all you will get is the red room of pain
  • LANana Stand – so you better understand not to steal my wifi
  • Friday Night Party @ 108 – booze and food on the owners
  • Son of a Gun – use that gun to shoot for wifi and pray you to hit something
  • Focker’s WiFi – we’ll meet the parents soon and I’ll complain that you are using my wifi
  • My WiFi Hates You – but she’s not the only one….
  • Mi-Fi, not your-fi  – read that again and live by that saying
  • My WiFi Has a Nice Hot Spot – and it keeps getting hotter, ready to burn you
  • Bob’s Unsecured House of Wifi – enter at your own risk
  • My Dog Wanna Poop on Your Door – he has a sixth sense about wifi stealers
  • I Can Read Your Mails – and I will hack you
  • I Hacked Your Laptop Cam – Cause I love seeing you make weird faces
  • Titanic Syncing – smooth sailing only for a while, iceberg approaching, and you know how that ends
  • WI-FIght the Inevitable? – Your brain will never unravel the masterpiece that is my wifi password
  • Lord Voldemodem – cannot be named
  • Bill Clinternet – of internets so I suggest you step down
  • No WiFi for Small Weenies – I’m talking to you buddy
  • Don’tYouWishYourWiFiWasHotLikeMe – don’t you wish wifi was free like air
  • Not Free So Use 3G – upgrade your plan buddy
  • TheLANnistersSendTheirRegards – but the throne of wifi land will always be mine
  • Hidden Network – and it’s hidden so well even with a clue, Sherlock won’t find it
  • $5 for an Hour – I accept cash and card but no cheque
  • Flyer Than Your Average WIFI – smarter than your average dude, so cracking this password will be harder than your average intelligence
  • Say Hello to your Daddy – Daddy’s home and he’s taking the wifi with him


Here ends the list of ultimate funny WiFi names. Not everyone would like to try to connect to our network. It is also a way of sending a message to our neighbors especially those that have been trying to hack our network. This can be proved crazy to play in a funny way without hurting anyone. It will also make them laugh when they see it.

Also, it is hard to think about such a unique name but many people do this with their creativity who think beyond our imagination. It could happen that after seeing our funny wifi name, our neighbors will also name their router in the funniest way and it can be enjoyable for us also. Whenever we get bored, we can read their wifi names. In this way, the chance of hacking may be reduced. Also, it is the best way to play with Wifi stealers and answer them in a silent mood.

Do you have any suggestions for funny WiFi names or want to share your input? Then don’t forget to comment below. 🙂

If you’re wondering how you can change your wifi name and password check out this post.


Here’s a reaction video to the funny SSID names:

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