Maggi Hot Heads Barbeque Pepper Noodles – Review

Let me start it with a fact: Maggi never gets cooked in 2 minutes 😛

I’ve always loved Maggi noodles from childhood days. A year ago when it was banned I stopped eating it but when it came back to market clean, I couldn’t stop myself from binging on it. A few days ago, Maggi launched a range Hot Heads with some new flavors. So I got Maggi Hot Heads Barbeque Pepper noodles. Here’s my review on it!

Deliciously smoky Barbeque flavor with a kick of black pepper on springy smooth Noodles topped with toasted onions.
Price: Rs. 20/- for 71 g


How do I Cook?
1. Take 2 cups of water and boil.
2. Add noodles to boiling water. After 1 minute sprinkle tastemaker and stir well.
3. Cook it on a medium flame for 5 minutes.
4. Switch off the flame and enjoy hot and spicy Maggi.

There are 4 flavors available, from spiciest to mildly spicy – Green Chilli, Chilli Chicken, Barbeque Pepper, and Peri Peri.

While cooking it I could sniff the smell of hot spices already and just couldn’t wait to eat it. Tastemaker is different and bigger than the classic one. It gives the flavor of all the masalas from onions to garlic. It’s a blend of all the hot spices.

After eating it I can say it’s definitely hot and spicy. It almost smells and tastes smoky because of black pepper just like you’ve made it on a barbeque. Small strands of onion can be found in this noodle.


Final Word: After eating Maggi Hot Heads Barbeque Pepper you’ll just forget about the classic Maggi. It’s a spicy blend of onions, garlic and red chilly which makes its taste exotic! It would’ve been better if the quantity provided was more. If you like your Maggi to be this hot and spicy you should try it.
Rating: 4/5
Have you tried Maggi Hotheads Barbeque Pepper Noodles yet or any flavor in this range?

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