11 Mouse Pad Alternatives to Start Using Right Now

Are you looking mouse pad alternatives that are as good as a mousepad without spending a penny? Read on!

A mouse is a very vital part of a computer system. A mouse does all the inputs to our computer. If the mouse gets faulty, then the whole computer system fails. Therefore, it is essential to always keep the mouse in an excellent working condition for the smooth functioning of our computer system.

For the proper functioning of the mouse, we should not use it roughly and always use it upon a proper surface. Many people take this fact lightly and start using the mouse upon any type of surface, but this affects adversely in the long run.

With advancing technology, we get so much modified mouses that were not available in the earlier times like previously. Some mouses had to be attached to the computer system through the wire, and there were silicon rubber rollers beneath. These mouses were to be mandatorily used with a mouse pad underneath. We have grown up using these mouses, and we also know the hassle of all those wires and the problems we used to face when an actual mouse used to chew out those wires. How ironic.

But these days, there are more advanced and hassle-free mouses. We have an optical mouse that uses LED lights to work, and we have a laser mouse that uses the laser lights. Wired mouses are things of the past now, and nowadays, we very rarely find those. These days we only get wireless mouses that we can easily connect via Bluetooth, but still, we need a proper mousse pad underneath.

What kind of surface is suitable for a mouse pad?

A mouse is a significant part of your computer system that almost every work you do is through the mouse. When we talk surfaces for mouse, this is the very first question that pops up in our mind, that is, what kind of surfaces are suitable for a mouse pad. Although there are alternatives for selecting or doing something on the computer through your keyboard, most of them are complicated. Therefore, if your mouse gets damaged, then your whole computer can become useless.

The mouse has a long history and has gone through many evolutions. The surface helps the mouse in measuring the movement that we give to our mouse. Therefore, surfaces are essential for the proper functioning of the mouse.

  • For the silicone rubber ball, the fabric surface became very popular and gave better tracking. One of the popular surfaces for a mouse pad is the open cell styrene, butadiene rubber. The fabric surface has always been popular after the modernization of the balls, plastics and recycled rubber tires are also a good option.
  • Different purposes require different surfaces. For example, for general purposes, there are many options for the surface, but when you especially want a surface for gaming on the computer, there are other better options. The sensitivity of the mouse depends upon the purpose for which you are using the mouse. For a high-quality gaming experience, surfaces of plastic, glass, aluminum, or carbon fiber, the same goes for people involved in graphic designing and photo manipulation.

Although these days, many people neglect the importance of mouse pads, depending wholly upon the advance optical sensor mouses, but even these mouses, when used without a mouse pad, can fail in giving proper functioning.

Generally, there are two kinds of mouse pad surfaces, one is the hard one, and the other is the soft one. The hard surface will give your mouse speed. Your mouse will move faster while your mouse will be slow in the smooth surfaces, giving you more control.

So basically, your mouse pad surface should be even with a consistent texture, depending on the purpose you can choose the surface of your mouse pad. This will increase the longevity of your mouse.

11 Mouse Pad Alternatives

There come many situations in life when you might not have a mouse pad available when you need it. There can be many alternatives for a mouse pad. You might have even used some of these. Although, nowadays, we get handy mouses that you can carry anywhere, the same does not apply to mousepads.

Mouse Pad Alternatives or Substitutes
Mouse Pad Alternatives or Substitutes

Mousepads are not so portable, and we often forget to carry them. Also, many people always need to move around while working on the laptop, and this would be a very annoying thing to take the mouse pad everywhere and also many times people forget.

Many people require mouse with laptops because, for many people, the laptop touchpads are not a great option. Therefore if you are on a journey and an emergency occurs and you have to do some work on your laptop, but you do not have your mouse pad with you, below are listed the 11 alternatives that you can use for a mouse pad.

  1. A Magazine

A magazine is available almost everywhere. A thick magazine is better than a thin one. Make sure that the surface is smooth and make it flat. It will work as a great mouse pad.

  1. Paper

You can easily get a few sheets of paper. Keep them one over the other, and here is your DIY mouse pad. It works great. But the main concern is that you will have to change them constantly if you have sweaty hands.

  1. Cardboard

Cardboards are thick and make for a great mouse pad. Although they are not so smooth, but for an emergency, they can be a perfect option.

  1. Dining table mats or any kind of table mats

The only concern with these is that one has to choose only those types of mats which have a smooth surface.

  1. Folder

A folder also makes for a great mouse pad. Most of the college-going students or office going persons have this with them. They can use it almost everywhere.

  1. Duct tape

Duct tapes can be very versatile. You can make a DIY mouse pad with these. Just cut out few equal length pieces from the roll and stick them from side to side and front and back. Your mouse pad is ready. You can also make them fancy looking. They make for a decent mouse pad.

  1. Wax Paper

Wax papers are usually seen in the kitchen, and at first, it seems like it has no connection with the computer in any way. But you can definitely use it as a mouse pad due to its smooth surface.  All you need to do is cut out a strip from the roll.

  1. A hardcover book

These will also work great. The only concern will be the size, the bigger, the better. But in an emergency, any size will be helpful.

  1. The wood desk

If you have a wood desk, it will greatly work as a mouse pad if you do not have a mouse pad.

  1. Bedsheet

You can also use the bedsheet. Just smoothen the wrinkles, and you are set to use the bedsheet as your mouse pad.

  1. Lap

It sounds weird, but in an emergency, you can use your lap. It won’t be so easy to use your lap, but at least it is better than nothing, it will do your work.

Above were listed some of the alternatives that you can use in place of a mouse pad. You can, for sure, try them for results.

Surfaces to Avoid

For long-lasting life and to increase the longevity of your mouse, you need to take proper care of it. For example, you should try to incorporate mouse pads in use. Although the new modernized optical sensored mouses do not require mouse pads as such, you will surely notice the difference when you use a mouse with pad and when you use it without pad.

In the long run, it is not good to use a mouse without a mouse pad. In the early days, the mouse pads were made of specific surfaces, but as the technology started to develop, the range of surfaces began to increase.

  • The surface affects the functioning of a mouse to a greater extent. Highly smooth and reflective surfaces usually tend to cause jitter and loss of tracking on the display pointer as the mouse moves over these reflective spots. Therefore to avoid this situation, a mouse should not be used over a glass surface or a highly polished wooden surface.
  • Glass tables, tables with a glossy or reflective surface, and a mirror should, therefore, be not used. As mentioned above, the surface underneath the mouse should be decently smooth. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid those kinds of surfaces that are uneven or are bumpy.
  • Avoid soft fabrics like the fabric arm of a couch because they would not give any sensor to the mouse.
  • One thing that has been advised to us many times was to keep the computer table clean. When the mouses used to have rollers, a dirty surface affected it intensely. What happened was that when the surface beneath the mouse used to be dirty, it rolled inside the mouse as the mouse was moved along the surface. Now that our mouses do not have the ball or the roller, it still is unethical to use dirty surfaces. The dirty or rough and coarse surface tends to increase the friction between the mouse and the surface, which gradually damages the outer area of the mouse, which significantly affects the functioning of the mouse.
  • These days, we use either an optical sensor mouse or a laser mouse. The optical mouse should not be used on a very glossy or shiny surface as then it would only sense its reflection from the shiny surface. Therefore, a mouse pad is recommended when an optical sensor mouse is used. The laser mouse uses a laser sensor instead of an LED light, which is used by the optical sensored mouse to track the movements, and therefore, it works on almost all the surfaces, including the shiny surfaces. But these do not work on the tissue-like surface, while an optical mouse can work on the tissue-like surface.

Can I use a mouse without a mousepad?

In most of the cases, you no longer need a mousepad because there is no rubber ball that needs to grip the surface to move. However, if your mouse is being used on a semi or fully reflective surface, you will still require a mousepad.

Taking good care of your mouse will eventually increase the functionality of your mouse and your overall computer system. Avoid going mouse pad free and try to use the alternatives given above when you do not have an actual mouse pad.

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