Should There Be a Ban on Delta 8 THC Products?

Delta 8 THC products are a topic of debate in most states. THC is an abbreviation for the chemical Tetrahydrocannabinol. Apart from delta 8, several other elements are also present in the cannabis plant. Verily, the delta 8 or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychotic ingredient responsible for the high, but its effects are significantly less potent than its highly psychoactive counterparts. Still, the knowledge and research about its adverse effects on human health is limited. Therefore, its legality is still controversial.

Should There Be a Ban on Delta 8 THC Products

Federal Government’s Viewpoint

The products offering delta 8 THC are legal as per the legislation of the federal government of the US. However, some states have restricted the sale/purchase of such products. Senator Scott Perry believes delta 8 should fall under the controlled statute, and it should be enforced.

According to Texas bill reference number 481.002 (5) & (6), possession of delta 8 THC products does not fall under criminal offense. As per the 2018 farm bill at the federal level, delta 8 THC is unregulated. It means that hemp also enjoys the status of a legal substance.

State Regulations

As delta 8 THC products are contentious, these are restricted in some states. The lack of research into the psychotic effects of THC is deemed the reason behind banning it. The following state have banned its promotion, sales, and purchase;

  1. Utah
  2. Vermont
  3. Rhode Island
  4. New York
  5. Montana
  6. Mississippi
  7. Kentucky
  8. Iowa
  9. Idaho
  10. Delaware
  11. Colorado
  12. Arkansas
  13. Alaska
  14. Arizona

However, most states, including Texas and California, do not impose strict regulations on delta 8 THC products nor ban them. Delta 8 THC products are available in several forms like gummies, chocolates, or vape cartridges under various brand names like Dr. Ganja, Area 52, Finest Labs, etc.

Steve Hawkins is the director of the U.S. Cannabis council. He recently said that the cannabis industry needs strict regulation. He stressed the need for a comprehensive regulatory framework. It is also quite evident that the need for rules shows scalable growth and competition among companies.

Big companies are making hay while the sun shines. Most of the products containing delta 8 are sold over the counter. Stakeholders are afraid that a federal ban is an imminent threat to their businesses. According to a report published by advocacy group US Cannabis Council, some delta 8 THC products contain high concentrations of pesticides, heavy metals, and dangerous levels of THC delta-9.

Medical Concerns

The health risks associated with the consumption of delta-8 THC products are not known. There is a severe lack of available data to infer any potential threats delta-8 incur upon public health. People using these products claim that these products help them with insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Relation between delta-8 and delta-9

Cannabis is the culprit containing both of these chemicals. The two products, delta8 and delta-9, are very similar in chemical composition. The only difference is the location of a double bond on the carbon atoms in delta-9 and delta-8.

According to scientists, our body’s endocannabinoid system binds with all sorts of THC products. In this way, our bodies feel the “high.” Nevertheless, due to differences in chemical anatomy, delta-8 is considered less potent than delta-9.

The clinical trials are also undergoing for effects of delta-9 on multiple sclerosis and memory retrieval. In theory, delta-8 must have similar effects on the human body as delta-9, but there is no actual data to confirm this theory.

Is delta-8 Safe?

Christopher Hudalla is the chief scientific officer at ProVerde Laboratories, Maine. He says that he has no idea what delta-8 products contain, and consumers are used as lab rats which is insane. He has done extensive studies, including chromatography. The results showed that in delta-8 THC products, more than 30 unidentified different ingredients are present. However, consumers reveal the effects of euphoria and elevated focus after using delta-8 products.

Many scientists are of the view that these products do not pose any threat. Instead, they can have a positive effect on patients suffering from chronic pains like arthritis or patients trying to get rid of toxic addictions.

Furthermore, another important argument is the preparation of delta-8 products. As the conversion of cannabis to delta-8 is an exothermic process, proper care and a controlled environment are required, neglected by most people. You can use dry ice, acetone, or glycol chillers to cool down the process.


Do you know that last year $10 million sales were reported, including delta-8 products? This shows that cannabis is a huge industry and banning certain compounds is not the solution. Another interesting fact is that there are 144 known cannabinoids. The government can’t ban a plant containing so many derivatives.

On the other hand, the differences between federal and state legislation are adversely affecting businesses and confusing people. However, increased clinical trials are suggested for delta-8 THC products, and results to be made public. It is also advisable to only purchase products from suppliers who offer third-party test results. As they say, better safe than sorry, so make an informed decision.

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