What You Should Know About Moving To Asia

Whether you are planning on moving to Malaysia, Thailand or Kuala Lumper, there are a number of different things that you should keep in mind before you make the big move to Asia.

As you probably already know, Asia is a beautiful country that is full of culture, excitement, adventure, and diversity. Although this means that you will never be bored, for some people this can be a big change and they may experience culture shock.

There are a number of things that you won’t know about Asia until you move there and find out for yourself. To make your move to Asia a bit easier for you, here is a list of things that you should know before you make your big move.

What You Should Know About Moving To Asia

Housing prices

The first thing that you should be aware of before you pack up your life and make the big move to Asia is the house prices. The cost of either buying or renting a property in Asia is reasonably priced when compared to some other places around the world, but it highly depends on where you decide to live.

For example, if you choose to live in the centre of a city, you should be prepared to pay higher rent prices compared to those you would pay if you were to live in a more rural area. In saying that, the price of renting a property in Asia is extremely reasonable, meaning you get a lot for your money. For example, these properties that are available to rent in rumah sewa cheras are not only reasonable priced, but they are also located in a great area and are bright and spacious. Another thing to note is that there are a number of different types of properties available to rent or buy in Asia, such as apartments, condominiums, terrace houses and town houses. This means that you will not be stuck for choice once you move there.

Job opportunities

One of the main reasons why so many people move to Asia every year is because of the fantastic job opportunities that are on offer there. All across the continent, there are thousands of great job opportunities for employees of any level, especially if English is their native language. Whether you work in engineering, retail, business, or teaching, you will be sure to find a job in the new area that you move to. Asia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, meaning there are more jobs being introduced to the market every year. This is extremely beneficial to expatriates who have just moved to the continent, or for employees who want to progress in their careers.

The weather

Although it does depend on where you live in the continent, Asia is known for being much warmer than other continents all year round. The weather in continents such as Europe and North America differs from the weather in Asia, as these continents tend to experience seasonal weather. This means that it is typically cold and wet in the winter, but warmer and sunnier in the summer. Whereas in Asia, it tends to be mild to hot all year round, so make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and an umbrella to shade yourself. Like previously mentioned, the weather in Asia will depend on where you are, but no matter where you decide to live you will get to enjoy the sun all year round.


Another thing that you should be aware of before you move to Asia, is the great transport system that the continent has to offer. Getting around Asia is extremely easy, as there are many trains, buses and even Tuk-tuks that will get you from one destination to another easily. Many cities across Asia also offer their citizens with travel cards, meaning they can use public transport as much as they like and can easily pay for it too. It is also extremely easy for expatriates and tourists to travel around Asia with the buses, trains and even airplanes that the continent have to offer. For example, it is very easy to travel around Southeast Asia as you can easily hop on a train in Thailand and travel to its neighboring country of Vietnam. Seeing as Asia has such fantastic transport on offer, it means that you can travel around the continent before you decide on a place that you would like to settle down in.

Final thoughts

Hopefully with the help of this guide you are now aware of what you should keep in mind before you move to Asia. Being aware of these different factors will not only ensure that you are prepared before your move but will also help to make your transition to Asia much more comfortable and easy for you.

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