23 Sweet & Subtle Signs a Taurus Man Likes You

Like the bull, Taurus represents hard work, intelligence, stubbornness, and headstrongness. With Taurus men, their romantic side is less expressive or vocal than in other signs, so it’s hard to detect any signs.

Although you might assume they have no interest in you due to their ignorance, the truth is far from that. Taurus is drawn to the concept of love, so here are some subtle signs a Taurus man likes you.

Subtle Signs a Taurus Man Likes You

#1 Can See it in His Eyes

Start by looking into his eyes. Taurus men cannot hide the love they feel for you in their eyes, and for this reason, they may avoid eye contact. Have a random conversation with him and observe if he avoids looking into your eyes. If he is, then it’s sure he doesn’t want to give it away.

While the first few attempts might seem frustrating, with patience and calm, he might eventually muster up enough courage to share with you the depths of his emotions. A glance is all it takes to find out if a Taurus man is into you.

#2 Remembers Your Daily Routines

Another subtle sign that a Taurus man likes you is when he memorizes your routine. After you wake up and before you go to bed, everything you do will be in his mind, and this shows how much he cares for you. Until he’s deeply interested in you, a Taurus man will not ask about your daily routine.

That breakfast burrito you crave in the morning, he’ll have it ready for you. That coffee shop you go to for an evening drink, he will show up there unannounced to surprise you. The Taurus man is into little gestures like this to let you know how much he cares about you.

#3 Concerned About Your Finances

Taurus’s sign is connected mainly with finances and values; hence it is only natural that they try to help you out with your financial well-being when they really start liking you. He might offer to help you with your taxes, or payment of bills, or even with balancing your checkbook.

Even though helping out with finances may sound a bit professional, it is one of the most romantic things a Taurus man can do from his point of view. He will also always pay for you and will not try to influence your financial decisions. Although he might not always do everything himself, he wants you to grow too, so he will help you learn financial management skills.

#4 Likes to Take Things Slow

The Taurus sign is known for its perfection and meticulous nature, so if he moves faster than a sail, don’t be alarmed, as it only indicates he is serious about you.

A perfectionist, he is slow to start a relationship and won’t rush into everything right away. The man wants to get to know you in his own time and build a strong foundation for your relationship.

#5 Gets Shy Around You

If he gets shy around you then it is another subtle sign that a Taurus man has a crush on you so badly. Even though he’s getting shy and seems to be unwilling to open up to you, don’t worry, they are really sensitive people who can’t seem to stop blushing when in your company.

If he’s confident and flirty, he’s not serious, and if he’s awkward around you, he’s falling for you. He may find it hard to speak or make a bunch of lame jokes, but you have to give him time to get comfortable expressing his emotions around you.

#6 Showers You With Compliments

A Taurus man secretly in love with you will always shower you with compliments. Be mindful that these compliments will never be shallow or fake. Instead, he will give you the most honest and thoughtful compliments about you to show you how much he pays attention to you and the things you love.

Due to their tendency to strive for perfection all the time, you can be sure that he values complimenting you as much as he values this relationship. So pay attention to whether he seems genuine with his compliments to decide whether the Taurus man is interested or just friendly.

#7 Wants You in His Circle

It’s a meaningful sign that indicates how serious he is about how he perceives this relationship with you. A Taurus man holds his family and friends in high regard, and they play an important role in his life.

If he invites you into his inner circle, you can be sure he will stick around for a long time to come. Getting to meet his inner circle is like sealing the deal, according to him.

#8 Takes Initiative for Growth in Relationship

Taurus men are aware of how much effort it takes to grow a relationship together and take all the initiative to make the necessary changes. He will learn from what he is told, makes you comfortable or uncomfortable, and tries to behave accordingly. He is able to make compromises that serve the best interests of both of you.

#9 Worries About Your Safety

You can expect a Taurus man to always worry about how safe you feel no matter the circumstances. Although he can be a bit possessive or fixated on your security, he only has good intentions for you.

Because he wants you to be safe with him and outside, it is only natural that he will warn you away from any potentially dangerous choices. Telling him that you disapprove of his methods directly can hurt him and drive him away from you.

#10 Takes Initiative to Communicate

When you are in a fight or just talking, a Taurus man crushing on you always tries to take the initiative to let you know what he feels. He will tell you about himself and ask you questions about yourself.

Taurus men aren’t known for their communication skills. However, if he starts chatting with you more often, he has fallen in love with you and wants this relationship to work.

#11 Wants You to be a Part of Financial Decisions

He will not only want you to join his inner circle but also play an active role in his life decisions. The Taurus man you’re seeing is a very private person, which makes this an excellent way to be sure he’s not going to leave you behind.

Despite being very stubborn about opening up, if he involves you in his financial decisions, he thinks maturely about his relationship with you.

#12 Spend a Lot on You

Who doesn’t like a huge spender for a boyfriend? Taurus men are known to spend lavishly on the girls they like. As a sign who likes a luxurious life, he will make grand costly gestures to please you and keep you on your toes.

Taurus men are well known for their meticulous nature and perfectionist lifestyle, so they will take the time to pick out the perfect gift for you, regardless of price.

Subtle Signs a Taurus Man Likes You

#13 Ignores You on Purpose

At the earlier stages of the relationship, if you find your Taurus man avoiding eye contact with you or refusing to speak to you directly in a group setting, then fear not because it is not due to anything bad as it may seem.

They are highly sensitive and soft, so when they begin to like a girl, they will try to deny that fact and their entire behavior turns awkward around you. They need time to outgrow that zone so that they can finally admit their feelings to themselves.

#14 Takes You Seriously

He will pay extra attention to what you have to say, no matter how insignificant it may seem. He will memorize everything you say and never make fun of you or anything you want to do.

Your opinions will always be gold to him, and he will extend his support towards everything you may want to do.

#15 Always Proud of You

He may like you, but he will also stay proud of you forever. He will take your accomplishments and multiply the wow factor by two or three.

You can hear him mention you several times in a casual conversation, as well as bragging about you to his friends and family. These subtle hints, even if they can be awkward in an outdoor setting, can assure you that he is still smitten with you.

#16 Confident Around You

He may seem a bit shy and flustered at first, but once he becomes comfortable around you, a confident side of him will emerge.

Being perfectionists and unwilling to take risks, your influence on him and the relationship might encourage him to face risks head-on. He will change for the better, and over time you can see him become more sure of himself and his decisions.

#17 Playing around for attention

There’s a tendency for Taurus men to goof around with you as much as they tend to appear cold to you. You will hear him talking about your interests, even though he has no idea what they are, or he will make silly gestures and crack annoying dad jokes.

He will do all these embarrassing but cute things just to get you to notice them. So if you see a Taurus man go out of his way to grab your attention, then you can be sure he really likes you.

#18 Develops His Romantic Side

The Taurus sign is famous for subtly showing their love, but once he gets to know you, he will unleash his romantic side. As time passes, he will make several romantic gestures and become more romantic with you.

Being the sign who wants to express feelings completely, Taurus men will always kick it up a notch once things start getting romantic.

#19 Trusts You with Secrets

Taurus men value trust very highly and cannot bear to see it broken. So if they trust you enough to let you in on quite a few details about themselves, it’s a clear sign of how much they like you and trust you.

That’s how he expresses how much he has come to trust you – by telling you all his secrets even people close to him don’t know about him. Also, he hopes that you will show the same level of trust and would love to know your hidden details to know you better.

#20 Always Want to Spend Time with You

Once the Taurus man decides that you are his girl, then he will want to spend every single minute with you. A guy will thoroughly enjoy being with you and might even become a bit possessive.

When he is unable to be with you in person, he will make sure you feel his presence online. They give a lot of importance to spending quality time with you so that they can know everything about you.

#21 The Jealous Side Comes Out

Even if he trusts you, he would also want others to know that your relationship is exclusive.
As he starts to fall for you, he will want to show signs to other people around you that you aren’t available for dating anymore and that you are his.

If you go somewhere with another guy, he fully trusts you but makes sure that this other guy knows you’re in a serious relationship with him.

#22 Likes Skin Contact a Lot

The Taurus man’s strongest love language is skin-to-skin contact, so he’ll want to keep doing it as much as possible as he falls more and more in love with you.

He will always find ways to reassure you with his touch and often find instances to do that. By doing this, the Taurus guy is communicating that he’s always there for you and will be close to you if he can.

#23 Super Supportive of You

Beyond financial decisions and other life choices, the Taurus man will always support you in whatever venture you wish to undertake. The man will support you psychologically as well as emotionally, and he will expect the same of you.

You can clearly see him staying within a boundary with his friends, but when it comes to the girl, he likes he will cross that line and begin to take an active role in your life.

The bottom line

Taurus sign can be a slow-paced boyfriend to have, but once you know you are in for the long haul, you have nothing to worry about.

There you have it – subtle signs a Taurus man likes you. They will never bore you and will always come up with creative ways to keep you entertained.

What’s more, they are adept at rational thinking and technical skills. Here’s hoping you now have the answer you’ve been looking for.

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