Is Yamping The New Travel Craze For A Post-COVID World?

The COVID pandemic has resulted in many people being unable to travel overseas, travel beyond their state or even leave their local area. While the pandemic has turned the whole world upside down, it’s also forced many people to start thinking outside the box for new ways to enjoy their free time and spend quality time with their families.

One of the new travel crazes that have emerged from the pandemic is yard camping, also known as Yamping. As more and more people have purchased motorhomes, campervans or have even embraced the idea of car-camping, they need somewhere not too far from their homes to set up camp. Yamping has given families a chance to gain all the benefits of camping in their vehicles without ever leaving their home. However, now that the world is beginning to return to a new form of normality, the question is, will yamping stick around?

Want to know what the future holds for yamping in a post-COVID world? Read on!


Simple, Fun and Convenient

If you have a young family, yamping can be a great way to spend quality time with the kids and enjoy a micro-adventure without ever truly leaving home. Lock up the house, jump in your van and spend a night or two yamping in your yard. Not only will you save a fortune on camping site fees, fuel and paying for activities but you won’t need to spend time planning either. And if you forget to bring your warm clothes, women’s waterproof pants, board games, or anything else, you can always sneak back inside, instead of having to do without.

Visiting Family and Friends

As many people are understandably very worried about the ongoing COVID situation, yamping could play a crucial role in visiting family and friends moving forward. Instead of having to go into your friends or family member’s home where you risk contracting or spreading COVID, you can set up camp in their yard. While this might seem over the top to some people, for those visiting grandparents, older relatives or friends who may have underlying health conditions that make them more vulnerable, it can provide a safe and responsible way for you to visit these important people in your life.

Housing Guests At Home

On the other hand, if you have people visiting your home, you can also utilise yamping, giving you extra space to house visitors to your home. Using your camper or motorhome, you can ensure that your home’s interior remains COVID-free. Simply entertain outdoors on the deck, patio or in the back garden instead of inviting your friends or family inside. You can offer your camper to your guests as a place to stay in an effort to keep everyone safe and protected.

A Little Time Apart

Yamping may also continue to play a role post-COVID as means to allow adults and children to enjoy a little time apart, without ever being too far away. Camping in the backyard as a kid, was a big adventure and yamping can provide your kids with the same experience moving forward. Let your children enjoy a night of yamping outside while you and the other grownups spend some time indoors catching up. After eighteen months plus of living in each other’s pockets, a little separation might do everyone some good.

Yamping Will Continue To Be A Viable Option Post-COVID

As things begin to return to some form of normality, new trends that became popular because of COVID such as working from home, an increase in online services, more e-commerce and yamping are likely to stick around. While these trends might now play as critical a role as they did in the height of the pandemic, they will still be a viable option for people in the future and are likely to continue to be a part of our lives in the future.

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