5 Transcendental Meditation Mantras That May Change Your Life

Transcendental meditation mantras can help you align yourself with your mind, body, and soul. Just by chanting them, you can achieve greater inner peace and satisfaction.

Transcendental Meditation Mantras

Whenever we hear about meditation, the very first thing that comes into our mind is the ancient sages. Meditation has been around us for thousands of years. It is something that gives our mind strength and keeps our mind away from the materialistic things of the world and helps us focus on being more mindful.

Ancient sages used to indulge in the practice of meditation and mantras, and there has been evidence about it in many of the ancient books. Ancient spiritual teachers have formed the mantras and ways of meditation. It is believed that they had a direct connection with the almighty, and it was possible through the mantras and meditation.

What is Transcendental Meditation?

There many different types of meditation that you can practice as per your comfort. Transcendental meditation is considered to be one of the easiest ways to meditate.

Transcendental itself means anything related to the spiritual realm, anything which is non-physical. The word Transcendental has come from the Latin word transcendere, which means to climb over. Therefore, the practice of this meditation will give you inner peace and strength, and you will no more be attracted to the worldly and physical stuff that are non-essential parts of our life and are short-lived.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a transcendental experience, event, object, or idea is unique and unusual that cannot be understood in ordinary ways. Transcendental meditation is a technique for detaching oneself from anxiety and promoting harmony and self-realization. This was proclaimed by an international organization founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. A key factor here that it is a silent form of meditation, and you do not need to speak the mantra out loud.

It will connect both the part of your brain so that you can focus more, and your productivity will increase. The silent meditation makes calms down the waves of thoughts that are going on inside your mind. It is said that speaking out the mantra loudly defeats the whole purpose of the meditation. You can even practice it while travelling.you just need to be comfortable while doing this meditation.

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

Meditation will give you me-time. You will get to know yourself better, your likes and dislikes, and what you are and what you try to act in front of the world. This is a healthy part of your day. It can help you in recovering from a bad day and improves your overall health.

Less anxiety

One of the very effective results that transcendental meditation gives is a decrease in the level of anxiety. It reduces the release of dopamine, which secretes when anxiety occurs.

Maintains blood pressure

Chanting transcendental meditation mantras helps in maintaining the blood pressure level. When you are calm from the inside, your blood pressure level automatically gets balanced. It increases the release of cortisol, which has a controlling effect on the salt and water balance and helps in controlling the blood pressure.

You get more control over your body

It gives you more power to your body and mind, thus abstaining from any unwanted actions. If you start practicing this meditation, it will be comparatively easier for you to quit your bad habits like smoking and drinking. You will be able to suppress the urge more easily.

Increases productivity

It increases your productivity level because it gives you inner peace and a greater sense of clarity so that you do not deviate from your goal towards useless physical stuff.

Curbs insomnia

It helps in tackling insomnia because your mind is calm, and you do not have unnecessary thoughts going on in your mind. Your anxiety level decreases, and eventually, you get a night of better sleep.

Decreases cortisol

The practice of transcendental meditation mantras helps in increasing the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol can help in controlling blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism. It can also help in reducing inflammation and assist with memory formulation.

What are Transcendental Meditation Mantras?

The key feature of this method of meditation is the mantra. Mantras play an essential role in increasing your focus. They are what make transcendental meditation so practical and effortless but yet effective.

All you need to do is chant the mantra in your mind. It acts as a vehicle upon which the attention gently rests and gradually helps in settling in silence. When you think about the mantra, the mantra goes deep into your mind and provides that sphere with attention and silence. This is how it acts as a vehicle to calm down the mind. The masters of this method of meditation recommend two main things about the mantra that we choose:

1) The first thing is that it should have no meaning. It should be a meaningless sound. A transcendental mantra needs to go beyond the surface of the mind, into the deep thoughts. But a meaningful sound would keep the mantra upon the surface itself, and it will not transcend into the deeper parts of the mind.

2) The vibration of the sound is also essential. The vibration attracts and charms the mind and settles it down. Ithas a resonance, which gives the mind the relaxation that it needs and increases its health.

Where did Transcendental Meditation mantras originally come from?

The word mantra is a Sanskrit word that has been derived from two verb roots. The first root word is a man, which means mind and tra means tool or vehicle. A mantra is, therefore, a tool or vehicle of the mind. This vehicle brings with it, calmness and spirituality for the mind. The evidence of the same has been found in the Vedas of ancient times.

There has been mention of meditation and various mantras in the Vedas. Not only in the Hindu religion, but evidence has also been found in the Buddhist scriptures. They used to carve the mantras into rocks as a form of meditation. It is said that the use of mantras has been there since even before 1000 BC.

In Rigveda, it is considered a structured thought in conformity with the reality of poetic formulas associated with inherent fulfillment. Transcendental meditation mantras are not confined to any specific religion and are widespread to almost all the religion. It is a way through which ancient people used to connect with the almighty.

How do these mantras work?

Some people are skeptical about the working of the mantras. Transcendental meditation expert Bob Roth says that it is not mandatory to have full faith and belief in this form of meditation for it to work. You can be absolutely skeptical about the working of this form of meditation and still practice it to see the results.

You just need to incorporate the practice of this meditation into your daily life, and eventually, you will see the results when done in the right way. This is one of the easiest forms of meditation and is also effective.

Bob Roth also compares this form of meditation with the ocean. He uses the ocean as a metaphor to explain the working of this mantra. He explained that when you imagine a boat in the middle of an ocean and all of a sudden, 40-50 feet, high waves start appearing. For the man in the boat, it seems like the whole ocean has formed the wave, but in actual, when you go deeper into the ocean, there is no effect of the waves forming on the surface. The depth of the ocean is as calm as if nothing is happening even above the surface. The ocean here is our mind.

There is always something going on in our surroundings, but if the depth of our mind is calm, the surrounding will not affect our minds. This is exactly what transcendental meditation does. The mantra that we chant silently transcends deeper into our mind and calms it down.

How to practice transcendental meditation at home?

Transcendental meditation is considered to be one of the easiest methods of meditation. It does not require any kind of preparation at all. You do not need a specific place to do it. You can do it at home, at work, and even while traveling.

All you need to do is be comfortable. You can do it on your bed, on your chair, in train, car anywhere, but the only condition is that your body should feel comfortable. You should sit in a comfortable position but not in an uncomfortable position or a leaned manner.

Just close your eyes and chant the mantras in your mind, feel them. Do this for about 20 minutes. This technique consists of silently repeating a mantra. It does not require you to say the mantra out loud. The mantra will cut you off from the physical world and transcend you to a spiritual, peaceful world. This is just as easy to do.

Transcendental Meditation Mantras

The transcendental meditation mantras are very personal, and you should choose it wisely. But here are some mantras that you can use to practice meditation. These are very easy and not that complex so that it has effective results.

Generally, each person is given a specific mantra or sound, and instructions are also provided. People are personally interviewed and assigned mantras according to their state of mind. Every mantra has a different meaning and specific sound values, which is taken from ancient Vedic hymns.

Here are some commonly used mantras listed below:

Aum or Om

This mantra is the most common and easy to chant. Om is said to be the sound that the universe makes. It is the most sacred in the Hindu faith. It is a powerful mantra that focuses on the vibrations that are made in your abdomens during the chant.

Ram and Shriram

Males recite Ram, and females recite Shriram. This sound gives the best vibrations that induce the positivity and refreshes our mind without limitations.

These are the two basic mantras practiced from then till now. Other than that, the list of mantras for different age groups during the different year are listed below:

Mantras Used in 1969

Age Mantra for Male Mantra for Female
0 to 15 Ing Im
15 to 30 Aing Aim
30 to 45 Shiring Shirim
46+ Shiam Shiama

Mantra Used in 1972

Age Mantra
10 to 11 Ing
12 to 13 Im
14 to 15 Inga
16 to 17 Ima
18 to 19 Aying
20 to 21 Ayim
22 to 23 Ayinga
24 to 25 Ayima
25+ Shiring

Mantras Used in 1976

Age Mantra
3 to 10 Eng
10 to 12 Em
12 to 14 Enga
14 to 16 Ema
16 to 18 Aeng
18 to 20 Aem
20 to 22 Aenga
22 to 24 Aema
24 to 30 Shiring
30 to 35 Shirim
35 to 40 Hiring
40 to 45 Hirim
45 to 50 Kiring
50 to 55 Kirim
55 to 60 Shiam
60+ Shiama

Mantras Used in 1987 to Present Day – 2020

Age Mantra
0 to 11 Eng
12 to 13 Em
14 to 15 Enga
16 to 17 Ema
18 to 19 Aing
20 to 21 Aim
22 to 23 Ainga
24 to 25 Aima
26 to 29 Shiring
30 to 34 Shirim
35 to 39 Hiring
40 to 44 Hirim
45 to 49 Kiring
50 to 54 Kirim
55 to 59 Sham
60+ Shama

How to Chant these TM Mantras?

The only condition that needs to be fulfilled while chanting these mantras is that it should be recited in mind, and no circumstances should it be chanted out loud.

Continuously say the mantra in your mind and try to feel them, you will slowly feel yourself indulging in the mantras, and that is when the mantras have reached the deepest part of our mind.

If you chant it out loud, it will defeat the whole purpose of meditation because this meditation brings you peace and calmness, and chanting the mantra loudly will do the exact opposite. You want to feel the mantra inside you.

Things to Take care of while chanting

Transcendental meditation is so easy that the only thing you need to take care of is the following:

  • Be relaxed and comfortable. Your body should feel comfortable, and so should your mind.
  • If you are not in a comfortable position, you will not be able to concentrate on the meditation.
  • You should cut yourself off from your surroundings and just feel your mind and body.
  • It is recommended that you do not use the mantras which have some meaning behind it because you do not want to indulge yourself in any particular benefit. A meaningful mantra will have a specific result, and transcendental meditation is not about that.
  • Do not use om as your mantra because om is used when you want to completely cut yourself off with your surroundings and completely surrender yourself to the spiritual world.

Transcendental meditation mantras are beyond ordinary, powerful, and highly spiritual. In today’s world, we have somewhere lost our inner peace and only focus on the more materialistic things of life. Meditation is one of the ways through which we can remove all the corruptness of our minds.

4 thoughts on “5 Transcendental Meditation Mantras That May Change Your Life”

  1. Hi I will like to no you don’t specify how much a week and day and how many minutes we should practice the trancendentale mediation is it the whole week we meditate is it twise a day how many minutes it been years I didn’t meditated and I just restarts now I remember my mentra but how do I know that I meditated right

    1. Hi, Nathalie!
      I would suggest you do TM thrice a week at first and then do it every alternate day! 🙂

  2. Hi Shakir!

    Thank you so much for this informative piece on TM. I live in Los Angeles and have always wanted to practice but could never “afford” to get to the centers.

    Now that we are in this global crisis, it has become imperative for me to begin this journey but am now unable to meet with an instructor.

    I will utilize your template and the mantra that is appropriate for my age.

    Do you think that this is suitable way to begin TM? And should I when time provides meet with an instructor?

    I can’t thank you enough.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    1. Hi Mary!
      You can start practicing the mantras at your home. Just make sure you do it somewhere you are not distracted. If you can feel that it is working for you, then you won’t really need an instructor. Should you feel the need and when you are able to meet with an instructor, you can go for it. 🙂

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