11 Best Wave Caps For Men | Reviews & Buying Guide

When you see a wave cap, the first picture that might come to your mind would be Snoop Dogg wearing something like it in his music videos. Yes, the wave cap was the origin of this fashion for the African-American hip-hop artists. But it is not a fashion accessory but a hair care product.

best wave cap

American-African hair is a bit different from the other hair types, and hence they have introduced products like wave caps and Durags to help them take care of their hair.

List of Best Wave Caps

If you are planning to buy a wave cap for your hair and are not sure which one to buy, then here’s a list of wave caps that might help you set your mind on purchasing the one that suits you the best:

1. Silky Durag Caps Elastic Wave Cap

8 Pieces Silky Durag Caps Elastic Wave Cap Long Tail Headwraps Wide Straps Waves


  • Consists of two designs- A long-tail cap and a wave cap
  • Comes in four colors
  • The width of the cap is 11 inches/ 28cm, and the silk band is 40 inches/ 101 cm long
  • This cap can fit any head size, and tightness can also be adjusted
  • Made of silk and have a smooth texture
  • Can be given as a gift on different occasions to those who love hip-hop fashion
  • Machine washable
  • Recommended to iron it on low temperature

This cap comes with a long tail in the behind and is made from silk. It comes as a pack of 8 colorful caps that can go with any outfit and be worn on any occasion.

These caps’ users adore them as they are non-bulky and don’t slip when you sleep with them on your head. They let your hair and scalp breathe and are light in weight to carry around.

These caps hold moisture and make your hair quality better. It is a great option to gift people who are fans of hip-hop. It is reasonable with good quality. The cap doesn’t leave marks on your forehead due to the tightness as the bands are made of silk and hence do not make your forehead skin itchy or leave marks on it. You can pair these caps with anything you wear as they go with every outfit and makes you look cooler, giving you a hip-hop vibe. They are also easy to use.

You can also use these caps when you don’t feel like styling your hair or if you are going through a bad hair day. These caps are the perfect option to wear when you need to hide your frizzy hair as they are stylish enough and comes in vibrant colors to match your outfit. They easily gel-in with your style and your outfit giving you a more unique and cooler look.

2. Magic Stocking Wave Cap

Magic Stocking Wave Cap Pack 2 Caps Black Hair Du Rag, Spandex fabric, flexible, breathable, one size, comfortable, wig, hair extensions, wig cap, stays on your head


  • Made of Spandex
  • The fabric is stretchable and lightweight
  • This cap fits every head size
  • This cap doesn’t have a long tail like the earlier one
  • Fashionable, it can go with every outfit for any occasion
  • Reasonable and a great product to give as a gift

It is another great product for hair which is also stylish to0.

This Wave cap is very lightweight and easy to carry, as well as easy to wear. You can wear it to work as well. It is easy to wear and very comfortable.

It lets your scalp breathe, and it is not bulky. It comes in a classic black color that goes with every outfit and style. You can wear it on any occasion and also it makes a great gift item. You can wear it to sleep and let your hair’s quality get better while using it.

3. Wave Builder

WaveBuilder Premium Hair Wave Activating Durag, Black


  • It is made of comfortable fabric
  • Easy to wear
  • Let your scalp and hair breathe
  • Fits well on any head size

This cap helps in building consistent waves on your hair.

The users of this product love it. It is a very comfortable cap that gives your hair consistent waves. It lets your scalp and hair breathe.

It is designed so that it doesn’t slip, and you can wear it to sleep. It promotes healthy waves if you use it every day. It is reasonable yet effective.

The cap is made of a fabric that is stretchable and doesn’t hurt your head. It is easy to use and fits perfectly around your head.

4. Nike Pro Combat Skull Cap

Nike Pro Combat Skull Cap (Black/White, Osfm)


  • It is made of breathable mesh cloth
  • The cap is comfortable to wear and smooth against the head
  • The fabric keeps your head cool in summers and warm in winter

What could be better than a trusted brand? This cap gives you just that!

A skull cap that fits perfectly and makes you look cooler. It is one of the best products for athletes. This cap lets your head breathe and doesn’t make your head sweat.

This cap fits your head perfectly and is lightweight. You can wear it while working out or while cycling or doing yoga. It is a perfect cap to wear when you want to go for a run. It doesn’t slip from your head while working out due to sweat and sits on your head very lightly. Moreover, it is reasonable and is of good quality.

This product is durable, and if it’s soaked in sweat after your heavy workout, you can put it under a fan to dry it. It also covers your ear if you pull down. It is machine washable, and it is preferred to use cold or warm water while washing it.

This cap also keeps the sweat from running down on your face, giving you more comfort while exercising.

5. Roybens Silky Durags Pack for Men Waves


  • Comes in a family pack with different colors
  • It is called silky durags since the fabric is Satin
  • Satin help in maintaining moisture and is a breathable fabric
  • Strong and stretchable, the elastic band doesn’t leave a mark on your forehead
  • Comes with long tails in the behind
  • Fits on every head size

This cap is fashionable and comes in different colors. You can pair it up with different outfits to wear on different occasions.

This product keeps your hair frizz-free and moisturized. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, so you could also wear it to sleep.

It fits any head size or hair type easily and gives your head a comfortable feeling. It is non-bulky, so your head doesn’t feel burdened.

They are a bit costly than the other brands, but your money won’t go to waste after you buy these. They come in a pack of three and are smooth and soft on your skin. The wave cap is stretchable, durable, and works for a long time. The vibrant colors help you to wear these caps at any event. They give you a cool look and add more hip-hop vibe to your outfit. They don’t slip even you if you sleep wearing these caps.

6. Syhood Silky Wave Caps


  • The colors of these caps are vibrant and go with most of the outfits
  • The fabric is stretchable and fits the head size of most the men
  • The fabric is made of silk
  • The caps are comfortable as well as breathable
  • You can wear it as a hip-hop fashion to match your outfit, or you can also use it as a wig cap

A pack of 6 wave silky wave caps with different colors will give your hair consistent waves.

These caps are another amazing option to go for while purchasing wave caps. They come in a variety of vibrant colors in different color pack options.  The fabric is stretchable and fits most of the head sizes of men.

The cap’s headband is not too tight, so it doesn’t leave any mark on your forehead. These caps are easily washable and are very stylish in looks.

The fabric is of high quality, and the price is reasonable. The caps don’t slip from your head and stay put. You can wear them to sleep as well and are an add on accessory for your hip-hop look.

7. Nike Pro Hypercool Vapour Skull

The Nike Pro Hypercool Vapor 4.0 Skull Cap is made with sweat-wicking stretch fabric and mesh panels to help keep you dry and cool.


  • Made from polyester, rubber, and spandex
  • The fabric keeps your head dry and makes your head feel comfortable
  • The mesh is placed in a way that makes it easier for your head to breathe
  • The fabric is smooth against your skin

Another product from Nike these are also skull caps that you can use while working out.

These caps are very comfortable to use when you are working out or run. They are comfortable and stretchable to fit most of the head sizes, although they will better serve small head sizes.

They are durable, and the mesh keeps your head cool, and you can wear it under your cycling helmets easily. They are also washable and fits halfway through your ears. It holds sweat well so that the droplets don’t fall into your eyes while doing a rigorous workout.

8. Wavebuilder Wave Training Cap

Wavebuilder Training Cap - Black


  • Designed to produce smooth and consistent waves
  • Fits perfectly, giving maximum waves to your hair
  • Can be used while sleeping, so the wave-making process is faster
  • The fabric is cool and comfortable as well as breathable
  • It is a combination of a wave cap and a stretch cap
  • The design keeps your hair secure

Another product from Wavebuilder, which gives consistent waves to your hair and is easy to use.

This cap is another amazing product to get uniform waves. It is comfortable as well as fits most of the head sizes of men.

The cap stays put on your head, and you can wear it to sleep to accelerate the wave process. It is a durable and robust product and works well. It is easy to use, as well as reasonable. The fiber is soft, so it doesn’t leave a mark on your forehead or makes your forehead itchy. The product is of good quality given the reasonable price.

9. Healthy Treated Wave Deluxe Cap

Healthy Treated Wave Deluxe Stocking Wave Cap Black (3 Pack)


  • The fiber is silky and soft
  • Durable and can be used for a long time
  • The fiber lets your head breathe and doesn’t make it sweaty
  • The band is wide, so the cap doesn’t slip off of your head

This product is another stocking wave cap that is easy to use as well as it doesn’t slip from your head and stays put.

This product guarantees long durability. The elastic is made of good quality, so it doesn’t roll up again and again. It is a high-quality cap at a reasonable price.

The cap fits most of the head size of men. It comes in a free-size so that you can adjust it to your convenience. The fabric is soft, so you don’t have to worry about any line marks or itchiness on your forehead. This product maintains its shape even if you use it for over a month. It doesn’t get torn or rip off too fast and hence lasts longer than other wave caps.

It gives uniform waves, and you can also wear them to sleep as they stay put and don’t slip off in your sleep, giving your hair more time to get waves.

You can also wear them out as they are fashionable, and you can pair them up with your hip-hop style, and it will go well with style!

10. Skull Cap Helmet Liner for Men

Skull Cap Helmet Liner & Running Beanie Hat - Winter Thermal Athletic Cycling & Ski Head Caps for Men - Fits Under Helmets


  • This product is made from spandex
  • Extremely lightweight and doesn’t make your head feel burdened
  • Good to use in winters as the fabric is warm enough to be worn outside on a cold day
  • They fit the head size of most men
  • This cap stays put on your head and doesn’t slip
  • Comes in different vibrant colors

This wave cap is multipurpose as it can be worn as a wave cap or a beanie to keep you warm.

It is a multipurpose cap that acts as a wave cap, a beanie, and an athletic cap to wear under your cycling helmet or while running or working out.

This cap fits most of the head size of the men. It covers your ears and hence can also be used as a beanie on a cold day. They are also machine washable. The cap is so lightweight that you can wear it to sleep.

The cap is not tight, so it doesn’t leave line marks around your forehead or makes your forehead skin itchy. It is a high-quality cap at a very reasonable. It is also durable and absorbs sweat yet stays put on your head. Apart from being lightweight, the fabric lets your head breathe as well. It’s as if you haven’t worn anything on your head.

It also comes in regular classic colors like black and grey, which go well with every outfit and are fashionable to wear. These caps give you hip-hop look like that of Eminem’s and gives you a very cool vibe.

11. Duke Waves and Fade Waves Cap

Duke Waves and Fades Wave Cap - Black (2 pack)


  • This product comes with the richness of olive oil
  • Removes the impurities from your scalp
  • The fabric is smooth and doesn’t leave a mark on your forehead

This wave cap is meant to nourish your scalp and give waves that are going to leave you feeling happy!

This wave cap comes with olive oil, which nourishes your skin and makes it healthier. It removes all the impurities of your scalp, making your hair healthy.

This cap fits most head sizes, and the fabric is stretchable. It is a good quality wave cap that comes at a low cost. The top of the cap is smooth and comfortable. The users of this cap like the product as it gives uniform waves and helps your hair grow.

How to Choose a Wave Cap?

People mostly wear wave caps to get waves on their hair and are a highlight of the hip-hop culture. Wave caps are a fashion accessory for those who are great fans of hip-hop and feel like following their hip-hop idols as well as taking care of their hair too.

There are various wave caps available out there, with different colors and styles that would catch your eye but buying the right wave cap is in your hands. You can do a bit of research on them and then go to decide which one to buy.

Even though there are many lists available on the bestselling wave caps, it is still necessary to know how to choose a wave cap that suits you the best.

There are a few points that you should keep in mind while buying a wave cap, and they are listed below:

  • Material

The first and foremost step to choose a wave cap is to decide what kind of waves you would like to have. Various caps give different kinds of waves; hence you would need to decide which one you would like to have before buying it.

There are also various types of materials that make the wave caps. So when you are buying a wave cap, make sure that the material of the cap you choose is smooth and soft. You can also go for a material that holds sweat well so that you can wear the wave cap to the gym or for running or cycling. When buying a wave cap, keep in mind which material is the most comfortable and suitable for you.

  • Strap Type

The last and essential point to keep in mind is the strap size of the cap. The strap size comes in three types- wide straps, standard straps, and Velcro.

It is important to choose a cap with a good strap type is because it helps the cap to stay put on your head, and it refrains the cap from slipping when you are asleep.

Now that you know the steps to keep in mind while purchasing a wave cap, it will be easier for you to find a wave cap or durag suitable to you the most without wasting money on trial items.

How to Use a Wave Cap?

A wave cap helps in retaining your hair quality. Since we have been talking about these hair care products and which of them are the best ones. Here are the steps as to how to put on a wave cap:

The first step is to make sure that your hair length doesn’t exceed more than 1 inch.

  1. Brush your hair. A soft bristle hairbrush is suggested. Apply pressure to your hair while grasping it.
  2. Brush your hair to the natural wave pattern of your hair for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Apply a wave pomade to your hair. Take a quarter size to apply it on your top as well as the back of your hair.
  4. Brush your hair to your natural wave pattern again for 15-20 minutes. Apply pressure while brushing your hair. Apply more wave pomade to hair. (It is better to apply it little by little, or else it can make your skin itch.)
  5. The last step is to carefully apply the wave cap to your head, so you don’t mess with your natural waves. Sleep with the wave cap on to help it set your waves, and your waves will be ready in the morning to reveal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wave Caps

wave cap for men

What is a wave cap used for?

Wave caps are used to maintain and uniformly set your hair waves so that they look neat and stay put.

Are wave caps better than durags?

Durags and wave caps are almost the same things. Durags are for the longer hair to keep braids from frizzing, while wave caps are for shorter hair. Wave caps keep the short hairstyle tight and tidy.

How does it make waves?

The wave caps are made to hold your natural tightly to set your natural waves in a uniform position. They sit on your head in a manner that not a strand of hair is let loose and hence giving perfect and consistent waves that you could rock at any event.

How long should I wear the wave cap?

It is mostly advised to wear a wave cap before you go to sleep and leave it overnight as it accelerates the process of setting your waves. If you have been wearing your wave cap all day, then it is advised to remove it and brush your hair again in the direction of your natural hair waves, and then put on the wave cap again before going to bed. If you want to keep them for a short time, then you can wear them for at least half an hour before removing them to brush your hair again. It is also advised to brush your hair after every time you take off your wave cap.

Does it cause hair loss?

No, wave caps are not responsible for hair loss. They are a hair care product made to compress your hair and tighten them so that you could get consistent hair waves. If you are using a wave cap and face hair loss, then it is not because of the wave cap, and if it is severe, you should consult a specialist in the field.

What to avoid when wearing one?

When you wear a wave cap to sleep, it might leave a line on your forehead that could stay for hours, which could make you a bit embarrassed to go out in public.

  • While using a wave cap before going to bed, it is better to fold a silk scarf horizontally, which is approximately 1 inch wide, and tie around your forehead around the area wear the band of the cap usually falls over and then put the wave cap.
  • If the band is too thick, it can make your wave cap not sit in a place that will, in turn, ruin your waves. Hence, cut the silk scarf thin enough to help you not get a line on your forehead.
  • If your wave cap gives you a numb feeling on your forehead, it is suggested to find a bigger size of the cap or loosen the scarf’s tie.
  • You can also remove the line by rubbing your fingers gently in a circular motion along the line left by the cap. Apart from the silk scarf (which is highly recommended), you can also use a cotton scarf.

Bottom Line

Wave caps and durags are some of the best inventions made to help you maintain your short hairstyles. Even though there are a few things to keep in mind while buying a wave cap, it is the easiest product to use to maintain your hairstyle.

This item would make you look cooler, and your friends will also appreciate this style. Wave caps are one of those products that can be worn at any event, and they would go well with any vest or outfit that you choose to wear and still keep on doing their work, i.e., keeping your waves consistent.

These caps come in various colors, so you don’t have to stick with one classic black color to wear on every outfit. These caps are made from such fabrics that make you feel cool during summers and warm during winters.

Apart from keeping your waves intact, these caps can also be used in multipurpose ways. You can wear them during working out as they are good at holding sweat so that the droplets don’t fall in your eyes and irritate you and be worn like a beanie as they go all the way down to your ears.

You can also use these caps to wear under wigs or wear them when you have a bad hair day. Since they are stylish enough, they would not make you look funny, and you don’t have to get embarrassed to wear them out of your house.

They make a perfect gift for those who are massive fans of the hip-hop culture so that you can gift it to the younger people, and they would be glad to accept it as a gift!

Moreover, you can also use these caps as an accessory and not as a hair care product. These caps are both for men as well as women.

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