29 Ways To Know Someone’s True Character & Personality

These days when it has become so easy to be two-faced and play well with those two faces, it has become difficult to recognize someone’s true character or personality, and many times it’s already too late.

Keeping this in mind, we will help you deal with this problem and tell you some ways to recognize someone’s true character.

Ways To Know Someone's True Character & Personality

What is a Person’s Character?

A person’s character is something that can describe the whole vibe and the aura of that person.  There is no definition to explain a person’s character. A character consists of a wide range of traits. Character is consistent and permanent, and it cannot be changed depending on the situation.

A person’s character distinguishes one person from another. A person is known for their character. For example,  tolerance is one of the qualities of a person’s overall character, so we can say that a person is tolerant, and that is a part of his personality. It is an aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of a person.

Ways to Know Someone’s True Character

We can easily get deceived by someone’s first appearance or public appearance. Usually, a person keeps themselves controlled on the first meet or in a public place, which always appears good. It’s only later that we slowly get to know the person’s real character – whether it’s good or bad.

Below are some ways you can recognize a person’s true character:

#1. Modesty

Modesty is when a person keeps themselves within limits and is not too out there, trying to grab attention by doing weird things. If a person is subtle, they are modest and are of good character. We can find modesty in their way of speaking, dressing, etc.

#2. Are they reliable?

We know a person is of good character when they are reliable. One can count on them when things are not in favor or in times of crisis. If they back out, then we know that we cannot depend on such a person. A person can be so well with you when everything’s fine, but if they remain the same even in the darkest time, that’s when they are reliable.

#3. Are they capable of taking the blame?

When a person is courageous and honest enough to accept their fault and blame, they are of good character. A good person owns up his stuff instead of starting the blame game and throwing the blame upon someone else.

#4. Honesty

It may seem a bit cliché, but when a person is honest about things, they are generally good. Whatever and how so ever that thing be, a right person is always honest. They don’t keep another person in the dark and speak the truth.

#5. Do they discuss other people?

If someone gossip and backbites about other people in front of you, they surely gossip about you when you are not present. Such persons cannot be trusted.

#6. Boasting

We all know someone who cannot stay grounded and keeps on boasting about themselves, and no one likes such kind of person. They are a true attention seeker.

#7. Makes you feel inferior

This is an extension of the previous point. When a person brags too much, he, in some way,  wants you to feel inferior about yourself. They want you to get under-confident about yourself and doubt yourself.  Such people can be negative and are not of good character.

#8. A person of good quality will radiate confidence wherever they go

They are sure about themselves, and they do not need someone else’s approval. This in no way means that they are not modest. They are just pretty confident in a positive way.

#9. Tolerance level

Tolerance is the capability of accepting other’s cultures, views, and thoughts. No two people can inevitably have the same thoughts on everything. Clashes have to be there, but how a person accepts that contradiction defines their personality.

#10. Domineering

If a person is short-tempered and dominating, then they are someone to keep a distance with.

#11. Thinks before they speak

When a person speaks out their mind, not thinking about the other person’s feelings and emotions, you don’t want to be around that person. This is not to be confused with honesty. A person should be honest, keeping in mind their words and feelings of others as there is a way to be honest.

#12. Are they kind?

Kindness makes humanity. Observe how that person behaves with waiters, staff, seniors, kids, and animals. This tells a lot about someone’s character.

#13. Use of language

You can say a lot about a person’s character or true character by observing their use of language. Whether the person uses foul language or a subtle and classy tone, we know which one is of good character.

#14. Perseverance

As a human, it’s inevitable that someday or the other, we have to face failures and not just one but an uncountable number of failures. Still, it is the perseverance of a person that can determine his true character, his passion for reaching the goals despite failures gives a positive aura.

#15. Sense of humor

We all have that friend or such a person known that brightens up every occasion with their sense of humor, and we want to be around such a person because they lighten up the whole situation, and things do not seem as heavy as they did before.

#16. Respect

When a person gives respect, they receive it back.  And it is as simple as that. A good character is giving respect without even keeping in mind the reciprocation.

#17. Conduct towards the family

If a person is well-behaved and respects and loves his family, they know the value of relationships, and such people are good people.

#18. They have long-term relationships

Toxic people cannot retain a person because they release negative energy, and so they also have short-termed relationships,  be it with lovers or friends.

#19. Patience level

This is one of the major factors to check for a good character. A person who is patient and calm is a person to look forward to.

#20. The reaction of the person

When they get a chance to do something immoral or unreasonable, do they do it without hesitation, or do they question the grounds and stand against it? Their reaction decides his trait.

#21. Quality of forgiveness

People of bad character tends to hold grudges and are always in seek of forgiveness.  But other people know the art of forgiveness, but they never forget and take it as a sign.

#22. They can say NO

A person of good character also can say no when they cannot do something. This is not rudeness but honesty.

#23. Work ethics

Apart from being a hard worker, they are also smart workers. This shows their dedication and passion for what they do.  This is a sign that the person takes things seriously and does not have a too-casual approach.

#24. Do they support you?

When talking to a person, you feel that the person is dragging you down from your goal, or in some way, you do not feel supportive; then, it’s a negative trait.

#25. Nagging

If a person has a habit of nagging and they nag and complain about everything that they have or do not have, complain about his work, his friends, his partner, boss, or overall life, you will automatically start feeling repelled from that person. This is not a sign of a good character. It surely shows that that person is hopeless and does not have a positive approach.

#26. Do they carry themselves well?

Grooming is an essential part of anyone’s character. A well-groomed person shows confidence and has a different kind of aura, positively.  If a person takes care of himself,  this reflects that that person has a sense of responsibility.

#27. Self-obsession

In other words, they are called narcissists.  They do not care about another person. All they care about is themselves. One can notice this trait on simple occasions as well. For example, while ordering food, they will not even bother to ask you if you need something.

#28. Jealousy

You know a person is not good if they get jealous quickly. Being envious or jealous is human nature, and no one can stop being it, but things go bad when this jealousy becomes so major that the person can even do anything adverse to the other person. Little jealousy is good for healthy competition.

#29. Stands up for the right

There’s a saying that a person who doesn’t stand for the right is the wrong person. If you observe them standing fire the right, speaking for the suppressed, they have a good vibe, a good aura, and overall a good character.

These traits to know someone’s true character should not be observed individually because mere one or few characteristics cannot decide a person’s character. Character is an aggregate of such traits. Humans are not infallible and cannot be perfect, but they shouldn’t be toxic, and if you feel negative energy around a person, it’s time you distant yourself from that person.

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