10 Best Dog Training Books of All Time

It is definitely a big day for anyone when a dog is coming home for the first time. There will be many preparations to be done, starting from the food supplies and deciding where the dog will be sleeping, among other things.

We are lucky to be in a digital era where tips and tricks to plan and prepare for the new member are readily available.

It can be hard to know where to start from. A lot of people get their information from the internet these days. However, which site can you trust when you start training your dog? Are they written by experts like dog trainers or veterinarians? Books written by certified professionals are the best choice.

This article will list the best dog training books written by professionals that even new dog parents can use.

best dog training books

What is a Dog Training Book?

Dog training books implement behavior analysis which uses natural ways to improve dog’s behavior. This includes undertaking particular tasks or activities and classic conditional training methods.

There will be many methods like obedience training, motivational training, clicker training, electronic training, etc.

Why do you need a Dog Training book?

Many people rely on the internet to read about dog training methods; however, not all of them are written by certified trainers.

Each dog has a different set of training methodologies that will be clearly mentioned when it comes to a book written by experienced and certified trainers.

The Top Dog Training Books

best dog training books for all time

These training books for dogs are written in an easily understood language, which is easy to implement, and they also have scientifically accurate.

#1 Lucky Dog Lessons Train Your Dog in 7 Days

It was authored by Brandon McMillan- an Emmy award-winning celebrity dog trainer. This book will be a great pick to help your four-legged beats.

Brandon rescues all those dogs who are troubled and unable to find homes and rehabilitates them. He has also shared his rescue experiences in this book.

We learn how to teach those small commands, the positive training methods, and most importantly, how to build trust.


  • Learning to create a bond between the dog and its owner.
  • Positive training methodologies.

#2 Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

This book was written by a well-known YouTube dog trainer Zak George. He has also appeared on Animal Planet with his own dog training show.

The central theme of the book revolves around positive reinforcement. All his methods concentrate on mutual respect, teamwork, and understanding.

He has listed out the training tips for aggressive behavioral issues.


  • Focusing on teamwork and mutual respect.
  • YouTube vides for a further, more clear understanding.

#3 Cesar’s Way

It is penned by famous dog trainer Cesar Millan focusing on dog psychology. It states the fundamentals of understanding your dog.

The book also explains how to relate with your dog on a canine behavioral level. His methodologies help in creating a strong bond with your furry friend.


  • Seeing and understanding the dog from its own perspective.
  • A narrative sketch from his own works.

#4 Training the Best Ever Dog

This book has been authored by Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz. This is a 5-week program with 10-20 minutes of dog training each day.

The author had used her training techniques on Barack Obama’s dog and each of Senator Ted Kennedy’s dogs and many others.

A practical step-by-step image has been illustrated for precise and easy understanding. This is the best-selling book currently on the market.


  • Positive reinforcement techniques
  • Pictorial illustrations
  • 5-week training program

#5 How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend

This is a classic among dog obedience training books, written by Monks of New Skete. They have been training for over 30 years. It is a training guide starting from basic commands, grooming tips, and food routines, etc.


  • Relaxed and Calm approach
  • Finding the reflection of mental benefits

#6 Be the Pack Leader

This book has again been written by Cesar Millan. It approached the dog’s health and owner and dog relationship in a professional manner.

The dog training book explains how to tackle behavioral problems using calm and assertive ways. There are also anecdotes from his own career as a dog trainer and psychologist so you will get to learn something new and useful.

Overall, this book is a great tool to use for training new and adopted dogs.


  • Strategies to tackle behavioral problems
  • Calm and assertive techniques

#7 Decoding Your Dog

The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists has authored this book. It talks about how each technique is different and how each method works.

The book covers subjects like rewards, commands, training treats, and various dog supplies like collars, leashes, etc., with veterinary-approved methodologies.


  • Veterinary approved methodologies
  • Vast knowledge of dog supplies

#8 The Art of Raising a Puppy

Another classic book written by Monks of New Skete. It is considered the best puppy book by many readers.

It provides updates on how to choose whether to adopt or buy a puppy. You get to learn all the basic techniques involved while raising a pup.


  • Trusted advice from experienced trainers
  • All the basic techniques

#9 101 Dog Tricks

This book has been written by Kyra Sundace. It uniquely says that it is important to keep our dogs mentally and physically stimulated to teach them new tricks.

The training book covers all the basic tricks with additional complicated tricks like cleaning up space by removing toys, getting the water bottle, etc.

Each of the techniques has been represented with photos. It is a wholesome step-by-step guide alongside being a training manual.


  • Complicated tricks have been broken down into simple steps.
  • Many fun tricks and games.

#10 Beyond the Back Yard

This book has been authored by Denise Fenzi, who runs an online dog training school and has over 35 years of experience.

The book is divided into three parts- educational approach, what and how to teach, and problem-solving.


  • Expert tips and advice
  • Gentle methods and a loving approach

What things to look for in a dog training book?

The best training books should have ways and techniques that are easily understood and followed. Their claims are backed up with a scientific basis.

The main focus should be on building up the relationship between the dog and its owner. Also, keep in mind that not all the techniques might work in every dog.

Each dog is different. Not every dog responds the same way to a technique that has been used to another. Therefore, you have to choose the best one that suits your dog.

Below are the additional techniques to choose the best dog training book:

  • Primary focus of the book: There might be few primary points for using a training guide for you. Depending upon your dog’s age, you have to choose your book to attain your specific goals like behavioral goals or all-around development.
  • Reviews and ratings of the book: Often, the author or publisher’s popularity are the key pointers about the book. The reviews also play a major role for a book if they are written by experts in the same field.
  • Format for the book: The format of the book also is an important factor. You can choose a varied combination of books for your dog as per your needs.

Bottom line

We have updated some of the best dog training books of all time. Decide what you want to teach and choose from the best available options.

Ensure that the training sessions are fun for both the dog and owner, enabling you to create a bond with your dog friend.

Also, don’t forget that a single book cannot cover all the aspects you need to take care of your dog. You need to choose from different sources of books available.

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