7 Tips on How to Look Rich and Classy on a Budget

How to look rich even when you are not? How to appear classy when you’re on a budget? Fret not, because we’ve got you covered! Yes, you can still look rich and classy even when you have a minimal budget. We are going to tell you how just keep reading!

How to Look Rich and Classy on a Budget

Tip #1 Wear a trendy pair of shades to look rich

More specifically, sunglasses that are transparent enough so people can see your eyes. This is commonly referred to as a smoked lens. If you see a guy wearing a pair of shades and you can still see their eyes through them, you know they have money. Look at all these pictures on the screen; this is a common trend that a lot of famous rich people do across the board.  Do you ever notice how all really famous people wear shades practically everywhere they go?

How to Look Rich and Classy on a Budget

Shades are a status symbol, and they signify luxury, so if you’re always rocking a nice pair of shades, you’ll look like money, baby.

Tip #2 Invest in one expensive item

Spend money on one expensive or designer piece that you can wear a lot, so it elevates and brings up your entire look. The pieces that you can get the most out of are sunglasses and jewelry like watches, rings, or a nice bracelet. The other things you can invest in are a really nice jacket or a perfect pair of shoes.

If I suggest this stuff over like expensive shirts or jeans, you can wear this stuff every day. If you’re wearing the same Gucci shirt every day, people will be like- does this guy not have clothes? But if you wear the same fancy watch or ring every day, or the same pair of fancy shoes a bunch of times, people won’t notice as much, and they’ll give you a pass since it’s a lot more acceptable to wear the same pair of shoes or jewelry than the same shirt and pants.

How to Look Rich and Classy on a Budget

Tip #3 Wear specs

Specs are basically glasses without a prescription in them. They make you look smarter and a lot more sophisticated. I suggest going for a unique frame to really pull off that expensive vibe. Rounder frames are a good choice, along with more square frames at the top and rounded at the bottom.

Specs are a super-easy way to make yourself stand out and look more unique while simultaneously serving as a dope accessory to your outfits. If you rock it with a normal stylish looking outfit, it’ll look just fine.

Tip #4 Invest in a quality fragrance to look rich

You should go for a fragrance that:

(1) Lasts long, so you’re always smelling like money.

(2) Projects well so people can smell you when they get relatively close.

(3) Is mysterious and different from typical colognes.

I recommend going to your local area shop and trying a few out to see which you like best. But if you’re looking for a fragrance that smells like money and gives off that mysterious, sophisticated vibe, then I suggest John Varvatos Vintage and John Varvatos Artisan, or Bleu de Chanel.

Tip #5 Wear cropped pants

Cropped pants are a staple of high fashion, and they’re even becoming more and more trendy in the fashion scene, which means you need to be rocking them. Cropped pants are a more luxurious item because they’re a little more eccentric than normal pants, and they require a little bit more swag to pull off. I suggest going for a white pair, a black pair, or a pair with a checked pattern.

Tip #6 Wear white shoes

White shoes are a classic and are a staple piece that should be in every guy’s closet. Also, if you get a crisp pair of white sneakers that are perfectly white, you’ll definitely look a lot more luxurious. If you go into any high-end store, you’ll see that they all sell white shoes. So the second you throw a pair on, even if they’re not that expensive, you’ll look rich, and it will look like you have money.

A tip for keeping your shoe ultra white is to use a shoe protect-ant spray and cleaner. This will make sure they keep their longevity and make sure you look impressive for a long time.

How to Look Rich and Classy on a Budget

Tip #7 Wear Good-Fitting clothes

Make sure all the clothes you’re wearing are properly fitted, more specifically, in a slim fit that hugs and tapers your body without squeezing the shit out of your body.

The more high-end menswear you try out, the more you’ll see that the pieces are always in a slimmer fit than most typical stores. This is because if your clothes are really fitted, it’ll look like you had them professionally tailored for you, which obviously costs money. Now I’m not talking about street-wear brands like Off-White, specifically a larger, more loose fit. Street-wear and menswear are two totally different things, and street-wear is typically less timeless and classic than typical menswear, but there are a time and place for both.

If you want to look good in your clothing at the end of the day, the fit is infinitely more important than how much you paid for it.

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