8 Side Effects of Elaichi or Cardamom

Cardamom, popularly known as Elaichi in India, is basically a seed pod that is used in various dishes ranging from starters to desserts. Presently Guatemala is the largest producer of cardamom. Considered as the “Queen of Spices”, cardamom seeds are triangular and used for aromatic purposes. It is the world’s third most demanded and expensive spice, after saffron and vanilla. 

It is made from plants belonging to the family Zingiberaceae and is mainly of two types- Green and Black cardamom.

Though used mainly as a flavoring spice, Elaichi also has numerous medical values mainly due to its rich contents.

Besides a variety of nutrients, it also contains numerous vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals that make it a storehouse of medicinal products. But did you know it also has its own side effects? In this post, we will first discuss the benefits and then move on to the side effects of Elaichi.

Benefits of Elaichi

elaichi side effects

 Improves Digestion:

Because of its strong and aromatic composition, it activates taste and sensory elements and thus improves digestion. It further helps in enzyme secretion necessary for digestion further helping in resolving problems like indigestion, gas, and constipation. Also, certain chemicals present in Elaichi helps in the movement of food in the intestine.

Aids in weight loss:

Increased metabolism helps to reduce weight. As increased energy production helps the body burn fat instantly.

Promotes blood sugar level:

Black Cardamom hugely resolves high blood sugar level as it contains manganese. That promotes low sugar levels.

Helps fight cancer:

Elaichi is the enemy of cancer. It largely supports Elaichi has the properties of reducing the occurrence of tumor and inflammation. It has shown an incredible effect in induced colorectal cancer in mice.

Aids in depression:

Just a pinch of Elaichi in regular tea and you are free from depression. Proven research says Elaichi does a fantastic job and kills depression.

Increase in appetite:

It largely helps in treating histoplasmosis. Broadly in which, one of the symptoms accounts for the loss of appetite.

Serves great for sexual health:

Elaichi is rich in an element called cineole. A small pinch of Elaichi can release nerve stimulant and can raise your passion. It is an Aphrodisiac.

Enhance skin complexion:

Blemishes make the skin look uneven. Elaichi makes it beautiful. Thus, using the product having Elaichi as an essential oil will make your complexion go wonder in beauty.

Great as a masking agent:

Elaichi is best used as a masking agent. When it is used as a toner added to a cosmetic it will put off odor and leave your skin fresh.

Offers great lip care:

Elaichi essential oil is always used in cosmetics such as lip balms to offer nourishment. It helps to keep lips smooth.

Proves great for hair health:

Antioxidant properties help in improving scalp health and make it more nourished. It makes your hair follicle healthy offering shine and luster to hair.

How much one should consume?

There is no fixed ratio of the consumption of this beautiful spice but yes 1.5 grams of the ground seed is enough to go for your everyday health. It truly varies from person to person and also on body requirements. It largely aids in anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidant properties, and much more. Parking many health benefits.

Side effects of Elaichi

elaichi side effects

Unlike everything Elaichi also have some side effects and here they are.


Gallstones are triggered by Elaichi so stop immediate consumption if you have a gallstone.

Drug interaction of cardamom:

It is very important to have Elaichi very consciously. It might result in a very negative way. Some drugs may embark on interaction with Elaichi and cause severe problems. Avoid eating it as a mouth fresher if consuming any of these types of drugs like Aspirin, HIV drug, Anticoagulants, etc.

Allergies due to cardamom:

If used for an exceeded period of time it tends to cause allergies and many skin problems. Contact dermatitis is a type of skin allergy caused due to over intake of elaichi. It might also lead to respiratory reactions due to the exceeded amount of Elaichi consumed. Chest or throat tightness, uncomfortable feeling, chest pain, shortness of breath are some of the common problems that take place by overconsumption of Elaichi.

Problems for breastfeeding mother and pregnant women:

Pregnant women can feel uncomfortable with the consumption of Elaichi. It is necessary to keep a note on necessity consumption only. And in some cases, it is advisable not to use it at all. It can cause nausea or heavy breathing condition in pregnant women.


According to researches. Elaichi has shown many negative results in male fertility. One should seek about the limit to intake about any spice. Consumption in a high amount can cause severe problems.

Increases risk of bleeding:

Most researches show that the consumption of lots of Elaichi can cause heavy internal bleeding. It is also stated that this can lead to unstoppable bleeding and immediate call for a professional doctor.

Known to trigger Anaphylaxis:

This is the severe allergic reaction that takes place in the body. This is because it shoots Th2 cells responsible for allergic reactions.

Act as hormone disruptor:

It is able to bind estrogen and androgen receptors. That causes disruption in the hormone.

Elaichi or cardamom is the wonderful spice adding flavor to life. Have it in safe quantities and bless yourself with the wonderful benefits of this enormous space. But avoid using it in strong quantities that will leave its side effects on you. As said, “anything used in the right way is a blessing but used in an excessive way is a curse”.


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  1. Side effects mentioned here are not scientifically proved. Cardamom oil and use of cardamom as such are two different things. Use of cardamom in green tea and as spice in the foods in moderate quantity is beneficial.

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