Signs to Watch Out for a Male Chauvinist

signs of male chauvinist

He’s such a chauvinistic guy – the phrase we’ve heard at least once in life from a woman. If you don’t know what it means let me tell you. A male who thinks women are innately inferior to them is called male chauvinist or sexist. They think their sex is most superior and they think women as their private property or slaves. In this post, we’ll talk about the characteristics of a Male Chauvinist.

1. He’s the one who has the upper hand in almost anything. He’d make all the decisions himself and wouldn’t care to include you. He’ll take the lead everywhere and wouldn’t let you have your own opinion. Indirectly, he labels you as a stupid girl who knows nothing.


2. He never understands your emotions and to him, his ego comes first.
You might be crying from the last night because of his behavior but he hardly bothers. Maybe he’s emotional but he would not show it up just for it will mean his weakness.
3. He always dominates you
You can’t do anything without his consent even when it’s a petty thing. He tries to control you with everything. If you’re married he’d expect you to please his mother and sister every time even when it’s not really required.


4. He would always stop you to do your ‘thing’ specially when it’s something big.
Secretly he’s afraid that you’ll reach higher and gain more success and popularity than him. You’ll notice that he’ll always find a way to stop you from achieving your dreams. Your career and dreams would be the reason for frequent fights. In that case, he’s the one competing with you in every aspect of life.
5. You would always find him talking bad and degrading women.
Whether it’s a lady from his workplace who got a promotion or from his college, he’d always criticize her or any other woman. He may even use abusive language. Such man can’t handle the success of other women and their success hurts him straight into his heart.


6. He sees women as an ‘Object’
And so will he think about you. He won’t respect you. To him, women are mere objects they can satisfy their sexual cravings with and nothing more than that. That’s the reason he’s attracted to you and you’re like a showpiece that is shown off in front of his friends. But I bet they won’t see their mother or sister like that!
7. He would never do any Household Chore. Or Cooking.
Let alone cooking, he won’t even help you in your daily chores. He simply thinks it’s your job to do chores and cook for him. He’d order food from outside but won’t bother to cook a thing. This patriarchal thinking of him is way too terrible.
8. He’s highly Impolite
He won’t open car and restaurant doors for you. Not even pull a chair for you to sit first. He would do nothing when a guy tries to hit on you. In short, he would lack all that chivalry you wanted from him. 
So ladies did you find any given characteristics relatable to your man? If yes, you definitely need to rethink your relationship with him!

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