12 Steps to Turn Crippling Anxiety into Happiness

Has stress taken over your life? We’ve all been there! The fast-paced life can suck the soul and life out of you, leaving you little time for your family and friends, let alone yourself!

Turn Anxiety into Happiness

Bookmark this, and the next time you’re feeling all frazzled, bring it up and try one of these nifty little tricks to turn anxiety into happiness and get back to your happy and cheerful self almost instantly!

Spoil Yourself

If work keeps you busy, and you’re so tired at the end of the day you can’t even think of doing anything else apart from jumping into bed, here’s a little something that may help you. Thanks to online shopping, you can grab something that you like in just a few clicks. Yes, retail therapy still works wonders as a stress buster, so don’t be afraid to spoil yourself occasionally.

Stop Dwelling

What you focus on expands. It’s an undeniable law of physics. Dwelling on your problems, especially those you have no control over, is only going to worsen things. As per the law of attraction, you’ll keep attracting more of it into your life. If there’s something you can actually do about the issue, do it. If there’s nothing you can do, well, that’s exactly what you need to do- nothing!

PS: a good chunk of the things you’re worrying about at the moment aren’t really going to matter in the next few weeks or months anyway!

Try Pet Therapy

Studies have found that individuals who own a pet have a much lower risk of heart disease, blood pressure fluctuations, and, yes, considerably lower stress levels too! Apart from these benefits, the joy of coming home to a cute and cuddly being cannot be explained in words. So bring one home today!

Release the Anger

Keeping your emotions bottled up inside you is the worst thing you’re doing to yourself. Take it easy on yourself. You’re human. You are free to scream into your pillow or cry yourself to sleep if that helps you.

Deal with Acceptance

Now, here’s a tricky one! We all have a hard time accepting – whether it is taking accountability for something we have done wrong or accepting a situation in life we cannot change. The truth is, we all seek closure, and it can come to you on an individual level once you ‘accept’ and move on. You can do this best if you have faith in a higher power — let God handle it if you’re having trouble coming to terms with something you absolutely don’t want to!

Choose Transformation

When stress hits, everyone reacts differently. Some may want to binge eat and watch crappy movies, others may throw a tantrum, and some others may indulge in alcohol or drugs.

Most of us turn towards unhealthy obsessions when we need an outlet for stress. The best way to tackle this is to ‘transform’ it into something healthier.

The next time you’re hit by stress, instead of engaging in stuff you’ll feel guilty about the next day, take a break and distract yourself into doing something healthy — like motivating, taking a nice, long bath, or reading a good book for at least 30 minutes. By the end of it all, you’re most likely to have calmed down and will feel loads better!

Cut Down on Stressy Things

You’ve probably already identified events and things that take too much of your time, leave you feeling stressed and rarely happy. If they are not something you cannot do without, it is okay to cut them off! This applies to material things as well. Scientists have found that clutter literally demands your attention, and that’s the last thing you would want.

Be Body-Wise

Probably one of the most underrated ways to tackle stress is to have the correct posture at all times — whether you’re working or relaxing. Remember that energy flows through your entire body. Not sitting correctly can disrupt its flow throughout the body, creating blockages that lead to stress, fatigue, and weakness.

Be Responsible

If you’re doing too many things and being in too many places at a time, you’re bound to go wrong at some point in time. The next time that happens, remind yourself that it is okay to not be everything at the same time- you’re human, and you have just 24 hours to do whatever it is that you want to do. It is okay to set priorities and focus on things that matter the most — healthy relationships, a stable career, and a good lifestyle.

Practice mindfulness

An overloaded mind is agitated and invites neverending worry, crippling anxiety, and stress. Before you collapse under the burden of it all, practice mindfulness. For a few minutes, do nothing at all, and just focus on your breath. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and do nothing at all, focusing on just one single thing — your breath. Mindfulness practiced often has innumerable benefits- both physical and psychological.

Get Advice

Believe it or not, sometimes, all you need is to look at your situation from a different perspective, and that’s best done when you vent it out to someone you feel offers good advice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to those special friends who always seem to have the right answers- or even those who have a generally optimistic attitude towards life.

Laugh Out Loud

Even if it feels like the entire world is crumbling down on you, there’s one simple trick that works effectively when it comes to lightening your mood- laughing! It may be a bit hard to laugh and feel cheerful when you’re all stressed and pissed at everything, but even ‘faking’ it works! For an extra something, check out funny cat videos or silly memes; they’re bound to give you the giggles. Put the internet to good use, people!

Want to turn anxiety into happiness? The choice is yours. Right this very second, make the decision to live a happy life — take action — sometimes, it is all you need!

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