Things No One Tells You About Wedding Suit Selection

When it comes to wedding shopping, the first thing that pops into most people’s heads is the bridal gown. Of course, it’s supposed to grab the spotlight and leave everyone awestruck. It’s one of the most memorable elements of your wedding that every guest is going to talk about for many years to come.

In the frenzy of choosing the bride’s attire, most couples end up ignoring another key aspect of wedding planning. In case you haven’t guessed it already, it’s the groom’s suit. While the groom’s apparel doesn’t have to be the most limelight-worthy, it must complement the bridal gown.

And contrary to what most people believe, there’s a wide gamut of wedding suits beyond the classic black tuxedo. Whether you’re a bride who is looking for the perfect suit for her soulmate or you’re a groom who likes to showcase his personal style with elan, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ve curated a list of crucial tips no one really shares about choosing the wedding suit of your dreams. Let’s take a look.

1. You Need to Dress for the Weather

This one’s sort of a no-brainer. The last thing you want is to sweat inside a suit made of wool on a sweltering summer afternoon. Similarly, if you’re getting married in a snowy winter wonderland, you don’t want to be shivering in the cold.

That’s why it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast during your wedding date before you start shopping for the groom’s suit. We recommend that you use a hyperlocal weather intelligence platform that provides you with accurate real-time weather data and forecasts for precise locations.

For instance, the forecast is packed with a ton of useful information, including hourly and weekly predictions. The best part is that you can check weather forecasts for specific locations, including your wedding venue.

Whether you’re getting married at a countryside farm or a vintage castle, keeping a weather app handy will be useful for choosing the groom’s suit. Also, it’ll go a long way to ease out other aspects of wedding planning, including the decor and menu.

Once you’ve got a clear idea of the weather, make sure you choose suitable fabrics. If you’re getting married at the peak of summer, soft breathable fabrics, such as linen and cotton would be a wiser choice. If you want more formal summer attire, you could opt for a wool and mohair blend.

2. You Have the Freedom to Experiment

No. A wedding suit doesn’t always have to exude formal vibes. Also, dark colors, such as black, blue, and brown, aren’t the only options when it comes to wedding suit colors. Depending on your wedding venue, theme, and decor, you can choose from a wide array of different colors, fabrics, and styles.

If you’re getting married at the beach, a casual linen jacket with semi-formal pants will do the trick. For a semi-formal setting, you could opt for bold colors, such as burgundy or purple. You could even choose a jacket or pants with subtle patterns or prints to make a statement.

Make sure you choose a color and style that fits the decor elements you’re using at the venue. Also, the suit must complement the design and fabric of the bride’s gown.

3. You Don’t Have to Blend In

Of course, the groom’s attire shouldn’t draw attention away from the bride’s dress. But that doesn’t mean your wedding suit should be a lookalike of your groomsmen’s outfits. There are plenty of ways to make your attire stand out from the crowd without being flashy.

One of the simplest techniques is to jazz up your suit with the right accessories.

That’s right. The bride isn’t the only one who gets to accessorize for the wedding. You can add a touch of glam to your wedding suit with a wide array of accessories, from cufflinks and pocket squares to ties and shoes. Or you could even flaunt a handmade boutonniere that matches the bridal gown and wedding decor.

4. It’s Wiser to Buy Your Suit

Unlike the over-the-top bridal gown, a wedding suit can be worn on more than one occasion. That’s particularly true if you opt for a casual or semi-formal look. In such cases, it makes more sense to buy your suit than to rent it out.

While that might seem like a hefty upfront investment, it’ll save you precious dollars when you need to attend a friend’s wedding in the future. Also, when you buy your attire, you’ve got more liberty to customize it according to your tastes and body type.

Take Your Time to Make the Decision

Choosing the groom’s suit deserves as much attention and importance as finding the right bridal gown. Start looking for it well in advance, and choose a fabric that goes with the weather. Make sure you’re comfortable with the style, color, and pattern. Lastly, don’t forget to spice it up with dainty accessories, such as cufflinks and pocket squares. You will thank your wedding suit selection plan later!

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