What Does It Mean When a Girl Says Aww? 15 Good Reasons

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What does it mean when a girl says aww to you? It’s likely you’re wondering why this happened, what it means, and what she thinks about you. We will explain what aww means for girls and why they use it.

A girl’s actions do not always have a reason. When they say something often, however, then it has a meaning.

This post will introduce you to the various meanings of this cute expression, explain what it is and how you should react.

what does it mean when girl says aww

What does aww mean in texting?

As a phrase derived from “Aw,” “Aww” mainly conveys mild disappointment, sentiment, and genuine or fake sympathy for an individual or situation. This word is not always used with a specific meaning in mind. However, if a girl says aww, you need to consider the situation, the time, and the conversation.

An aw is a way to express your admiration for something lovable, cute, or sentimental. When girls say it, they usually mean something loving, heart-warming, exciting, awful, or possibly even unhappy. Aww is truly a sentiment of affection that conveys empathy and appreciation to a person.

In texting, however, this expression can have several meanings. So here are some common examples of what does aww means in texting.

  1. You might want to stop wasting energy and time on this and look for something else instead.
  2. There is nothing special regarding her side, and she doesn’t want you to assume too much.
  3. She thinks you’re cute as she appreciates your efforts toward her. However, she just isn’t ready to be called your girl yet.
  4. A girl who says aww in a text message might be referring to you as a friend she loves and wants to continue that friendship for a long time.

Examples of Awe or Aww

  • Aww, your pet dog is so adorable. Can I play with it sometime?
  • Aww, your baby looks so cute in that photo!
  • Aww, I’m sorry to hear that your days have not been going so well lately.
  • Aww, what a bummer he failed his test.
  • Aww, what a nice piece of music that is.
  • Aww, it’s tragic that those without shelter cannot find food during the lockdown.
  • I’ve been skipping lunch a lot lately, aww.

What does it mean when a girl says aww?

Aww, the phrase is often used by women while being in conversation with a person. Generally, when a man hears this from a woman, he gets confused and doesn’t understand what she means.

You can interpret a girl’s aww in many ways. Now let’s examine some situations that explain why girls say aww, so guys can better understand it.

1. Whenever a girl says aww over a text message or replies with this expression, it might mean that you are no longer interesting to her and that she is losing interest in the conversation. In other words, she is not interested in talking to you.

2. You can tell if a girl is pleased with your compliments by her response: “aww” if she acknowledges how much she appreciates you and wants to say “thank you.”

3. It means that you’re officially friend-zoned and should not think of anything else other than a close friend.

4. An aww expression is used by a person who is engrossed in a conversation. The conversing with you may also be an effort to show empathy.

5. In a text message, if a girl replies to you with aww, it probably means she likes you, finds you cute and charming. This doesn’t mean she loves or wants to date you, just that she thinks you are adorable.

6. You are likely to receive an aww as a response to any query you have, which means she is pitying your query and isn’t ready to answer it. Apparently, she does not want to answer; she finds your question ridiculous and wishes to skip it.

7. What a girl means by aww is usually that she finds you boring and is not entertained by your company.

8. The girl could also be liking you if she says, aww. Chances are 50-50 that you’ll probably be able to carry your relationship forward.

9. A girl can say aww to test your intellect and whether or not you can figure out what she is trying to say. Basically, she just wants you to understand the true meaning behind her expression.

10. You can understand that a girl who says aww is captivated and curious about you, and she wants to keep a close relationship with you in the future.

11. Tone and pronunciation are the most crucial components in this aww expression. The way she uses it will reveal whether it is pleasant or disgusting.

12. An aww response can indicate that she finds you funny and charming and is interested in you. The girl is not planning on marrying you, to begin with.

13. A girl who touches you too often or flicks her hair while saying aww is probably attracted to you and wants to continue the relationship.

14. Aww can also mean that the girl is politely rejecting you regardless of the occasion.

15. An overabundance of awws might be her natural reaction. Aww usually is just a throwaway word in many cultures that means nothing and just happens naturally.

How should you react if a girl says aww?

Consider the situation

The best way to determine why she said aww would be to consider the situation in which she made the statement. When you understand the situation, you can respond appropriately. For example, if she says aww while you compliment her, she probably is happy and wants to thank you. In situations like these, all you have to do is be happy and smile your way out of it.

Consider the type of compatibility you two have

You’ll be able to figure out what aww means in texting or otherwise if you can determine the type of bond between you two. Having figured out what it means, you can respond to it effectively.

When you are friends, she may simply say ‘aww’ casually, which means she considers you a good friend. In contrast, if it is a girl you have just met, and she says aww, it can either mean that she is attracted to you or politely rejecting you.

Understand her reaction

You can also determine your reaction by watching how she reacts to your meeting. She probably enjoys your company if she is happy to meet you and doesn’t hesitate to make giggly faces when she greets you.

Observe her tone and body language

If she says ‘aww,’ be sure to observe her tone of voice and body language. When she is making the statement, is she happy or saying it out of sympathy or disgust? Knowing the tone well helps you react accordingly.

The bottom line

When a girl says aww in texting might be simply an expression she uses a lot all the time and is replying to you because she is accustomed to it.

On the other hand, it can also mean she is interested in the conversation and wants to continue it. She finds you humorous and exciting and would like to continue the conversation. However, it can also mean that she doesn’t feel like answering your question.

In a nutshell, aww can simply mean that you are cute, or it can be her way of rejecting you politely. Checking her tone and body language can help you figure out the exact meaning and reaction. By observing her behavior and conduct around you, you can figure out the correct expression.

“Aww” does not necessarily mean that you’ve been friend-zoned—you can also interpret it as an attraction between her and you. Yet again, you will just have to look for the signs.

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