99+ Crazy WiFi Names that Make You Go Whoa! (2022 Updated)

When you fix up new Wi-Fi at your house, the first thing you do is change its name. The Americans started this culture to identify their routers easily. Later, people decided to be creative and funny. This is interesting, isn’t it?

Some people communicate through Wi-Fi Names. Can you believe it? If you don’t get the person’s number, send them messages through Wi-Fi names.

There are Wi-Fi names that are funny, cool, clever, and also conversation building. Putting a unique, funny name for your router is not necessary, and you can use the default router name.

But if you are planning to give one unique name, here are some suggestions of clever, funny, interesting, creative, and crazy Wi-Fi names for your router:

crazy wifi names

  • Tell Your Wi-Fi love her

The actual meaning for this is “Tell Your Wife I Love Her.” It is just a way to freak out the person who is borrowing Wi-Fi.

  • It Hurts When IP

This is a serious issue; people would ask the Wi-Fi owners to meet a doctor or take it funnily.

  • Bill Wi the Science Fi

The series name Bill Nye The Science Guy turned out to be “Bill Wi the Science Fi.”

  • FBI Surveillance Van

This name is kind of a prank to those who are trying to connect with other’s Wi-Fi. People end up ignoring the Wi-Fi with these kinds of names.

  • You Kids Get Off My Lan

This sounds more like the old neighbor is shooing away the crazy and naughty kids away.

  • Poop emoji

Smallest and craziest Wi-Fi name right from the inclusion of emojis in Wi-Fi names. Knowing that we can name our Wi-Fi routers with emojis is definitely a piece of news for everybody.

  • Abraham Linksys

Seems like somebody is inspired by Abraham Lincoln that they keep his name for their Wi-Fi.

  • Mom Use This One

Some Smart kid must have named his Wi-Fi this way just for his mom to remember which Wi-Fi to connect with.

  • No Wi-Fi for you

No means No might have influenced this rude owner.

  • Virus-infected Wi-Fi

Alert!! Alert!! Somebody is keeping people away from using their Wi-Fi.

  • Pink Ladies

This must be the Wi-Fi that a popular girl gang in High School uses.

  • 404 Network Unavailable

This is just to make the users upset because the Wi-Fi is unavailable.

  • This is not for free

Another way to ask people to get their own Wi-Fi.

  • Will You Marry Me

Some Romeo is asking his Juliet to marry him.

  • Password is shhhhhhh

Revealing the password even before connecting to the Wi-Fi.

  • Searching…

Well…The owner wants people to keep searching.

  • Scanning for New Networks

How many ever users scan, they wouldn’t end up finding the required network.

  • Sorry But Don’t Use My Wi-Fi

The owner is sweet enough to apologize because he wouldn’t share his Wi-Fi.

  • Free Virus

This is a crazy WiFi name, and people who believe it is the craziest.

  • Martin Router King

Somebody has thought of a modern name for Martin Luther King.

  • The Dark Net

Is it misspelled? Mustn’t it be the Dark Night?

  • I Hate My Neighbour

Craziest Way of telling our neighbor that we hate him. Only people wouldn’t know which neighbor.

  • KungFuPanda

Might be a fanboy of Kungfu Panda animated cartoons.

  • Very Slow Internet

Warning! Our internet is very Slow!! Is it really a warning or another way of reminding papa to change the network?

  • No Access

People these days have no access to 100 things, and the neighbor’s Wi-Fi is one of them.

  • Covet Not Thy Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

It’s not fair to covet the neighbor’s Wi-Fi cause you might lose it all.

  • Free for 1 day

The owner is ready to give free access, but it lasts just a day.

  • Penny, get your own Wi-Fi

Looks like somebody has used a lot of the owner’s Wi-Fi, and probably he is reminding them to get their own one.

  • Area 51

This alien-ish name is crazy and trending.

  • Winternet is coming

Welcome to the world of game of thrones!

  • virus.exe

Anybody who is allergic to the virus in their device would immediately disconnect.

  • Network Error

The network error is…No Wi-Fi for users.

  • Enter the dragon’s network

Looks like somebody overwatches the Game of Thrones.

  • Password is Password

Connect to their Wi-Fi and enter password for the password.

  • Look, Ma, No Wires!

The excited kid is happy about the wireless connections.

  • You’ll die if you connect

An easy way to put someone off from the WiFi.

  • Harry Porter

There are a lot of Harry Potters in this world, or might be one of the potter heads. Check out Harry Potter-inspired WiFi Names.

  • Tyrion Lannister’s own Wi-Fi

Did the owner just mean that he is one of the Lannister?

  • Master of Wi-Fis

Yet another Game of Thrones fan!

  • Battle of the bastards

Who is battling for what? Is the meaning that there are battles for Wi-Fi or just another GOT fan?

  • This Wi-Fi is for the seventh floor 3rd room

If you want to know where I live, connect to my Wi-Fi…

  • Google

Some people actually believe that it’s originally google’s Wi-Fi network.

  • Free Wi-Fi

People get upset after trying to connect with Free Wi-Fi because they don’t know its password.

  • Starbucks official

Does Starbucks have an open network everywhere? This is just to fool people.

  • Planning for a money heist DND

Some bored guy gang is secretly planning for a money heist. Better not disturb them.

crazy wifi names for router

Some more crazy WiFi names

  • Not Your Wi-Fi

This is my Wi-Fi, and not yours is what the owner is trying to say.

  • House LANister

Game of Thrones is Wi-Fi spreading.

  • 11:11

The owner believes in 11:11 and wants you to make a wish even though it is not 11:11.

  • Benjamin FrankLAN

Wait…Is it Benjamin Franklin’s Wi-Fi?

  • Police Surveillance 203

The owner probably wants to scare people and keep them away from connecting to the Wi-Fi. Or it’s just his son pranking people.

  • Hack If You Can

Who is this brave man challenging the hackers around the area?

  • Jon Snow Knows My PW

Is it a way of saying, “I wouldn’t tell you my password, but Jon Snow might know? Go ask him if you want”?

  • I am the Fastest Internet Alive

Somebody has updated to the fastest network and is showing off. Or might be just a random Flash fan.

  • BSNL speed Alert

This person is mocking the BSNL network, which is said to be the slowest.

  • Alien Communication LAN

Aliens in the world do exist, then?

  • Stay Hydrated

A friendly gesture for people to remind them to drink water regularly.

  • Elasticity Lost

It is one of the nerdiest ways of telling that this Wi-Fi does not connect for a lot of people.

  • Titanic Syncing

Now we’ve heard of Titanic Sinking and also the Titanic, which is syncing.

  • Mini Cooper fans only

Wanna get access to this Wi-Fi network? Become a fan of a mini cooper.

  • Safe Levels Of Radiation

A science lover who possibly uses Wi-Fi for little time in a day or only when needed.

  • LOWner

Is the owner low or lone?

  • Do Not Touch

How will the owner connect to his own device if he is warned not to touch it?

  • $1 per hour

Seems like somebody charges for sharing their Wi-Fi!

  • Spiderman’s World Wide Web

Probably it’s Spiderman’s largest and longest web.

  • Pay For My Internet

Wanna use his Wi-Fi? Better be responsible and pay for his internet itself.

  • Connect Automatically

This doesn’t happen until you manually connect it.

  • Dsjbafhvk

Are you too busy to name your WiFi? Just give random alphabets for your Wi-Fi name!

  • Lazy to think for a Wi-Fi Name

A lazy person expresses his thoughts about being lazy.

  • 100 Problems, but Wi-Fi ain’t one

You might have a hundred problems. But connecting to this person’s Wi-Fi wouldn’t be one of them.

  • Zombie ate my neighbor

This is one of the craziest names for Wi-Fi. The next might be you! Look around for zombies.

  • No Devices Found

Keep searching, but the answer will be No Devices Found.

  • Now I declare you Husband and Wi-Fi

Into somebody’s wedding.

  • The Promised Lan

It’s a simple Biblical reference from a scholarly neighbor.

  • Dora The Internet Explorer

Maybe this Dora is the slowest.

  • The Introvert Next Door

Try accessing his Wi-Fi but do not disturb him by asking for a password.

  • Turn Around

Somebody is planning an April Fool Prank earlier.

  • Someone’s Behind You

This is when you shouldn’t turn around. Or you can turn around if you are curious.

  • You will be hacked for free Wi-Fi

You can have access to the owner’s free Wi-Fi, but he would want to hack your device in return.

  • Middle-class idiot

Conveying the owner’s originality!

  • No Girls Only Boys Club

Are they the popular boys’ gang in school who are shy to talk to girls?

  • Happy Wi-Fi, Happy Life

Seems like somebody is happy with their life when they have Wi-Fi. Connect to them for happiness and Wi-Fi.

  • Close your bathroom curtains

This is a prank to scare people, including people who don’t have a bathroom with curtains.

  • Work Hard

A motivator next door!

  • Thanks, Obama

Thanking Obama through Wi-Fi names? This is crazy!

  • Torrent Gump

A frequent torrent user and a torrent addict who lastly downloaded the movie “Forrest Gump.”

  • Bill Clinternet

Another one was named after Bill Clinton.

  • Connection Lost

It is to make people believe that there is no connection there.

  • Connected, No Internet

The network shows Connected, No Internet when

  • The Next-door Girl

Seems like somebody has a girl next door.

  • Can We Be Friends?

Seeking friendship through a router name is the idea of this era.

  • Go Home Tourist

This looks like the owner is mocking the person who is touring on people’s Wi-Fi networks.

  • Prohibited Area

Prohibited for other people other than the owner and his family members.

  • Use less, Get More

This owner can afford the internet for you, but the consequence will be different when you misuse it.

  • I have a weird Wi-Fi name

Wooww, that’s really a crazy weird Wi-Fi name.

  • Unsecured Wi-Fi

This is just another way for pranking people.

  • Snow Wi-Fi

It is named after the Disney character Snow White.

  • The Seven Dwarfs internet router

Yet another fan of Disney.

  • Spider LAN: Home Network

Spiderman’s web connects people. It’s otherwise Spider MAN: Home Coming

  • Password is you

It confuses you as to if the password is YOU or YOUR NAME.

Final words

These are some crazy WiFi names that you can give for your router. Some names are abusive, but let’s better not use them. Let’s be funny, attractive, creative, but not abusive.

There are also websites to customize Wi-Fi names for your router. Sitting and thinking about a name for your Wi-Fi is fun. You can name your Wi-Fi after your favorite movie (check out Marvel WiFi Names), favorite series, favorite characters from books and movies, favorite people, and also food.

You can change your router name every day and have fun. It can be 32 characters in length. Never include personal information in your Wi-Fi name. Never name the network in a way that relates to the password. What are you waiting for? Go give your Wi-Fi a crazy name!

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