17 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans

Dogs are being trained and groomed for different purposes in different parts of the world. They are known for various good characteristics and none of those characters is proven to be negative from the master’s perspective.

This animal which is tall, short, stout, thin and especially with a wagging tail, has never failed to satisfy its purpose in this world and in every human’s life.

Why Dogs Are Better Than People
Why Dogs Are Better Than People

In today’s date, in this society, dogs are proven to be the sweetest when compared to humans. Here are some reasons why dogs are better than people or human beings, in general.

As we see, every person we meet today, are stuck with something or the other. They are either depressed or lonely. Supporting people psychologically can be done only by those who are mentally stable. Dogs contribute so much in encouraging people. They are able to handle a person’s ups and downs. They help people move on from what they couldn’t move on from. They give a person the purpose of living. They save people and bring them out of their loneliness which humans cannot do all the time because sometimes they are not capable of handling themselves and another person. To serve that purpose, a dog is far better than people these days.

  • They share very good energy

Every dog is being enthusiastic right from the beginning of the day until the end of the day. They are not just being highly energetic but also spreads the vibes. Their energy makes everybody around jump out of the place they are in and completes what they had to complete. They motivate a person to be enthusiastic throughout the day. They are also the true form of inspiration. They inspire us to live to the fullest and enjoy everything around, whether small or big. Providing the motivation to every person we come across is never a man’s cup of tea.

  • They are great listeners

When there is a conversation between humans, there are chances and instances where a person nods their head with the absence of mind. Dogs are better than people in listening. They listen to everything that we tell them, even though they might not be able to reply. More than listening, understanding is important. Dogs can just sit and listen to whatever we talk and understand it than any other person in this world. They do their level best to help a human with whatever they are going through. They show us that they understand us and act accordingly.

  • They learn quickly

Humans are categorized to be slow learners and fast learners. No other animal in this world can learn as quickly as a dog does. That is the main reason why dogs are capable of doing anything in this world. Dogs can do things that even humans cannot do. Dogs are present in almost all departments. They are present in navy, they help in therapies, and many other areas in order to support humans. A more interesting fact is that they give their fullest in doing their duties. They also make us fulfilled.

  • They are the best teachers too

There is a lot of things that this world teaches us on a daily basis. There is a lot of things that everybody can learn. What we learn from others can be good or bad. A dog does not have a negative core quality. A dog can only teach the best qualities in this world which are not at all harmful. They teach us patience, they teach us to have healthy relationships, they teach us to treat everybody equally, they educate us on consistency, they teach us to forgive and move on. They, on the whole, teach us to live our lives. That is one of the most important and main reasons why dogs are better than people.

  • Dogs are loyal

Have you heard stories of dogs who wait for their masters, who just be there and die in their master’s graveyard after their death? If you doubt if that is true, don’t. There has never even been an imagination story on dogs being disloyal. Dogs are known for their loyalty. Humans can never be as loyal as a dog. That is one of the main reasons why dogs are better than human beings. Being loyal is their natural behavior. They happily depend on a person and love to be attached to a person. Being loyal is a part of their survival mechanism.

  • They give us the love we want all the time

What do you think your dog does when you suddenly stop feeding them? What do you think they would do when you suddenly stop giving them the attention they seek for? What do you think they would do when you stop loving them? They would still love you. Dogs are proof that love actually has a shape, a color, and a life. No living creature can hate a person who is their family. Dogs see humans as their family. They provide love and peace all the time which humans cannot.

  • Dogs sense our emotions easily

We might have heard that people who are really close to us can sense how we feel by just reading our faces. Not just the dogs we groom, but any dog can smell any human’s emotion. That is because of the scent chemicals that are present in dogs. They can sense emotions not only when the person is right in front of them, but they also sense the emotions of people when they are not nearby. Dogs are also capable of smelling cancer cells and other health issues. When they do so, they tend to warn the person in the ways however they could.

  • They are the best soldiers

It’s been a long since dogs are included in Navy. Their capacity to smell helps navy to identify their people quickly. Dogs even go to an extreme where they die to save people. They are also helpful in rescuing captives in war zones. They also help in tracking and explosive detection. They are protective in nature and are ready to risk their lives to save people. Maybe that is why humans took dogs when they wanted to reach the moon.

  • Dogs do not rationalize or judge

Dogs are loving, loyal, faithful, trustworthy and what not? They give their fullest to anybody on this earth. They do not treat people on the basis of gender, color, or any geographical boundaries. They are never judgemental, which humans are. They treat everybody equally which shows that dogs are way better than people.

  • Called ‘man’s best friend’ for a reason

Companionship is the major quality of a best friend. When we are with our best friend, we must feel free and comfortable. Dogs serve as a best friend. Dogs do nothing much other than being there at times. This shows that they love their masters and is happy to live and travel with them anywhere they go without any expectations. That quality lacks in humans. No human can live without expectations.

  • Dogs protect humans

A dog can be trusted upon anybody’s life. They are very much protective. Their capacity to sense problems even before the situation makes them ready to face it and be cautious too. When they cannot prevent the problem, they provide the fullest protection needed and face the problem. They think spontaneously to do whatever they could to protect us. They always have their ears open. Even though there are specific breeds of dogs to protect humans, it is the nature of every dog to provide protection. There is nothing that could escape their watch.

  • They never harm their masters

A dog in general never harms anybody except when they sense that a person could do something wrong and make a situation worse. When it comes to their masters, they never harm them knowingly or unknowingly. They never are harmful even when their guardians are harmful to them. They have the capacity of understanding and being good to people who do bad things to them.

  • Dogs are amazing Caretakers

There are dogs who remind their masters to take their medications on time. There are some dogs who make sure that their master is healthy all the time and they actually remind them to take their food. In ancient India, a particular variety of dogs was sent with brides after her marriage by their family to make sure she is being treated well in the groom’s place. They never leave a person’s side until they are okay. That is how dogs are, always being caretakers.

  • Calms people during the crisis

Animals are a form of therapy for humans. In some places, they assist as a part of a treatment for traumatic patients. They tend to reduce anxiety and relieve human stress. Surveys say that dogs are capable of reducing subjective stress and tension in people who are traumatic. Therapy dogs generally help people to recover from a worse situation. They are used to calm people down during a crisis.

  • Social Creatures

Today’s society allows dogs almost everywhere. They are social and healthy for the environment. They help people in making new friends too. They are never alone. When they are alone, they go in search for a company and they can socialize themselves with any creature in this world. They never leave people alone. They socialize enough that even a dog hater could change his mind after being with a dog. Their presence just makes people happy enough.

  • They are happy all the time

Dogs are the happiest creatures in this world. They are happy 24/7. They are happy about every little thing that they have. Dogs are happy as though that is what they live for. And that is what they live for, they live for being happy, and wagging their tails. Seeing them happy, makes every one of us happy. They spread happiness. They show us our purpose in life, they show us that sharing happiness is the most important reason why we are born.

The Takeaway

Nothing can equalize the happiness of a dog wagging his tail when he sees his master when he returns. If a person could be half the person a dog is, he’d be twice the human he is.

Dogs are better than people in every possible way. They are a human’s mental support system, in short. They give us every possible thing, they show us the love we couldn’t. Every reason makes us fall for them day by day.

As people meet more humans and get to know them, they tend to start loving dogs more. Their happiness has an effect on people. They act as real fairies in this world. They are a small bridge to escape from reality. If a person could think the way a dog does, there would be no bombs, gunshots and blood rivers around the world.

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