17 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans

Most of us admit that dogs are better than people.

From the owner’s perspective, dogs are known for various good qualities, and none of them are negative.

Despite being adorable, especially when it wags its tail, this canine has never failed to fulfill its purpose in this world and every human’s life.

To this day, dogs are regarded in this society as the sweetest of the animal kingdom. Here are some reasons why, in general, dogs are better than people or human beings.

Why Dogs Are Better Than People

Offers moral support

Nowadays, we find that we all have a few problems that we are struggling with. Only someone who is mentally healthy can support others.

Dogs have the ability to inspire people and lift their spirits. Giving their owners a sense of purpose, they help people move on from what they couldn’t move on from. They save people from loneliness, something we as humans cannot do every time. Nowadays, dogs are far better at providing moral support than people.

Share good energy

From the beginning of the day until the end, every dog is enthusiastic. They are not only extremely energetic but also spread a cheerful vibe. The love of dogs inspires us to enjoy life to the fullest extent. Motivating everyone we encounter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea—only dogs can do that.

The best listeners

People nod their heads when they are speaking but don’t actually listen to each other. Dogs listen better than people, as they hear everything we say, even when they might not reply. Understanding is as important as listening. The only person in this world who can sit and listen to whatever we say and understand it is a dog. Whatever the human is going through, they do what they can to help. The way they act shows us that they understand us.

Learn quickly

A dog’s ability to learn is unmatched in this world. This is the first reason dogs are capable of doing everything in this world. Humans cannot do some things that dogs can. There are dogs in almost every department – in the navy, in therapy, and in many other areas to support humans. What is more interesting is that they perform their duties fully.

The best teachers

This world teaches us many things every day. Whether we learn from others is up to us. Dogs do not possess any harmful characteristics. Having healthy relationships, treating everyone equally, being consistent, forgiving, and moving forward are things we learn from them. As a whole, they teach us how to live our lives authentically. This is one of the most important and most important reasons why dogs are better than people.

A faithful friend

Have you heard of stories about dogs dying in their master’s graveyard after they have waited and been there for them since they died? It is true, so don’t doubt it. There has never even been an imagined story about a dog being disloyal. In fact, dogs are better than humans because of this trait. Loyalty is a survival mechanism that comes naturally to them.

Showers love

How do you think your dog would react if you suddenly stopped feeding him? If suddenly you stop giving them the attention they crave, what would they do? What do you think they would do if you stopped loving them? Even so, they would still love you. Love has a shape, a color, and a life. That’s what dogs prove. Humans are like family to them. All the time, they provide love and peace, which humans cannot.

Emotions intuitive

Perhaps we have heard that people close to us can read our facial expressions and know our emotions. Dogs can smell humans’ emotions through scent chemicals, not just the dogs we pet. They can sense emotions not only when the person is right in front of them but also when they are not. The canine senses cancer cells and other health problems as well. Whenever they do so, they tend to warn the person in the best way they can.

Military heroes

It’s been a long time since dogs were included in the Navy. They can detect suspects quickly because of their strong sense of smell. Even dogs go as far as to die for their owners. Additionally, they help rescue captives in war zones. Also, they are used to track and detect explosives. It is in their nature to protect people, and they are willing to risk their lives to do so. Maybe that’s the reason why humans chose dogs to reach the moon (on a serious note, we are totally against animal cruelty).

Aren’t biased

Aren’t dogs loving, loyal, dependable, faithful, and trustworthy? They give their all to anyone on this planet. They do not treat people based on gender, color, or any geographical boundaries. They never judge as humans do. They treat everyone equally, which shows how much better dogs are than humans.

Man’s best friend for a reason

The major quality of a best friend is companionship. When we are with our best friends, we feel free and comfortable. Dogs serve the same purpose. They do nothing more than being there at times. This shows that they love their owners and are happy to live and travel with them anywhere they go without any expectations, a quality lacking in humans.

Protect humans

Anyone can trust a dog in their life. Their ability to perceive problems before they actually occur ensures they are prepared for them and remain cautious. However, they provide the fullest possible protection when they cannot prevent the problem. Their instinct is to protect us at all costs. Their ears are always open. Dogs are natural protectors of humans, regardless of their breed. Their watch is unfailing.

Never harm their owners

Dogs generally do not harm people, except when they suspect that a person may do something wrong. They never harm their owners knowingly. Even when their guardians hurt them, they never hurt them back. The ability to handle bad people and still be good to them is one of their strongest attributes.

Amazing Caretakers

Some dogs remind their owners to take their medication when they forget. They also remind them to eat and make sure their owner stays healthy. In ancient India, a unique breed of dog was provided for brides by their families to ensure they are well cared for in the groom’s house after their marriage. Dogs don’t leave your side until you are okay. Dogs are great caregivers; that’s how they are.

Calms people during the crisis

Animals are a form of therapy for humans. Some places use them as part of the treatment of traumatized patients. Usually, they reduce anxiety and ease human stress. Research shows that dogs can reduce subjective stress in traumatic individuals. People often recover from worse situations with the help of therapy dogs. In times of crisis, they calm people down.

Social Creatures

Dogs are everywhere. They are social and help people make new friends as well. Whenever they are alone, they search for a companion, and they can socialize with any creature in the world. Even a dog hater may change their mind after spending some time with one. Having them around makes people happy.

Always happy

Dogs are the happiest creatures on earth. It is a happy world for them 24/7. They are grateful for everything they have. The dogs live for happiness, and that is what their lives are all about. Their tails wag and bring us happiness and show us what life is all about. They show us that sharing joy is the most important reason why we are born.

The Takeaway

Nothing can match a dog’s joy at seeing his owner when he returns. If a person could be half the person a dog is, they’d be twice the human they are.

Dogs are better than people in every possible way. In short, they offer the emotional support and attention a human needs. They give us every possible thing. We can’t express the love they show us. Every reason makes us fall in love with them every day.

With time and more human interaction, people tend to grow to love dogs more and more. Like confetti, they spread joy. The world would be free of bombs, gunshots, and blood rivers if humans thought like dogs.

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